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17 hours ago

Great trail. Not too too difficult. The views from the top are excellent. Well worth the hike.

3 days ago

I like this hike. It’s less than two hours drive from Richmond. If you’re a strong hiker you can do it in a day (7-9 hours), it has vistas, climbs, streams, waterfalls, rock scrambles, App Trail hikers to say hi to, a little bit of everything. And then at the end you can drive an AT through hiker to down to Devil’s Backbone at the base of the hill in exchange for him buying you a beer :)

I would call it difficult not moderate though.

Decent hike. It can be 1.7 miles or 2.7 depending on wether you make it a loop down the Appalachian Trail. Otherwise, just walk up to the summit and back.

Good short moderate trail for leashed dogs and kids.

I’ll visit again.

4 days ago

Great views from the peak and got there after the last shuttle left to go down so it was not crowded. I enjoyed the steepness of the trail near the top, it gave it that earned feel to the hike. I had to wait a twice for does to move from the trail to keep going. Never had a deer pose for a picture from 6ft away. Next time through I hope to do round top on the other side

6 days ago

Beautiful Hike with a Waterfall and Mountain View

6 days ago

This is a great hike, with fantastic views on the second ridge. But not sure why this is marked as moderate—unless you break it into two days. For one day, it is difficult

Beautiful river and falls

Best swimming hole hike in Virginia. Lots of places to cool off in the water along this trail. Summer time favorite. I guess news has spread because its definitely become more crowded over the years.

10 days ago

Great hike! Short and sweet! Hard may be a stretch. It is steep in portions, but can easily be hiked if you’re in decent shape or hike any at all. It’s a safe hike, a little rocky in sections. The only possible danger is if you check out Buzzards Roost when you get to the top of the main trail. It offers good views and rock formations, if you climb on top of the rocks for a better view, be careful! Also don’t freak out when you hear birds whizzing past your head. I suggest going late in the evening to catch the sunset, it’s worth it and the hike down in the dark is not bad.

My wife and I Loved the views! Only a handful of people on trail, mostly had to ourselves. Easy to follow, big loop like is shown here will show you all the cool views.

Great hike! Heavily trafficked but the view at the top of the rocks make the trip on a crowded trail worth it.

Rewarding and intense quick hike. Awesome views anytime of the day. Have seen both the sunrise (in October) & the sunset (in April) here - both experiences invigorating. Would absolutely do it again and again.

This is not the best way to do this hike. The best way is to do a loop hike from Skyline Drive. Start at the Hawksbill Gap Parking area (Milepost 45.6) and start down the Cedar Run Trail to the Whiteoak-Cedar Run Link Trail and up the Whiteoak Canyon Trail until you reach the Whiteoak Canyon Fire Road. Follow the fire trail back to your car. You will see 2 waterfalls on the Cedar Run Trail and 6 waterfalls on the Whiteoak Canyon Trail. This is a 7.3 strenuous loop with 2794' elevation change.

15 days ago

Probably a little too ambitious for our first hike. The way down was tough on my knees. But the views were beautiful!

Great trail. Not a difficult hike to the falls since it’s downhill but the hike back up can be absolutely exhausting! I like the loop with Cedar Run for the full experience.

17 days ago

Views were spectacular and easy enough for kids. Straight uphill to get there but all downhill coming off the mountain and a good wide “road” if you park at the hatchery. Little spotty figuring out the best way to get up and down the rock but we all did fine and well worth the climb.

Great hike today with my 12 year old son. He wanted to hike to a waterfall and it didn’t disappoint. Wear boots in spring. Lots of mud. Years ago I used it as an access trail to the AT. It’s a great place to start a section hike.

Beautiful vistas - especially the very first after hiking over Bee Mountain. Just a bit more difficult than moderate with some rocky and steep areas. We hiked with a pup and it was tough on her paws. Also longer than 12 miles total (closer to 15). Made it an overnight backpacking trip and camped at Harper’s Creek. Harper’s creek was flowing (March 31/April1 weekend) with quite a few other backpackers camping at the site. Good times.

20 days ago

Nice family hike. Beautiful scenery of little Stoney Creek and the falls.

Great view! Hike was rocky but not difficult. Will definitely be going back once everything is green.

Great view from the rocks

A great hike with some awesome views. One of my favorite trails.

Difficult, but worth the awesome views.

23 days ago

Always a beautiful view of the falls whether it be summer or in the dead of winter when they are frozen. Sizable parking lot that stays full. If you’re looking to be alone with your thoughts and to enjoy nature, this trail is not for you. Heavily trafficked

Absolutely beautiful and stunning views. I would rate this hike moderate to difficult for the 40 something unconditioned hiker with bad knees. The trail was covered in snow and at times a sheet of ice and I am grateful I had a walking stick. I made it to the top and back with little issues. Slow and steady!!! The waterfall and the views from the top were completely awe inspiring. I was one of the last cars left in the parking lot. I saw deer and a black bear as I headed out

1 month ago

Did this on a sunny mid-March Sunday, with temperatures in the morning just above freezing and headed into the 60s by afternoon. The trail is strenuous -- and we did have to navigate some slick ice and snow on western side of the slope (in the winter shade). The clockwise loop includes some very steep ascents both early and late in the trail, but the views are very rewarding. The waterfalls on Mau-Har Trail are reminiscent of a mellower version of White Oak canyon -- but without the crowds. It's doable in a day if you're fit and hit the trail early, but you'll want lots of water and snacks. (We were on the trail for about 8 hours with breaks).

1 month ago


short hike, but uphill the entire way ... felt like much longer than 3 miles roundtrip because of how steep the trail is ... beautiful views at the top - completely worth the trek!

1 month ago

Great hike on a warm Sunday in March. Did it in a single day, took seven hours at a moderate pace. The distance came out as closer to 14 miles than 12. Still a lot of snow on the trail making it muddy on the AT going up to the ridges. Went counter-clockwise and enjoyed the water on the way down, but since most of the good views on the ridges are south and west facing, it meant the sun was in my face by the time I arrived at the ridges in the early afternoon. If you are a photographer, I would recommend going clockwise instead.

loved it!

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