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Hiked the 11 miles from the east end in Weatherford to Garner. Wide and very well maintained. Path was flat and not really much elevation change, so makes for an easy hike/walk.

Long and flat. Nice to have a longish trail close and it is well maintained. Probably more fun for bikes. Somewhat monotonous to hike.

Very nice hiking area.

Trail very well marked and enjoyed all the informative information along the trail telling the history of Palo Pinto County. Old rock bridge was awesome.

An exciting hike w/ kids ❤️

rock climbing
1 month ago

Gorgeous areas to free climb. Beautiful scenery with hidden caves and small gorges sprinkled all around. I recommend it.

Cool trail system. The west side is a lot of sand trails that are good for your knees. The east side has the most interesting trail in my opinion that is along lake leading to the overlook/rock climbing area. You can easily do all the trails in one day hike.

4 months ago

Easy trail that took less an hour to do. Pretty views and some inclines/declines made for great hike

Trail map is incomplete.
Trails continue west out onto the peninsula from the trails currently shown on the map
There are approximately 16 miles of trails. Great views and elevation changes to keep things interesting

4 months ago

The trail is clearly marked, although many people have created off-shoots. The trail is primarily rock with some sand, so your eyes will be glued to the trail to forego tripping. The trail comes alongside the water in several places, making it a great trail, albeit short.

This is a fun trail especially if you like to rock climb. The trail can get tricky after a heavy rain. There is a dock along the trail that you can fish from. We hike this trail several times a month and love it.

mountain biking
6 months ago

I forgot to start recording at the beginning. We rode from the Vietnam Memorial to the west end of the trail in Mineral Wells and back, except we rode up the hill beyond our start point, up over the highway, then back down to the war memorial lot. About 10.5 miles total. It was a very nice ride, easy trail, it's paved once you get to the east side of town all the way to the trailhead on the west side. Most of the roads you cross are not busy. Lots of nature along the trail.

mountain biking
6 months ago

We're beginners and it's a very hot day. That made it difficult to get through the very rocky and sandy areas, but it's a nice trail, well cleared and maintained. I saw a roadrunner, a rabbit and 3 deer. I look forward to cooler weather and increased fitness when doing this trail next time.

Moderate trails, beautiful views. Make sure and bring water as you won't find any on the trail. Too many people hiking with aggressive dogs off leash and smoking on trails (lots of cigarette butts on trails, guess the recent fires didn't make an impact on them) It's a shame folks don't follow rules and put others and the area at risk.

nice liesure trail

A great workout. Fairly easy to follow. There are a couple trail forks that can be confusing but you are just walking around a big hill. So a mapping app on your phone will keep you on route. Took a while to understand the naming of the trails.
Lots to see. I love the sites along the trail that show how nature shapes our earth with wind and rain.
The trails are a workout. Take plenty of water. Be prepared. Be honest with yourself about your physical condition.

We enjoyed the hike as a family. We were able to borrow a junior pack for our son. made the hike fun as he looked for animal tracks and searched for birds.

Amazing short trial! Don't pass this one up just because it doesn't look worth the trip. Great views, fun trail, rocks to climb and walk through. And a great scenic overview at the end.

Great park to hike in and bring your dog or dogs! Bring your climbing gear. The park has pre-installed climbing anchors for the public to use. Beautiful view's and excellent workout esp on a hot TX day!

Starting the hike from Bug Beach, the trail was full of tall weeds with burs that were completely covering our shoes and sticking into our skin between the tops of our hiking boots and knees. Less than 100 yards in we had to turn around. Maintaining the trail is a necessity for it to be usable for hikers. No wonder NO ONE was hiking the Possum Kingdom trails.

Compared to trails in Dallas, I'd rate these trails hard. The views were awesome and the hike was just the right amount of challenging.

Short trail but very cool!

Many beautiful views and the trail is very scenic. I liked the informational signs and the general upkeep of the trail. Went a few months ago with my GSD and had a pretty bad rattlesnake scare, so definitely keep an eye on and off the trail and especially on what are usually tree roots crossing the path.

this is a beautiful relatively short trail with plenty of great views of the lake. A few rock staircases, but you just need to watch your step. we'll definitely be going back for more!

We spent a day trying to find this trail only to learn from locals that it doesn't exist. The map on the app simply follows the Brazos River and is not passable.

Beautiful scenery. Saw several deer. The elevation is very gradual so it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.

11 months ago

Loved it! Will be going back.

11 months ago

Decent hikes. I would rate this moderate. Lots of stair like climbs and some small canyon areas. Most of the trails are shaded by trees and run along the lake. Not super busy but it was a weekday too. There are some great picnic and BBQ areas so bring food. $7/adult entry fee.

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