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Consistently one of my favorites. Variety in terrain and several nice viewpoints. Not overly difficult with plenty of spots to stop for a rest.

Another nice hike. Uphill coming out of the trail was a decent leg burner. My 4 year olds did well and 6 year old had no problem. Easy access from the campground where we stayed.

Hiked trail 7 and 3 (around 3.5 miles) with five kids ages 5-10. Like others mentioned take the paved path down and do the trail counter clockwise. Nice hike through Rose Island, then on to the rest of trail 3 which gets pretty narrow with a drop off to one side, had to slow the pace to watch our youngest. Otherwise not too difficult.

8 days ago

Easy paved trail with some nice historic bridges and a creek running alongside it.

Great little trail, the scenery I loved!!

12 days ago

Nice trail, but it is a bit easier to take the paved path down to Rose Island and the trail back as others have mentioned. Watch for some paw paw fruit on the trail back. They are sweet but have a slightly bitter finish.

15 days ago

Great park definitely worth a visit.

24 days ago

This is a great paved walk to do with little ones. It is suitable for strollers. There are leaves on the ground and some sticks, so a jogging stroller is best so the ride would be smooth. A nice stream follows most of the path and you cross it on three old bridges. The pathway dead ends at a gate into Fort Knox. Going out is a very slightly uphill most of the way, but it's all slightly downhill going back to your car.

Very cool short hike

We had a good time with our 8, 5 and 3 year old. Probably will do it again soon.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery!! Trail was a slight challenge, which I love!

Enjoyed the trail and views but it was disappointing there are no dogs allowed.

Did this a few years ago. Coming upon abandoned cabins and high bluffs along the Ohio is quite memorable.

Nice shady trail. Saw a family of deer!

took this trail today. this is actually the red cedar trail and part of the valley overlook trail. there are many other trails that are not listed in this app. Google otter creek park trail map to find a map of all of them.

on Hiking Trail 10

1 month ago

Trail is well marked, offering a variety of paths - rocky, root strewn, well-packed earth, and natural stairs created by stones. We went early (9:45 am) and took our time so the inclines didn’t seem daunting. Noticed more valley scenes that vistas. Little bit of rain, but with the leaves still intact, we hardly felt a drop. Nice experience and exercise. Would definitely recommend.

great exercise, obviously will hear traffic at points but it's in the city, watch out for mountain bikers. I'll be doing this trail again

Decent when they maintain the trails, good for a short lunch time hike

Same trail today, but added Rose Island. Awesome step into the past. Definitely worth extra to see.

This was a nice 3+mile hike with the Rose Island loop added in. The nice park ranger at the gate warned us to take the paved trail (to the right when you start) down the hill. The last section as you finish up is a slow uphill climb. Much easier than the steep paved path. The trail does get a little narrow in spots once you turn off at the bridge to Rose Island. All in all a nice hike with plenty of good scenery for taking pictures.

Not bad for a paved path. Probably a better hike in the spring when it’s wet season and more flowers are in bloom and the water is flowing better in the creek.

This trail was awesome! We took the white trails that branched off the red which i highly recommend and added over a mile to our total. The white trails have the really great parts! The creek was great! There were butterflies everywhere that landed on us! We saw several deer that had no fear of us at all! This is a beautiful, peaceful place.

Nice happy hike! Crossed bridge and added Rose Island in middle for fun!

2 months ago

Nice paved trail that would be good to take small children. If you want to see the actual arches of the bridge you have to hike down to the creek bottom to see it well. Lots of wildflowers even in August.

2 months ago

Warning - it's closed on Monday and Tuesday

Great for a quick loop to get some exercise while in town.

trail running
2 months ago

I’ve run this trail several times and would recommend it to anyone. The map above is misleading as it cuts off about have of the actual Otter Creek Trail. The whole loop comes out to around 8 miles. The terrain is mostly single-track, forested with occasional rocky areas. Easy enough to log some good mileage but hard enough to be interesting. I can usually run the entire loop in 80-90 minutes. Some turnoffs are easy to miss so it’s best to get a map at the entrance until you become more familiar with the park.

Very nice trail for my friend that has never hiked before

2 months ago

kind of hard to write a review when you all keep deleting them .

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