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beautiful and peaceful

Very clean and open. Wide pathways that are paved!

just made it to the end and its beautiful!!

loved it! beautiful, peaceful, got to see some horsies, and wasn't too strenuous. perfect hike for beginners!

Didn't have 10 dollars for a day pass so I didn't get to experience nature.

More of a nature walk. All the same it was gorgeous. And we had a grand ol time. Went with my three kids: 6,4,1

Trail is ok..make sure to put on bug spray lots of mosquitos all through out the trail.

Great trail! Fun for the whole family and is stroller friendly.

Easy. Great views and dog friendly. I highly recommend this for a leisurely stroll or beginners.

21 days ago

We love this trail! Beautiful, and dog friendly which is a plus. The beach that it leads out to is gorgeous. Definitely would recommend this to a beginner. Not much elevation, so really it’s great just as a walk or run.

Good paved and gravel trail until the end. Views of the Puget Sound are great with many sea run coastal cutthroat trout active off the beach. This is an excellent local, evening hike for the family or a quick run.

trail running
22 days ago

Great run down to the water, with a rewarding view once you get there. If you’re running, it’s a little steep and challenging coming back up to the top! Overall a peaceful, beautiful trail perfect for families, couples or solo explorers

very easy walk to do with children. limited parking tho. lots of picnic areas! no big inclines at all.

Beautiful walk through the woods to the beach.

Terrible trail. Stay on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

27 days ago

28 days ago

This is a pretty area to walk through and is relatively flat throughout. Parts of the trail don’t have tree coverage, so it does get warm. There are a ton of mosquitoes on this trail! I rarely get mosquito bites, but I spent the whole walk trying to brush mosquitoes off of my husband and he still ended up with quite a few bites.

Beautiful hike that’s very easy. You need a discovery pass.

Nice trail to walk with the dogs. Tree-lined, paved path with a good amount of foot traffic, but it’s typically not overly crowded.

nice easy stroll in the woods. good for running too. so peaceful and green. I loved it.


Gorgeous walk thru tree canopy, sounds of the creek and birds, so lovely! Beautiful view of the sound at the end!

I was so excited that the mileage for this hike was actually pretty accurate! It was a nice hike to take our little dogs on because they didn’t have to climb over any large rocks and we were able to stroll the oldest one in her stroller with little difficulty. It was so much fun to see a dolphin jumping around in the water this morning too:)

Beautiful but not recomendable for bikes ! Not even if you are an expert there’s a lot of people walking , strollers and kids running so ! Walking is the best you can do and don’t forget bring water lots of water because there’s half of the trail with very steep hills

1 month ago

Hike this loop clockwise so you see the signs, as there are many smaller offshoots, though most are obviously just that. Only once or twice was there a confusing unmarked fork where we needed a map. The trail was lightly trafficked, with most people near the beginning or end of the trail where it overlaps with a shorter loop. The freeway road noise is strongest at the beginning and end of the loop, but it gets quiet at the back part of the loop. There was some horse poop here and there along the trail, but not an obnoxious amount.

Wonderful walk with my husband and our dog

Easy family trail. That leads to the water. My only complaint is the need for garbages along the trail. People have lined up there trash and dog bags all along the middle of the trial. It’s gross.

Beautiful views and a great place to walk/run!

Mamas Input: Definitely an easy trail. Little foothills. Rocky path but our stroller did well because it's made for these adventures! Smells perfect! Excellent easy 1.50 miles to a beautiful view of Puget Sound. Graffiti tunnel, greenery all around (shaded walk), beach front, train tracks and sweet vegetation! The best of it all (: great for families and bike rides!

Daddy's Input: Hooah great path wet dirt rocky thick forest with trains planes ships and shore at the end

This was the perfect walk for my grandma for her daily activities. Very comforting and clean. Loved the walk. BUT, there are some private properties along the pond so the walk around the pond is not recommended :)

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