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This was so fun! It's a short hike up a trial that follows devils creek at the bottom of a canyon. There is a lovely waterfall on the outside back of the cave. If you want to climb the large rocks and hike behind the waterfall (we did), be very careful as it is very slippery. The inside of the cave is really cool, with devils creek running thru it. Stay on the path, don't walk in the water (no idea how deep it is, currents or rocks) and try not to touch anything due to microorganisms that live there. The whole hike including the cave was so beautiful.....bring your CAMERA!

off road driving
16 days ago

Awesome views at the top of the ridge, we drove farther than the directions of where the GPS located bethel ridge and I’m glad we did. Trails are awesome for off roading with atv, bikes, and 4x4. I would say it’s an easy trail for off roading. We camped at the ridge and it was a beautiful and amazing view all throughout. Be warned, there’s A LOT of bugs and flies, bring a spray/ lotion, I wish we brought citronella with us. Camp fires are also not allowed although we’ve seen some pits made by people. All in all it was a great trip.

Nice trail that has a loop through the bat colony cave. Did not see any bats!

21 days ago

Really nice hike plus places to have picnics with the family !!

Enjoyed this hike, unfortunately the falls were almost nonexistent. Would like to try again earlier in the summer.

Beautiful, abundant array of WILDFLOWERS as of 7/19. As the trail ended at the meadows, we ascended another steep, slippery, dry mile to the ridge with a fantastic view of Mt Stuart (?). Be careful if you choose to go the extra mile up but the views are worth it.

fun short hike!

on Bumping Lake Trail

1 month ago

A beautiful place! Very little elevation. Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding forest. Trail keeps to the lake. We had a great clear day with a slight breeze which kept away any mosquitos. Would highly recommend to others.

Took this short hike with family, including 2 4-yr olds. Went to the falls and back taking the right path. Easy hike with mostly shade. Very little water from the falls but still worth the trip. I want to go back in early spring when there is a lot of runoff. The falls should be amazing then.

Great well maintained trail! Beautiful area as well.

Nice forest hike, but falls were a little disappointing for the kids. Recommend taking the right leg of the loop up and down if you have kiddos or aren’t feeling spry, because the left leg has a bunch of rock scrambles that invite injuries with a slip, trip, or misstep.

1 month ago

This was not what we expected! The trail is about 18" wide and about a half mile in it crosses through extremely heavy vegetation, which we were not comfortable traveling through. Due to this we chose to turn back because of the large amount of bugs and spiders. I agree with the other reviews indicating the path is loose shale and not real stable or maintained. experienced hikers recommended. I would also recommend hiking pants, as the high weeds and grasses left us pretty itchy!

1 month ago

Google sent us in from the West but the road is washed out. Come in from the East side. Paved roads the whole way.
Great maintained trail up the caves. As you start heading downhill you are almost there. Make sure to do the scramble to the waterfall over the logs and rocks to the back cave. Then head back and do the big cave which will lead you through the pitch black and back up to the main trail.

Don’t forget flash light and water friendly shoes :)

1 month ago

Great hike that has trees/forest, waterfalls, and rocks...the trifecta! We chose to turn back at the falls instead of completely the loop because the trail beyond the falls began looking questionable.

2 months ago

Great hike but be warned there's tons of mosquitos-just bring bug spray and you'll be fine. The waterfall and view of Mt. Rainer was well worth the hike which was flat until you reached the incline to the waterfall (maybe a mile of moderate climb). Once at the American River you can 1) forge through the river ( max 4' deep) or follow the river down about 100 yards to cross the at a log jam. Our dog did this great!

was a quick and easy hike. tool my 14 month old with on a pack, and she did great!

Went the wrong way, ended up hiking 8 miles. Had beautiful views. About 4 miles in hit snow so high, it was impassable and hard to find trail. Turned around. Did not see another soul. Quiet and beautiful views.

Not a little kid trail (unsafe rocks to climb over multiple times) but great for adults n teens. Based on this being first hike since teenage, not being in shape, and having hip problems still managed to hike 1 mile in to center of lake.. :)
Gorgeous views

2 months ago

Enjoyed this trail so much, however we were only able to make it about halfway before turning back because it was getting dark. Our GPS did not take us correctly to the trailhead, so we had to figure out some turns. If yours does the same, just know you do not have to turn off on any dirt roads. It is paved until just after you cross next to the lake, where it turns to gravel. The drive (if you go the correct way) was very easy and could be done without 4x4.

The trail is a very even walk with some slight inclines/declines. The path was well maintained, except for a few spots where we climbed over fallen trees. We had 2 adults, 2 dogs and a baby in a backpack carrier.

Now, the drive up and the scenery itself were incredible. We went on 6/2/18, the weather was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. There were very few bugs, and we didn’t see a single other person on this trail.

We’re excited to go back and do the whole thing!

Great picnicking area and lots of parking and restrooms. Easy one mile hike, and fun trail that curves through the cave. Didn't see any bats. Make sure and have a flash light. Very neat cliffs, streams and walking trails. Fun/easy trail for kids.

Beautiful hike. The path can be a bit narrow/steep in places, so I wouldn't bring young children. You do need a Northwest Forest Pass to park. When you reach the falls you have two choices: you can either turn back and go the way you came, or you can proceed across the water and continue on in the loop. Turning back is definitely an easier route (mostly downhill). Continuing on is much rougher terrain, you will be scaling rocks that are sometimes unsteady. However the route is beautiful and there are some awesome views along the way.

Went with my girlfriend and her 8 yr old daughter well maintained easy hike

Cool place! Amazing amount of flowers and a wonderful waterfall! Definitely do the loop trail! We took our 5 and 8 year old girls and they did fine.

just went up there yesterday and it was closed :( so just a heads up but there's some trails up by swamp creek we went to.

Loved Snoquera Falls! We logged about 5 miles and had no trouble at all finding it. At the top, the falls were running real heavy, & we had to navigate through some water using rocks to step our way through to continue the loop on the other side (all part of the adventure)
Hiking poles really helped on the water crossings.
Highly recommend this hike for a season opener!

3 months ago

short hike, but fun awesome for kids!

3 months ago

It’s a little confusing to get there. From highway 410 (coming from Enumclaw), take a left on the sign that says Camp Sheppard Trailhead. There you will find the parking lot on your right as well as the bathrooms. There is a sign that marks the starting point to Snoquera falls. At the beginning of the trail you meals it to an amphitheater (wooden house) from there just keep going straight until you reach the next sign. The next sign is torn down so just make a left and your on the trail to Snoquera. Very easy hike, less than 4 miles round trip. No snow on this day and perfect for the entire family of a solo hike. Not trafficked, only like 2 or 3 other people there. I lost signal 30 minutes before getting there so make sure you save directions. Gorgeous views and highly recommended!

great hike, gorgeous views.

3 months ago

nice easy hike, alot of the trail signs were broken in half or unreadable so we ended up on two other trails and had to back track, and then we got less into the actual camp. trail was a bit confusing but a good short hike.

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