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Quick hike to a neat waterfall


Indeed the best Waterfalls along Skyline Drive. Super crowded with hundreds of people on the trail during weekends. You will have better luck with parking if you go to the Big Meadows lot instead of the Falls lot along Skyline Drive. That way, you could hike the Story of the Forest too. This hike is a mile down to the 71 foot high Falls but it all up hill on the way back. You gotta climb 574 feet back up and the trail runs along a stream. There was many sections that were muddy so I do recommend hiking poles. There are sections with logs steps that create terraces to level things out but the trail is very steep and a long haul back up.

Sweet little hike. Great waterfalls. Although, being a non-frequent hiker, the climb was a bit tiresome(thanks for 600ft of elevation change).

nature trips
17 days ago

Trail is well marked and easy to follow. As others have said, the hardest part is the way back up. Lots of steps and incline most of the way up. Plenty of places to stop off and rest on the way back up. Many different views of the falls all the way down to the bottom. Plenty of cut ins to walk down to and take pictures of or feel the water throughout the different portions of the trail. A few small spots where it was muddy/slippery. Be mindful of this if it has rained recently. Plenty of older folks enjoying the trail as well if you are deterred by some of the reviews. Falls were flowing well with yellow trees above as a backdrop for picture takers

Great hike with plenty of waterfalls. Ended up starting at White Oak Canyon, then taking the left onto the fire dirt access road then another left onto Cedar Run Trail (by the Hawksbill Gap Parking lot). If you want to make it a much more difficult hike, ditch the White Oak trail at the first waterfall and rock climb up the river to the third falls. All together 9.5 miles.

21 days ago

Beautiful falls and creek! The trail can be a little slippery with the wrong footwear depending on how wet it is so be careful. It was a pretty easy hike, but very crowded when we went.

We went after a hurricane so we were the only ones there. The water was raging and I've never seen the falls so big! It was a easy to moderate hike and the trails were well maintained. My dog and I enjoyed some of the many swimming holes on the way up to the falls. It was beautiful!

Good trail. Can be a little tricky going downhill over wet rocks and timbers. Coming back up is no joke - got my heart rate up to jogging level. Really gorgeous cascade of little waterfalls near the bottom was worth it. Nice change from overlook views.

This Trail is definitely not meant for people that are out of shape. I do not think it is appropriate for children under the age of 4 and for people with walking disabilities.

Beautiful water fall. The trail is great and well kept of course. We hiked on 9/29/18 with gorgeous weather. It’s a backwards hike. So after the falls be prepared for a work out. I’m a fat hiker so I just take lots of breaks

Great view

Beautiful- well worth the elevation climb out

Easy hike on the way down - pretty much downhill all the way. The way back up is what makes it a moderate hike! Beautiful falls! Follows the creek throughout the hike!

Nice, easy trail. I got to see my first (up close) bear on this trail! It’s a great one to take kids on for a sensory hike. There aren’t any “views” (other than Mother Nature herself), but it’s still a nice one to do if you have some extra time at Shenandoah or if you just want to take it easy for a couple hours.

Definitely filler. No views.

Great waterfalls! Definitively need to watch your step, especially if wet. Not good for hikers with knee issues. Some of our group members hiked down the trail and then up the fire road. We all met at Fisherman’s gap overlook for lunch on the rock with an amazing view of the valley.

Hiked on 09/01/2018. Pouring down the rain which made for a fun challenging hike! It’s slippery when wet so tread carefully. Although there are two signs at the beginning of the hike saying no dogs permitted on this trail, it didn’t stop people from bringing them. Saw 3 on the round trip hike. Was crowded despite the rain so make sure you are prepared for lots of steps and shaded views. The creek was flowing the entire way so made great photo shots for my new Nikon. Recommend this place but go early or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds

Nice short hike but was there to photograph the waterfall. There can be big crowds at times.

Yes indeed the trek up is a doozy hike, but all worth it. It allows you to stop along the way and cool off by the waterfall creek.

2 months ago

Creek makes for great views the whole hike.

2 months ago

waterfall is pretty and provides good photo ops, but is very popular due to ease, short distance and of course, the waterfall. so popular that it becomes touristy and find lots of folks not accustomed to hiking, climbing down wet, steep rocks in flip flops or families with teenagers barefoot in the falls soaking wet posing for pictures, etc. regardless, go on a dry day as rocks can be very slippery.

2 months ago

Great short hike for families and young children. We've taken our kids here twice over two years - first year both in backpacks. This year our four year old hiked down and up on her own stream and our almost three year old hiked down herself and back up on my back. Most of the hike is next to the stream and there are a couple of gentle places for young kids to get in and get their feet wet. The bottom of the main falls has a nice pool which can be entered but I'd make sure an adult went with kids as the falls are right there and the rocks are slick. Bonus yesterday, we watched a barn owl perched about thirty feet away from us as he moved around over the course of fifteen minutes. Our kids love this hike.

This trail was definitely difficult for me, but I rested a bunch along the way and I was able to make it! Mind you, I’m not in the best of shape. I love this hike. I went right after a good rain and the falls were full and beautiful!

Well groomed trail. My wife and I encountered numerous people, young and old. Nice falls!

nice parking lot off the road. first half is down hill and it was little tricky for us due to wetness. reach to top of water fall in 30 min or less (we had 4 yr old and 9 yr old with us). water was powerful and amazing to see strong stream waterfall. hike back same road we walked down. we didn't came cross with black bear, but there was couple of berry trees were knocked out. overall good hike but not much to see other than water stream/fall at half way of this hike.

This was an AMAZING hike. The views were well worth the work. Remember, you go down then up. It was quite wet. Wear good footwear.

2 months ago

Gorgeous trail walking along a calming river.

2 months ago

We hiked the trail on August 15th. We found the trail to be very well marked and moderately busy. The trail is wide and accommodates traffic in both directions. We didn't notice any horses on trail or any evidence that they had been on the trail recently. The falls are beautiful and make for some nice pictures of our trip to share with others.

My husband and I did this trail on July 1 early in the morning and it was phenomenal. It had rained the week before, so the multiple falls had a nice flow. You travel along the river the whole time, with multiple chances to get down to the water, which is great on a hot day to cool off. The trail was slightly rocky and a bit steep, but nothing terribly challenging. If you’re lookin to add a bit more distance, you can keep walking along the river on the Rose River Loop Trail. Great short, photogenic hike!

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