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We went today and it was a very nice walk. We will be going back.

This was a decent trail with a great outlook to the city of San Antonio at a elevation right at 1000. There was a bit of traffic noise that took away from the nature scene and the trails were not properly marked, especially for the 3rd level trail. People didn't pick up their dog dropping either. I forgot about all that at the outlook and enjoyed a few minutes of peace, clouds and wind. Was pleasant enough for me to say I'd go back.

super easy side gravel trails are pretty

12 days ago

Simple walk through the park. Does have a couple river overlooks.

12 days ago

Best trail in the park with the swampy areas and palmetto palms. Most scenic.

12 days ago

Its a path around a small fishing lake. Not much to see.

The trail is a walk through some unique local features. Nice campground. The trail is family friendly and a stroller can be used.

Did a little loop around the base with my son, I plan to go back and do the whole thing soon.

Nice view of the river. One of San Antonio’s best spots.

Nice trail. Had a decent view of the city.

It is mostly paved but it was still a nice place to run. There are trails that were more challenging, most are cutting through the loop trail. I saw 2 rabbits during my walk-run workout, and the aroma of the flowers around was a nice addition. All in all it's a nice place.

very easy. lots of store fronts. lots of stop and go.

Extremely easy trail. Extremely. Perfect for just strolling, wheel chair accessible. Lots and lots of Palmettos. Gave it 3 stars because though it was pretty, I personally wouldnt go on this particular trail again unless I was with someone who had a physical handicap.

hiked this one once before and LOVED it highly reccommend to anyone looking to explore. il be coming back very soon to run and get back into shape as well. anyone up for partner runs??

Good for a family stroll after a visit to the Alamo or a date night. Be kind to the homeless and take some spending money. Biggest detractor is if you are pushing a stroller or are not as mobile, finding ramps or in service elevators to change levels to cross bridges becomes a challenge.

we got there early, GPS took us to the deer loop spot and we started walking realized we we're back at the car quick. had to download map to know where to go. signs got confusing at times. but it was kept up well. it was nice. my daughter and I went and all of the holes were friendly on the trails. the view from the top is awesome. felt great. definitely would go back.

easy and shaded, good for kids or nighthikes with them.

6 months ago

trail running
6 months ago

I run here from my house which is a mile away. It is a great place to get some hills and enjoy the beautiful scenery up to the top where you there is a great view of the city which is a nice reward for your climb. There are benches at the top and water as well if you want to sit and enjoy the view for a spell.

This trail in New Braunfels, Texas is deserving of the east rating due to the limited length and elevation change. Nonetheless, I give it five stars due to its nomenclature and charm. The trail extends up a small canyon with steep sides along a dry creek bed that it crosses several times. The setting has the appearance of a passageway for raging water during a torrential downpour. Exept for two short, bellmouth, 6 inch diameter pipes covered with lids bearing the word "water" and a surveyers pin found at one point on the trail, this place is like a little slice of state or federal park or wilderness trail dropped into the middle of a city. There are some smooth sections to the trail. There are also some rocky sections as well, some with rocks well fixed into the soil and others with loose rocks. This trail also features a very short switchback section near the top before it breaks out into the rude reality of a city neighbourhood. Trailhead is on the west side of Landa Park, a city park with many aminities. In close proximinity to the trailhead is an area of trees where, during late afternoon and early daylight evening hours whitetail deer can be fed from the palm of one's hand.

Beautiful!! Easy short hike but very rocky! The rocks give it character and beauty. Rocks were a little rough on the paws of our 2 year old fur baby (still building up his callouses on his pads) but our 5 year old fur baby had no issues. Enjoyable and fun.

on Oxbow Lake Trail

8 months ago

Super easy trail with plenty of boardwalks. Lots of butterflies/moths and their caterpillars. Take the Palmetto Interpretive Trail that joins the Ottine. W Lots of swamp!

Super easy trail with some nice benches to watch the lake. Takes you by a church. Watch for snakes as we saw several in the lake. May 2018

Great trail for kids/family of all ages. Lots of chances to do part or all of the trail. Love the boardwalks and the palmettos.

Remarkably handsome for being smack dab in civilization so-called. There is a striking variety of greenery and, if you hear a rustle in the forest, chances are decent it is a rabbit. The paved incline is steep enough for a nice gain that given its short distance you can master in short order. As others have mentioned, there is a network of side trails that take you up forest gains that are more challenging than the paved incline. The highlight, though, is 'The Hill,' a jagged rise exposed to the sun that hits you hardest as you are reaching your limit. The proper way to master this climb is to repeat it so there is no doubt who goes out on top. Just do not try this after a heavy lunch.

Superb trails for thinking, as there a few elevation changes, rocks, or other obstacles to divert your concentration. Deep forests, once in a while feral hogs early in the morning, a few snakes, a turtle or two, geese at certain times of the year, squirrels talking trash, hawks, you get the picture. The adjacent property has cattle (who indeed are lowing) and horses, who do find their way onto the trails from time to time. The trails themselves are very well maintained with crushed granite, packed soil, or sand (on the San Marcos river trail). Come off season in December-February and feel the open winter air.

This route made me feel like a tourist in my own city. I’ve been here for years now and never knew there was a Korea/Vietnam war memorial, I never walked through the King William district, and the Guenther House is one of my favorite places for lunch now.

I am so used to the touristy area of the Riverwalk, but the Riverwalk in the King William district was very peaceful and serene. I went off the route several times because there was so much going on today I did this walk. During this route, I made it into a 8 mile pub crawl and it was a blast. Met great people and even though it took a lot longer than I expected, I enjoyed every minute.

I highly recommend this route to anyone.

beautiful but very rocky so don't go if you have weak ankles! :-)

I have used this trail for hiking several times now, I have yet to be disappointed. The last time there I had my grandkids join me and we had a great morning.. walking , talking , watching the birds, ducks along the San Antonio River. I would recommend this trail to all... family friendly.!

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