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Awesome place to go in winter and also in spring when it is slightly less taxing. Go there enough prepared to walk in snow for good two miles if you are going in winter or early spring. The hike experience is wonderful and worth it!

Went last weekend. Good hike. It is difficult. This was my first time doing it. I look forward to doing in the summer time. I would highly recommend taking micro spikes. My dad did it without but it was much more difficult.

Pretty scenery with lots of informational signs about the flora. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people and loud because of it. Great for people at all levels! An average person can probably do it in about 20 minutes, so it doesn't take long. Add it on to another hike in the area!

Pouring rain when we were there but very pretty. Short and easy loop.

Amazing trail and beautiful as well! Very icy so you have to be careful but definitely worth it.

Very crowded. Nice hike.

Great sunrise hike or afternoon hike. Crowded.

15 days ago

Great view but bring spikes for the last 400 meters

Beautiful views on the way up and at the top. It was a little snowy towards the top and I fell a few times when hiking down but no serious injuries sustained! Lol. I’ll wear hiking boots next time. Easy, fun, beautiful hike.

Amazing view. Truly amazing. Hike was steep, but pretty. The destination is definitely worth going for.

Easier way up/down to than the old trail

17 days ago

This hike is a must-do on a clear day- you can see so many peaks, including Rainier right in your face! We did this on Saturday and hit snow about 2/3 of the way up. While many of the people we saw had microspikes, we didn’t. I would say if you have them, use them, but if you don’t own them (like us) you will be just fine as long as you have trekking poles. We were also able to glissade part of the way down from the top- so fun :)

It was sunny today, but there were a lot of people on this trail for a Monday. This is about as difficult as my family can handle for now. Great view at the top.

17 days ago

Nice day for hiking! We got snow all the way. Took us 5hrs to the top. Amazing view- love it!

trail was packed. quite the hike up on a hot day. nice views at the top.

Super interesting to see the foliage in a temperate rainforest! Super easy hike, more of a walk, and the drive in to the trail heads was a great view too.

18 days ago

Amazing view! Challenging trail but definitely worth the effort!

Beautiful park with a lot of opportunity for quieter hiking. Mountain bikers frequent the trail, but are courteous and only hike one way! Quite a few open clearings if you push up towards the summit.

easy scenic hike. all levels can do this

Hiked this yesterday for the first time and I submitted in just my hiking boots, no spikes. My friend, who never ever hikes and is 40 lbs over weight, got to within 100 yards of the mailbox but did not have good footwear. He was wearing running shoes with wool socks pulled over them for gripping, gym shorts and a Superman shirt. This is instantly my most favorite hike. there are minimal flat spots, all climibing or decsending, and a few gorgeous views that can bring a grown man to his knees. Treking poles really help extend endurance. The snow on the pass was slick slush, worthy to slow down and gain sure footing.

A very fun trail with awesome views on sunny days. Well worth the trip to get here.

This hike was probably at the time, the most strenuous hike I’ve ever went on. It starts easy looping up but the incline starts to kick in probably 20 minutes in. Once you make it to the top.... the view is absolutely breathtaking. We sat there for hours. Start early, if not.. no later than 2pm. This hike takes about 2 hours. Great for photography shots. Seriously an Instagram worthy spot.

Beautiful hike to enjoy with the kids and dog in tow.

First time I ever hiked in the snow. It was amazing! We made it all the way to the waterfall. Simply beautiful!

I really enjoyed this hike. Perfect for all levels I believe. It can be strenuous but also, has a steady incline, so you can make it as tough or easy as you want. I also want to clarify that this hike is 5miles round trip, you just have to be sure to hit the Upper Ledge. The lower ledge is 2miles from trail head to view, but if you continue on another 1/2mile you will find the middle and upper ledges. Not as much room to run around on those ledges, but truly beautiful.

On Sunday a friend and I climbed to the top of Mailbox Peak I made this video along the trail: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

We parked at the lower parking lot and at 6am we started our hike up the new trail the snow was patchy until mile 2ish where it turned into a solid snow pack. The trail was very well maintained and cleared I would recommend crampons but micro spikes work. We reached the top around 9:30am with clear skies and almost no wind. We headed down about 15 minutes later. We passed many people on the way down. We reached the trailhead at 12:00 only to find both parking lots where full and people where parking on the road. Check out the video I made about the hike: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

Overall it was a great hike with amazing views and weather. I suggest crampons for the steep sections and a early start to beat the people.

Be safe out there,

NW Adventures

This hike is only 4 miles, not 5. It was on the easier side of moderate with a huge payout at the end. Absolutely gorgeous views!! I did Poo Poo Point last weekend and Rattlesnake Ledge is definitely easier in comparison. Busy but otherwise a great hike! No snow on the actual trail, which was nice.

Fun trail. The views from the top are awesome. Lots of people use this trail so it is a little crowded.

Really enjoyed this hike. This was my first time out on a hike and I loved it. coming down was a little slippery but overall it was worth it. One of the bridges is falling apart.

my favorite hike

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