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I would never attempt this hike during or right after the rain—completed it today when it was clear and dry and it was muddy and slick enough!

Don’t take this hike lightly. There were a few spots where I did not trust my holds quite enough and my adrenaline PUMPED! I’m a three points of contact type person when we are talking about sheer cliffs close to the trail and packed, slick ground under my feet—so I did a lot of low to the ground climbing/scooting on the way down and slow intentional climbing on the way back up.

I don’t know if I’d do it again but it was incredible!!! I’m typically a more cautious person, so crampons would have helped immensely. I would have trusted my footing a bit more in that case.

Amazing Trail! Go early in the morning to avoid the crowd. We went yesterday and arrived at the trail head at 10am. We completed the hike in about 3.5 hours and it was completely clear at the look out point and incredibly beautiful, if you are on the island this week you should go now while the weather is perfect for it. Definitely a VERY muddy hike, you need to be careful to not slip on your way down but it was all doable and there are a lot of walking sticks at the entrance to help you keep balance if needed.

The walk up can be steep in parts but for me it was easier than the way down because I didn't have to worry about slipping as much. We saw a family of goats and a small spotted baby pig on our way back up as well!

I can’t believe this place got some bad reviews! I thought it was a moderate hike which means good workout with uneven slightly slippery terrain which was a fun challenge. To see that waterfall and to be way up in the canyon was absolutely breathtaking. I got great pictures and
am so pleased we did not miss out. Round trip took us 2 hours stopping taking pics and spending a little bit of time at the waterfall. It was too cold to swim this trip but it’s December and some people did swim! If you enjoy the beauty of dense jungle, heights, giant canyon views, swimming and photography opportunities and a challenging hike...you must go!

Great trail too bad it was too misty to see the overlook! i have friends who have done it a handful of times and never seen the overlook. Very muddy.

We have just done it today. 12/10. It was absolutely doable by a 2wd car.
The view was great but the waves were too big for going far into the water.

Tried going today (12/7) and the entrance gate is locked. Heard of others hopping the fence to go out but did not attempt.

Took us 3hr and 40min. The way back up is definitely harder but not impossible! The view point at the end is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Love this trail!!!

on Kukui Trail

8 days ago

Hiked this - beautiful views of the canyon

on Berry Flat Trail

11 days ago

This loop is actually a series of trails. It can be hard to find the start and follow the loop to each connection. The redwood forest is a nice surprise.

14 days ago

4-18 took us about 3.5 hours. We left at about 7:40 AM incredible overlook at the end.

16 days ago

This hike was tough because of how slippery and muddy it was. The weather in the winter is just unpredictable but it was simply epic... go to the end, even if it’s a bit scary.

Wear hiking shoes or trail runners ... some people were wearing crappy running shoes and were sliding all over. One couple was barefoot and that seemed way better than bad shoes.

But the view from the edge is insane. The clouds would roll in for a few minutes and then open up to see the Napali Coast.

We really wanted to do the Kalalau trail but it’s closed. This was the next best for sure!

16 days ago

This is one amazing trail. Ensure that you bring solid hiking shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. The trail is super muddy and slick in the upper areas. Slippers or sandals are not recommended.

The trail starts off pretty fast going downhill for quite a while before it opens up. There are numerous changes in topography and foliage. By the time you get to the end of the trail, You are in for a treat. The trail opens up into amazing vistas of green and red mountains dropping all the way down to the beautiful blue Pacific ocean below.

If you are not afraid of heights, you could walk down to the very end of the trail, however of course, you do so at your own risk, as each side has 1000’ drops to the canyons below.

Now that you have enjoyed the wonderful vistas and had a nice lunch, it’s time for the charge all the way back up to the top. It gets a little tedious, since you’ve already seen everything once. but once you get to the cloud forest, it feels great.


Can be tricky in some parts but we saw children and adults in sandals completing the hike-take your time and you should be ok. Really enjoyed it! That being said, if it had been raining I would have avoided this hike that day.

Awesome trail ! Pictures don’t even do this hike justice, best kept secret in Kauai! Don’t go on a cloudy day, wait for a clear day to really see the amazing terrain and helicopters flying BELOW you!

The view is spectacular !

19 days ago

This hike was pretty incredible. I highly recommend it but know that it's a little tricky in some spots. It was definitely slippery when we went. Trekking poles are highly recommended and just take your time. The views were amazing throughout the entire hike.

19 days ago

Epic hike. Definitely a little scary as many points on hike you are on step away from falling off a cliff. Take your time and it’s worth it!

19 days ago

didn't get the best view due to some overhanging clouds however still a gorgeous site to see. the 3 miles downhill feels like a breeze... until you realize you have to go back up. make sure you give yourself ample time. I rushed through it alone and made it in about 2.5hrs round trip (hustling and regret it) the upward climb sucked for me. bring lots of water and snacks.

the view is perfect in the right conditions, try to go in the mid morning or early afternoon. I wouldn't start this hike after 4pm. 3pm is even pushing it for winter sunset (6pm)

nature trips
21 days ago

Absolutely stunning view worth the long drive. Make sure to see the Red Dirt Waterfall near it too.

21 days ago

Great hike. it's all downhill on the way so it seems very easy so keep in mind that it is 3miles of uphill the way back. It was only muddy for the first mile on and off the next 2 were dry and gorgeous. So many pretty views on the way and breathtaking when you get to the end. 100% worth it. Once you get to the end there is a fairly skinny edge that takes you out further if your not scared of heights I would reccomend doing it. You see everything around the end of it when you get there, makes for a great photo.

This is an amazing trail, so glad I did it. One of the top hikes i’ve done in awhile. Though short, impressive and beautiful views throughout the hike, so much to see. I saw the warnings about using this trail at the information center about not risking it and somebody had fallen and had to be rescued as previous reviewer said. The trail is completely manageable, first 15 minutes is steepish, use caution especially when muddy and wet, can get slippery going downhill. wear hiking boots and you’re fine. Like others said on here trust and use your judgement and you’ll be fine. It’s a good sweat at times, Never felt like I was in danger, this trail may fry a few nerves for those who don’t hike often.

24 days ago

Not a trail at all. But it’s worthy to spend 5 mins for this breathtaking view!!!

26 days ago

Awesome hike! It was actually “easier” on the way up, than the way down. We are used to hiking 13ers in Colorado, though, so it might be more difficult if you are not in decent shape. Make sure you bring shoes with good traction, because it’s very slippery (mud and loose rocks) in certain places. We both had running shoes, and that was a mistake. Took about 1.25 hours to get down, and 2 hours to get back up. Start early and bring plenty of water!

I'm writing this as a warning -- I was going to do this trail, but today when we visited the museum nearby, there was a sign up warning visitors about this trail. Please be aware that this trail is NOT meant for hiking and isn't kept as a hiking trail; a lot of it is overgrown and it's hard to see where you could fall through. Someone fell just last week and had to be rescued.

Basically, although people may say it's worth it, just be smart. There are plenty of other amazing trails in this park.

28 days ago

Best bang for your buck on napali coast views

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the great view at the end that was supposed to make it all worth it :( it was really foggy and you could barely see the people on the vista point. The trail itself is way below average to me. The downhill is sketchy when wet and you only get views at the end, and the entire time you're walking through the most boring jungle. Definitely not worth it if it was raining and you're suspecting overcast.

1 month ago

My wife and I hiked this trail yesterday. Slippery due to recent rains but the veiws of the Napali coast at the end were worth the slippery trail to get there. The hike out is uphill so it took a little more effort. We did the round trip in 4 hourd but if it were dry it would only take 3 hours. The trail is 3.8 miles each way and you can even explore a little further if you go past the railing at the end.

Super muddy but well worth it. Most of these reviews will cover what to expect (views, cliff, climbing). Definitely worth the struggle.

Best hike in Kauai!!! Be carful and wear appropriate shoes. It’s quite hard because slippery. The view is the best.

I suggest to do just the Canyon trail and back. The view is great and the trail is fun. The Black pipe is not worth it at all.

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