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The 360 summit was everything. And I will quote my dear friend who went with me, "It's like we're in a picture." We stayed up in the summit and just sunbathe for an hour or so because we had already completed the trail. There was a cute grass clearing perfect for camping up ahead the summit too and the woodland sunflowers blooming everywhere was absolutely magical to me. We turned back around so we could enjoy the 360 view even more. A great trail to do before you take up Old Rag! Also stop by the huge rock that looks like a perfect shade if it's raining! But for me, it was more like a giant natural stone sofa! Will definitely take this trail on again when Autumn is here.

A short trail, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is an easy hike, it’s a scramble. Awesome views, must do.

12 days ago

We did both the Bearfence Trail and the Rock Scramble. We loved the rock scramble and the views from the top were outstanding. Definitely do the scramble. It’s not as hard as you think!

22 days ago

great hike heading up to a terrific viewpoint of the valley. we skipped the rock scramble and got in some of the Apallachian trail. Downhill all the way back so my favorite kind of hike

This is a fun little hike. I brought my dad with me so it went a little slower than normal but wow it was a fun trail. The rock scrambles weren’t hard but were a lot of fun with a full 360 degree view of the park. That was pretty cool. I can’t wait to go back in the fall to see what extra views you can get off this trail during that time of year!!!

A must do! The rock scramble was SO FUN for our 7 and 9 year olds. Fear of heights beware though! There are places that are straight drop offs, and when you get to the very top its got 360 views and it's a little dizzying! The trail on the way down goes quickly. We left in a bit of a hurry because we went for sunset and then didn't want to get stuck in the woods in the dark, but it went really quickly after the scramble. I would definitely recommend this hike!

Quintessential SNP hike!

This is my absolute favorite trail ANYWHERE! The 360 degree view is worth visiting over and over.

Nice trail with consistent challenging terrain. Not the best views along the way, but you’re rewarded in other ways such as having the trail to yourself. With Old Rag entry in the same area, it is a much less traveled trail. Enjoy!

Great hike. Steep and rocky

A fun and worthwhile scramble that leads to great views. It's a bit treacherous if you're not used to ridge-line rock climbs, but well worth the thrill. It's not too long and the payoff is spectacular!

Great trial and easy to add to others! Dogs ARE allowed here and there are a lot of them! People are stupid in letting them off leash because it’s gonna ruin it for the rest of us good dog people. This is also a fun trail run location.

great scramble, even when cloudy

We loved this trail as a family. Park, cross over the street, then take the trail up. Enjoy a rock scramble, then run right onto the AT to loop back around. Very short, but awesome!

Great rock scramble going up. Take the trail back down... Great view at the top.

Great Hike, nice waterfalls. Not too strenuous or muddy. The area between high and low falls is a little steep, but it’s not too bad. Plenty of spurs to go off the main trail and get up close to the water. Plenty of flat rocks to relax and have lunch on.

Got a late start because the road at the base was washed out so you have to go around to Skyline drive if it’s rained recently.

lots of walking and walking

2 months ago

fantastic hike. well marked. lots of side trail options. the fam and I tromped around for about 5 hours. while there were other hikers on the way, most of the day hikers hike along over to the falls then along the C&O Canal towpath. I've never seen so many old oak trees in one area before. really had a great hike.

beautiful view with moderate short hike.

2 months ago

This was a fun short hike. The scramble was really really fun to do. It would be a difficult hike if you have bad knees as you have to climb some semi large rocks to get to the 360 view of the park. We saw a baby snake during the hike. The view is amazing from the top.
Good preview for Old Rag.

Awesome hike! This was the first time I did a rock scramble and it was so much fun! I didn’t get the chance to go all the way to the top because there was a large rattlesnake which I was afraid to wake up, but it was still really fun!

Great hike! The rock scramble was lots of fun.

Decent Hike. The path is clear, and easy to follow. If you love waterfalls this trail is for you, but I found this hike to be pretty boring. There are several falls you hike to and past, but the time spent hiking between them gets to be redundant and not very challenging. The hike backup is slightly more difficult due to the incline, but again. Is not very entertaining.
Considering it rained yesterday, this was a good hike as the falls were raging, but on a clear day there are much more difficult, rewarding, and entertaining hikes to enjoy.

trail running
3 months ago

I was aiming for a 20K trail-running PR today. It’s been raining cats and dogs, pigs, and cows, all week. I wish I had taken that into account more.

Aside from the course being very poorly marked with virtually no blazes or markings, which is why I rate it 3 stars, there is no forewarning that the trail is in a flood area. As far as I know there were no prior flood warnings announced. Perhaps there were in Fairfax County and in Northern Virginia, or perhaps I missed the announcements up here in the Baltimore County area.

Howbeit, this literally turned out to be one of the worst days to run a 20K, period. I ran right into above knee-high flooding when I got to the Difficult Run portion of the course. See my recording — I took a photo of this disaster. I was actually going to continue running through the flood which went on for miles, but the flood height would not relent — knee high and below is probably okay but still a risk, but thigh high is not a good idea at all. One simple cannot see all the under water snakes, rats, and other biting creatures trying to survive after being swept away by flood waters. Also, one runs the risk of being swept away by ensuing rapids. It’s just not a good idea.

I had no choice but to take a detour out of the park altogether onto the closest nearby road. I still managed to get in 10 miles; so at least I got in some weekly mileage.

It was only after I finished that I found out that this trail is in a high-risk flood area, and there was a news announcement 3 days ago. Here’s the web link: https://www.nbcwashington.com/weather/stories/Rain-Continues-Flooding-a-Concern-in-Parts-of-the-Area-482769511.html

ADVANCED WARNING: If you plan to run this course and it has been raining, do yourself a favor and find out the conditions of the course before launching out. Maybe I’ll return to complete the course, but I will ensure the area is completely dry first. Ugghh!!!

Beautiful falls. Started at upper Whiteoak on Skyline Drive and hiked all the way down to lower Whiteoak. Like most trails in this park not clearly labeled, and easy to venture off onto other trails. If you do both sets of Whiteoak Canyon trails (upper & lower), give yourself time to hike back before dusk... tougher trek back. And it is about a 50 minute drive from the lower parking lot back up to the upper (Skyline) parking lot.

Wonderful forest walk. Very zen. Beautiful green forest carpet, not a lot of bushes. Terrain is on the easy side but it’s a totally enjoyable walk. Agree with another reviewer that it would be great for trail running. Easy to add additional loops for more distance (such as overlook trail).

3 months ago

Good hike! A lot of rocks to climb

3 months ago

This was absolutely beautiful and the views were amazing. It was overcast but so humid. A lot of rock steps- which had moss.

Quick fun hike

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