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16 days ago

Plenty of snow on the way up to the falls. Even more on the way down the loop. Poles and spike were needed. Fun trail.

This was a great hike with a wonderful view when you get to the top. What a beautiful day to get out and see this today. We had our 7 and 8 yr old with us, they did great.

I went to the Falls today. light snow here and there..beautiful hike ..falls are flowing good ..more snow at the falls...
wore 2 light layers of clothes..perfect day

Beautiful views along the lake looking toward Nelson Ridge. Some nice old growth once you get into the woods.

2 months ago

Easy and close in. Nice views of Tieton River and big basalt cliffs. Fun swinging bridge.

3 months ago

I am planning to head up to Snoquera tomorrow..WTA posted the trail is closed?I couldn't find anything online with the forestry dept. But looking through theses reviews..a lot of people were disappointed in the falls. They are spectacular in late Spring..the huge drop and then water cascading over all of the rocks at bottom where the trail is!!
It is amazing!! Do not pass up these falls! Just have to hit them at the right time of year!

A must do! I’d do this one again and again. Just the right amount of switchbacks and amazing views! If you plan on completing the loop (i’d recommend for the full experience ) take water proof hiking boots or a change for after you cross the creek which is created by the plunge pool of snoquera falls.

4 months ago

Beautiful day to go. Tamaracks were golden. Mountain goats were out. Along with both mountains.

4 months ago

This was a gentle and very beautiful trail cut through some soft wood and evergreens along Bean Creek. Just before the trail tip at 5,175', we left the creek and turned east toward Earl Peak. The trail turned to switchbacks, offering great scenery. We setup camp above the freezing level at 6,200' just before leaving the treeline. The trees and the saddle shape provided much needed shelter from the high westerly wind and snow. We hiked the rest of the way to Earl Peak (7,036') without our gear. The terrain to the summit was snow-covered rocks and boulders. There was very little protection from wind at that point. Overall, this was a very nice day hike turned into an overnight for the fun of it. Caution: Truck/SUV recommended to drive the last mile to the trail head to ensure sufficient ground clearance. Also, a couple of streams may be difficult to cross after a good rain or snow melt.

Very pretty along the lake and then it's into a long stretch of forest with a few very large old growth trees.

5 months ago

Nice trail, some rocky parts, small waterfall & cliff @ highest point. Not crowded

Love it!

Super easy hike. Pet friendly. Not too hard on the knees. Cave was small and not too scary. Didn't see any bats. Views to cave are amazing! Signs with history and a great plus!

Fun little hike, great parking, not a lot of people.......

This was an AWESOME experience!
Hike isn't too bad my 3 year old twins love it. Make sure you wear comfortable sturdy shoes that you don't mine getting wet, if you want to see the water fall.

7 months ago

Great hike with a few steep parts, such as the climb out of the caves. The Kiddos will get a kick out of the caves

I've taken this drive 4 times now. I love wildlife, and this is a perfect opportunity for that. I've camp up there too.
If you take it from white pass it's like 8 miles to the top, if you take it from Nile (chinook pass hw) it's double the distance, id recommend drive up from white pass hw and come down the longer way towards Nile, be careful with crazy drivers taking the downhill corners to fast... I've seen elk up there, coyotes, squires, chipmunks, pikas!!!! :) grouse, jays etc and once u up there I'd recommend adventure yourself into rd 190 all the way to the end is timberwolf mt, amazing views, and also mt goats can be seen up there, if you didn't have any luck try rd 199, I've seen them there too.

7 months ago

I hike this every year atleast twice. It's a great, short trail for people with kids or people that aren't avid hikers and need to start slowly to get in hiking shape. :) I'd definitely recommend going mid week in the a.m. to beat the crowds and the heat. There is a nice day use picnic area and a place for you to dip your toes in the river after the hike if you desire. If you do bring your kiddos, PLEASE read the interpretive signs along the way that caution about cleaning your shoes upon entering and leaving the cave, not shouting in the cave or pointing your flashlight up, and staying on trail. This area has been shut down before because people didn't observe these basic rules and trail etiquette.

Great trail for young ones (our 8 and 5 year olds did the entire loop counter clockwise -to include the off trail route up to the fall). A little over 800 feet total ascent and 5.25 miles round trip. The portion west of the falls crosses the rock slides multiple times (multiple rock slides--some dating back centuries/eons most likely, others much more recent). Trail on the east side of the falls is shorter and steeper (not that steep, just steeper), so if you don't want the mileage, an out and back on that side is advised. West side is still very easily navigable and all but one or two crossings have very good paths across the slide fields (some recent falls have paths that have not been fully cleared out)--our kids had zero issue with any of it and we made good time.

The hike up from the trail to the actual fall is definitely recommended if the water throughput is at a low point (as it is this time of year). Probably worth it if there is much more water--just will get much more sporty on the boulder hopping as the best route up is via the watercourse--if mucho water, not recommended for the young or those that don't like a good scramble.

7 months ago

This trail is really cool if you take a right and head up to hike the trail counterclockwise. However. Once you hit the falls, you might want to turn back and head the way you came. We continued counterclockwise and did the full loop. The part from the falls to the start is really tough and rocky/treacherous. The "back 9" so to speak is pretty unstable and has a lot of places where the trail
Is covered in shale/rocks. Good trail overall, though. I would like to do it in the fall when there's more water, too.

-Decent parking
-Repulsive bathrooms no running water no TP
-Not kid friendly due to wash outs
-Waterfall was disappointing

7 months ago

This trail has many places that have been washed out. There is also a rock slide that has covered the trail in many places and has to be crossed. While it is passable it is very treacherous. There is at least half a mile of on and off crossing rocks in several places. If you want to avoid this just take the trail to the base of the falls and turn a around and skip the loop. While the falls are some what unimpressive most of the views are in the second half of the hike. I believe the second half of the hike with the trail damage makes this a much more difficult hike than the rating implies. Still it is a doable hike just beware.

Not a bad hike, but beware...there's barely any water falling. If you walk up to where the water somewhat pools, you see a little something, but definitely not what i was expecting.

Beautiful falls! It was fun to cross the creek at the base of the falls.

8 months ago

Great little hike for the family and dogs. When the trail met the stream that comes from the falls we passed over the steam. We then climbed up the rocks and followed the stream all the way up to the falls. We have two large dogs that made the climb just fine.

8 months ago

very rough on parts of trail

EZ access by any car, trail begins single track, quickly leads to trail which passes a small falls, numerous meadow areas, still flowering but must have been a color riot not too many weeks ago. This hike is rated moderate I think only because of the distance; it is a stiff gradient up hill. Oh, couple of creek crossings that could be challenging earlier in spring or after a rain.

Great family trail, very easy and fun.
All ages and skill level can complete this small hike.

8 months ago

Easy flat hike along bumping lake. Trail is longer than 4.9 miles. There are many spots along the trail to sit and have a nice lunch overlooking the lake. Overall if you're looking for a relaxing hike than this is it.

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