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8 days ago

Mostly fire roads. Very quiet with a few bikers, but not very many. I saw some horse evidence, but the trails weren't covered with poop, so they must not do this area very much - thankfully! I didn't do the route as written. I turned right a bit too quickly onto Sulphur Springs Trail from Old Finley Rd not far from the old house. The trail identifier was missing so I thought it was Walnut. I followed this trail to Black Hills Trail where I took a left. I took another left at Crestview Rd and followed that to Highland Ridge where I made a left there. Took a right at Morgan Creek Rd and a left on Jeremiah Trail - which is very overgrown and single track. I hung a left at Finley Rd and followed it out to the trail head. My GPS said I went 6.7 miles from the beginning of the trail head and back. This did not include the small .75 hike back and forth to where I parked. I really enjoyed the quietness of the hike, so much that when a bike came upon me, they startled me!

Next time I will probably throw Grizzly Trail to Highland to Morgan Ridge and around to Finley, but that will be done when it cools down a bit. There are many ways to make a nice hike from this area.

I saw one juvenile rattlesnake on Jeremiah Trail, no surprise there. A few turkeys, and raptor feathers. Not much wildlife to be seen today.

Great trail especially in the spring. Good winter hike. Not too many people in the off season. one of the tougher hikes in the bay and the hardest hike I ever got my wife to do...

1 month ago

Beautiful clear day. Great training hike. Lots of elevation gain and views to go along with it. The falls are still trickling, but not for long as summer roles around.

Great hot summer evening hike. Falls are still running but not for long!

1 month ago

An alternative to the Eagle Peak loop shown on Alltrails is a Back Creek-Mitchell Canyon loop, which we did clockwise. The handout given to us at the visitor center shows the Eagle Peak-Back Creek loop, and this was our original intent. But: When we got to Murchio gap (huff-puff) and after our snack break, we hiked a couple hundred yards north toward Eagle Peak, got to a fabulous lookout, which is very close to the elevation of Eagle Peak. At that point we decided there was little reason to continue on to Eagle Peak, so we returned to Murchio Gap and took the trail to Deer Flat, down Mitchell Canyon to the parking lot. Mitchell Canyon was lovely, and it was a very warm day, so we were happy to have the shade! Total distance: About 7.5 miles, maybe 1 mile longer than the Back Creek-Eagle Peak loop, but actually slightly less climbing, because from Murchio Gap to Eagle Peak, the trail drops (200 ft?), then goes back up to the peak, all in the sun.
We saw quite a lot of poison oak, even in a couple of places hanging over the trail at hand- or face-height. One person in our group of 4 found ticks on his legs when we got back to the car.

1 month ago

Went for a Memorial Day hike up to Eagle Peak. I hadn't been here in 10 years and it was exactly like I remembered. Hot, dry, steep, but most of all beautiful and fun. We actually did this loop in reverse, which I found preferable, and we only encountered one other group on the trail.

Bring lots of water and a small garbage back to pack out the rare garbage you might see along the way. There is a cache at Eagle Peak with a notebook to leave your mark. Some people even leave a small gift for the next folks.

To get this trail right, start counter clockwise, and once you are on del amigo trail, make a left on Virgil Williams trail and then a left on madrone all the way to ringtail cat trail.

loved this trail! nice changes in elevation, beautiful views and waterfalls. there was a lot to look at and appreciate and it was a nice length that felt challenging but doable.

It’s a great trail. Loved everything about it. Going there towards end of the spring and just before summer, There are several places where the trail was overgrown and it was impossible to see the trail - especially the last part getting back to the fire road. We literally had to guess and pray that we were not stepping on a snake or something else.

2 months ago

ALTERNATE ROUTE TO MOUNT DIABLO SUMMIT. Start at the visitor center then go counter clockwise on Mitchell Canyon Road. At the fork in the road take Meridian Ranch Road. From Meridian Ranch Road take Deer Flat Road towards the Juniper Campground. At the Juniper Campground take the Juniper Trail to the lower summit parking lot. Take the Summit Trail at the other end of the parking lot to reach the Mount Diablo Summit. Take the same route back to the visitor center to complete the hike. Hike is approximately 14 miles and took me 6 hours to complete.

The Mount Diablo Park representatives are extremely friendly and helpful. I encountered one while on the trail who made sure I knew where I was going and that I had enough water. I needed about 3 liters of water mixed with Gatorade to stay properly hydrated. I encountered two sun basking rattlesnakes in the middle of the trail during the warm part of the day so beware. The scenery is beautiful with lush vegetation and absolutely incredible views of The Bay. A unique and memorable hiking experience.

Easy flat 5 hrs long loop around the Briones reservoir. Few nice lookouts from El Sobrante ridge. Be aware of lots of ticks on this trail hiding on tall grasses. Best for early morning before sun heats up the area

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3 months ago

Tried to go up Rocky Ridge but it was far too overgrown, so I went back down and did the Carr Ranch Loop instead. I'm glad I did...really fun trail and I didn't see anyone else out there.

3 months ago

Backpacking Day 1 of 3 Mt. Diablo Range. Walnut Creek (John Muir Hospital Trailhead) to Live Oak Campground (Mt. Diablo).

Nice long hike - 5.5 hours. I hiked in the rain today to test out my gear for an upcoming trek. Canopies, views, meadows and a little water fall. Truly amazing. I agree with others that this is a moderate hike vs hard. Highly recommended.

Wednesday 4/4/18 8:00 am start. Great weather. Some wildflowers. Few people. First two miles on the road is totally flat and totally relaxing (could picnic), a bit more challenging after that. Better photo ops coming down after Eagle peak. Great hike.

A long but not difficult hike around a massive and beautiful reservoir. nice variety of terrain.

3 months ago

Hiked up this morning, it’s absolutely beautiful and well worth the steep way up. Early spring is perfect weather, but be sure to bring layers, sunscreen, shoes with good traction, extra water and snacks, you’ll need the pep to your step. Took us about 4hrs at a moderate pace. Singing also helps :)

Beautiful trail, hilly but a lot of great views!

Great hike in the rain!

What a great hike.

4 months ago

Beautiful Spring Day in February!

4 months ago

Great booty burner of a hike! Most of the trail is exposed, so bring some sunscreen and plenty of water. Definitely start early since folks can drive to the peak and it gets pretty crowded. We went on a clear day and could see all the way to the Sierras from the summit! Took us about 3.5 hours total, most spent on the way up.

First long trail in a while. Finished the 13.5 mile trek in 5.5 hours without much difficulty. This is a lengthy trail but I wouldn't consider this hard, as the roads and trails were well maintained.
Some portions of route do not allow dogs, even on a leash, and we did come across a police officer who asked for our EBMUD permit.

excellent trail... challenging enough to make us work some but not so difficult as to be not enjoy overall distance and Beauty. phenomenal views worth the effort.
it is a long Hike and even being fit as well as an avid walker, took us 5.5 hours..... between the views, our own chatting and with others, pictures, snacks and stretching, be. prepared to give the time.
Inclines are there, as are snakes and the trail police so be wary. Don't go without Permit, which I bought and downloaded as we drove to trailhead from Berkeley.
dogs are allowed on parts of these trails but not all, so don't be fooled. lots of horse poop on trial so step carefully and we even finally saw an actual horse.

We hiked the loop in reverse starting at Madrone Trail and I think it was even better. Good challenging day hike for semi beginner hikers.

4 months ago

Start at Rancho Laguna Park - Plenty of Parking. Walk on the concrete path on the right hand side of the park to the sign in station. At about a mile you will start up (one of many climbs) - at 1.5 miles you have a great view back of Moraga and to the East nice views of Las Trampas. You will go back down into a small valley where it stay mostly flat. At 2.5 miles you start climbing again - views are wide open. A little bit of shade in the valley but most of the hike is exposed

Very pleasant hike. It’s not too hard I would rate it as moderate.

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