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trail running
2 days ago

From 9 to 11 am there was one other person on trail. Very well kept. there's two rather large downed trees in the path, however they're highly easy to maneuver.

Nice walking trail, not really a hike. Portions of the trail are closed and the boardwalks are icy early in the day so I recommend good traction and possibly walking poles. A little hard to locate as signage isn’t great but park near the Early Learning center and the trail head is at the far part of the parking lot. Nice pace, enjoyed the scenery and even saw a bald eagle.

Great hike on an unusually warm January day! Did the hike with my boys (9 and 5 yrs). They handled it well, really enjoyed the view from the top! Will be back.

3 days ago

Difficult hike in my opinion. Crazy good workout, was drenched in sweat by the time I reached the point. There are two ways to reach Poo point, Chirico trail is one of them. There’s a high steep level for the most part. You would get to hear traffic for the first 1/2 mile, then it’s peaceful till the Poo Poo point. Amazing views of Mt Rainer! No para gliding in winter, was so looking forward to the views I read about in reviews.

5 days ago

I haven’t had the pleasure of hiking this trail in the spring or summer, but I imagine it gets pretty beautiful. The trail was very easy, but it’s not well marked at all. I took a picture of the map before I started, so that helped. It has a few little scenery surprises. You just have to have JBLM access to get to it.

We went yesterday with our two toddlers and infant. It was a beautiful walk! We saw a squirrel and some little birds. Perfect family stroll in the dead of winter.

12 days ago

Great trail.. Clear and dry when I was there Dec 31.. Once I went past the Falls I was hiking in compacted snow, nothing that my Nikes couldn’t handle all the way to the end.. The lake..

Good hike, but as others say... you’ll need this app for the GPS to guide you through numerous forks in the path. Starts off as a leisurely walk and nothing physical until the loop.

14 days ago

Not a terrible trail. Really easy and a quick adventure for kids. I would definitely take my kids, again. Though it isn’t clearly marked, we were able to navigate it pretty well. Impossible to get lost and my kids led the way most of the time.

15 days ago

Good hike as a pit stop to stretch your legs or get the kids free for an hour. The kids loved the dead salmon that had spawned in Twanoh creek. Nice 2 mile loop for a winter day.

trail running
15 days ago

Fort Columbia is great and this is a solidly good hike. As a trail run, it’s serious - straight up hill 750ft, then straight down 750ft. Ouch. Also I thought the reviewer that said to bring a machete was kidding...they weren’t. The last .5mi leg of the trail is impassable.

Beautiful rainy day hike. A little muddy and you definitely have to watch the map to stay on the right trail but overall a lovely loop.

I guess early December is the season when salmon swim upstream to spawn and die. We saw hoards of salmon struggle upstream, saw white tendrils near the “bubbling geyser” (apparently methane?) and saw two places where geysers are but were not active nor did they even have a hint that they were active in another season, although they might be or maybe they just aren’t active geysers. Anyway, the kiddos enjoyed all the things we saw, and it was a beautiful day! We will definitely return.

This was actually very nice and quite beautiful, also quite peaceful in the December season. I give it 3 stars only in comparison to the other AMAZING trails in the area.

Aside from being beautiful, this was a great family hike- 2 kids, 7 and 9 handled it alright, but it pushed them. We also had our two puppies come who loved it! First we walked up a giant hill to then be rewarded with a beautiful view and a little playing on the rock-y terrain when we reached the top of the hill to a small picnic-perfect clearing. Then we made our way leisurely back down the hill.
This was a pretty well maintained trail through the woods with great signage to help keep you in the right direction- not paved, no bathrooms, no places to sit- just a good old fashioned, beautiful trek through the woods up to a sort of rocky peak to play on with a great view ..and then back down :)

Badly marked thought I was lost! But it is pretty. This trail is on JBLM, not near, like the description said.

nothing spectacular about this hike, parking area is packed crowds galore, summit is not much view either there is restrooms at the top, prolly wont hike this again

Beautiful view at top. Moderate difficulty, short and sweet, shaded hike, not too much variety in scenery along hike.

It was really pretty and had some interesting sights, at one point the intersection was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Make sure to watch out for mountain bikers if you start by going to the left, more than likely they will come from behind and the trail is pretty thin.

As others have noted, the trails here have quite a few forks and branches. Thank goodness for All Trail app’s GPS map, or I would have been totally lost.

Great sunrise hike yesterday. Started at 6 am no one else on the hike up & at the top.

Beautiful hike.

Lots of dogs and kids on the trail. Can watch the paragliders as they go down. The first half is lots of rocks and stones so watch your step if it’s been raining. Nice views at the top. Took us 1hr to get up and 45 to get down, under 4 miles total. Good afternoon hike.

Beautiful trail, awesome view!

took the dog on this route today, go early on the weekends the parking area was filled by 8am when we arrived and there was groups of 3-5 on way back down after 10am the crowds get insane took twice as long to get down then go up, but good hike for a early morning hike and back around 1pm

Got to the trailhead a little after noon and the lot was full but there really weren’t many people on the trail. If the weather is nice you’ll likely see some paragliders landing at the trailhead. Beautiful view of the surrounding area and Mt Rainer at the first clearing and I’d recommend going up to the second clearing (Poo Poo Point) to get a view of Cougar Mtn and Lake Sammamish. Super short trail - only took us a little over an hour going up with a few breaks and probably 45 min going down at the most.

Went on a Saturday and expected to see a lot of people, but it really wasn’t too bad, though the lot was full. The trail is nice and clear. It is incline the whole way, but it is short, and there are places to pull over and rest. The view from the top is wonderful. What a great way to spend and afternoon!

Wonderful hike easy for the kids!

Extremely busy but well maintained trail. Does get steep in parts but the view at the top is beautiful. The Paragliders were tons of fun to watch and many of them offered tandem rides down.

seems they provide a title to the review versus letting me do it? odd.

hiked a Friday morning in November. got there at 9am. plenty of parking and pooping dogs. great trail. rained a good bit, 40F. didn't get too wet.

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