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Beautiful trails and waterfalls, great for a family hike. My kids spent a few hours splashing around in the river. What a fun day!

It was great missed a turn and ended up walking 4.5 miles.

11 days ago

Part of this trail is paved and once you get to where you see the American River it turns into a dirt/rock and rough trail at times. It also isn't market too well at all in spots. So make sure to check your phone/gps if you want to stay on the trail.

16 days ago

It's the beautiful place. Highly reccomend! Awesome place for family, horses riders, bicycles. There are a lot of trails there. So you can choose if it will be easy or not. There is waterfall what makes this place better. Reccomend

Very nice packed trails for a beginner like me. Daughters loved it and the nature center. It has some live animals and an interactive museum. Quite a few different trails. Watch out for the river trail. Lots of rocks so watch your footing, but still pretty easy. River is gorgeous. I was told that you could watch the salmon traveling the river. We were too early to see that so we will be making another trip there soon.

Beautiful October day, all the leaves are turning colors. I parked at the Gap parking lot it’s Sunday so I didn’t get a ticket, I guess you can also park across the street from the theater. It’s an easy walk and there is a restroom when you come to the first ramp by the first building their is a sign saying restrooms are by the theater which is by the street. A lot of ducks , squirrels and turtles.

Easy, mostly wooded trail running along creek with great view of waterfall from nicely built overlooking deck at far end of loop.

We did this yesterday and had a very nice time. I love how many different birds there were. we did see a couple of cranes and 2 deer. Not many people out yesterday so was very peaceful.

24 days ago

This is the first hike I’ve done that was longer than 2 hours and I hurt. I’ll definitely do this once a month to see if I can do it faster. Yes there are barriers blocking part of the path but follow the footsteps on the ground and you’ll get around easily. The trail itself was easy just stick to the bike trail to avoid confusion i hit a dead end twice when I thought I could follow the map/app.

Speaking of bike path there are a lot of bikers. I started at 8:30am and I saw cyclist from the minute I started until I finished. (5hrs later) it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about being alone for too long. Someone will zoom by you sooner or later. The view of the river/lake was so nice it made the jello feeling in my thighs soooooo worth it.

28 days ago

Great hike. Not to long, lots of various trails/paths to take. Safe, lots of kids all ages enjoying the nature center and trails.

1 month ago

It a pretty fun trail. I’m fairly new to hiking and am a pretty heavy gal so this was a great beginning trail for me. There were a few spots that were slightly challenging but overall it was a beautiful hike. I would recommend hiking down to the stream on the southwest side of the bridge and lookout point, there is a great spot to rest and chill by the creek.

Beautiful views!

I walk this as much as possible. I add extra mileage by starting outside the park. It’s an amazing walk and the river itself is gorgeous with clear cool water. Lots of wildlife in the preserve just beautiful all around.

The trailhead is annoying because there is not convenient parking. Very pretty views but trail can be very narrow and uneven at times. I would call this more moderate because you can loose your footing.

Pretty little hike (narrow trails) to Horseshoe Bar lake, an outlet from Folsom Lake. Nice little spot to take the dogs to play fetch in the water. We respect the horses and always step aside when they come along. Our dogs do not bark at them, they're used to being around these big, beautiful animals. (They go to work with my son, and walk/ruin right along side of them).

Great trail. For this out-of-shape old lady it was more than moderate but still doable

I went on a Monday (no reservations required on weekdays!) and there were still plenty of people on the trails. Only downside is the drinking fountains are no longer working. One of my friends planned to fill her water bottle up there only to find that out. Bring water with you!

2 months ago

Make reservations on weekends !!!

Nice little place to get your morning started.

Great trail, love doing this one

2 months ago

The round trail shown here is not wheelchair accessible. You could go back on the same route and just get to the bridge that over looks one of the falls

Oooops. I went to do an update to identify the trail head start was wrong, only to realize that I was wrong! Sorry. We started the trail from Google's, which is really half-way of the full trail.

So I guess we only did half the trail.... Oh well, just a new members mistake.

Went on this trail with my wife and dog and best friend and his 7 year old daughter. Very easy hike. We took our time on the way in, admiring the views of the lake and it took us close to an hour to get to the pond (we really took our time). The pond had TONS of turtles!!! There are picnic benches (quite a bit weathered) to the North side of the pond where we had our lunch. It was Labor Day weekend and pretty hot in direct sun. After we completed our lunch, we continued the hike maybe 25 yards only to find some more picnic tables IN THE SHADE!!!! I WISH someone had written about that. So for those of you looking to have a picnic, go for the tables in the shade (somewhat North East of the pond).

We deviated from the trail and headed down to Folsom Lake (not a trail, but nothing preventing you from walking) and had a GREAT time.

When we returned at a much quicker pace, it took us less than 30 minutes to get back to trail head.

In a nutshell, a super easy fun hike, mostly for non-hikers. You can do this easily in 90 minutes, but if you go to the lake (like we did) you can spend all day there.

By the way, the AllTrails pin on Google is WRONG (as of 9/1/2018). Use Google Maps to find Avery's Trail. Otherwise, you will not be close to the actual trail head.

Great trail in the spring and fall

road biking
2 months ago

Nice trail for biking or walking. Be aware the trail is closed due to landslides on the west side of the lake about 2 miles south of Negro Bar. You cannot make a full loop. You will have to use another trail as a detour.

did this trail a couple of months ago great starter trail. good views of the lake, some mountain bikers but they were very accommodating in sharing the trail. i will do this one again.

it's been over 2 yrs since 4 slides took part of the trail out and they have done nothing to fix it. they charge enough ti get in there it s really no excuse. another ex as Mike of government collecting money from us and not using it for what it's intended! why we continue to vote for bonds to improve things when it only increases the peoples expenses(taxes) and nothing ever gets done us beyond me.

on Hidden Falls Trail

2 months ago

Nice easy to moderate trail. There was a Mountain lion there today near the second falls so we didn’t go as far as planned. The first Falls was nice, light water, but some. A bit smoky but great trail.

I did this trail twice, once at a fast pace and once at an easy pace. Both times were great and fun. Definitely a must-do if you like the outdoors.

My lifesaver was a local who showed me around the non-paved path. The signing is really bad, but if you follow the river it will help. It is really beautiful though, lots of oak and wildlife, and the sound of the rushing river too. The paved path was a lot busier.

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