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Nice hike on gravel road. the views we good, even on a cloudy, snowy day.

Closed due to government shutdown...

Beautiful and oh, so crowded because of it. Being able to walk behind the falls made me feel like I was back in Oregon. Right off the road. Sidewalks and some stairs, all the way to the falls, then there is a little gate where you can walk behind the falls.

7 days ago

Thursday 01/10/2019

Bald River Trail (also called Trail 88) begins to the left of the parking area which is left of a large waterfall visible by the road. The trail takes you to the top of the falls and continues on from there. It is easy to follow (but minimal signs and no blazes) and there are a few camping areas along the way. When you get to the sign with a map you’ll see two trails, the right takes you to a camping area and the left (heading up) is the trail.

There are a few minor water crossings and one more significant one that we reached about 1mi in. This one we did get a little wet at even while attempting to maneuver around it (SEE PHOTOS w/text labels). We only saw one other person while hiking this trail, everyone else was taking photos of the large waterfall from the road.

THIS TRAIL IS AMAZING and very easy (at least the half of it that we did). There are various water falls, a partial cave, rhododendron tunnels, neat rock formations, campsites, open areas, and steep areas. I would highly recommend this trail and would like to go back in the future. (I am an average or below average hiker who is also pregnant and was carrying a 14mo old.)

I believe most of these reviews are for the very short trail to the top, which is not the entirety of this trail. We hiked half-way in about 2.25mi in and back totaling roughly 4.5mi so my review is based off of that.

one of my favorite places

Great hike with a scenic reward!!!

This hike was beautiful, I recommend going here, Loved It

It was really nice!! Def good exercise and worth the view!!

Wow! Awesome hike to a sprawling bald. Low effort, high yield. Just be prepared for hoards of people at the top on a nice day. Fortunately there are off-shoots and other trails in the vicinity you can explore to get away from the crowds. Definitely would do again, and would plan a camping trip to see sunrise from there.


This place is one of my absolute favorite! I did an overnight backpacking trip here and the view was beyond breathtaking. My now fiancé also proposed here at sunset and it was so dreamy! The hike isn’t bad and only took 15 minutes to get to the top. I would recommend wearing boots as it can be a little muddy.

14 days ago

Foggy wet and chilly but beautiful. the road leads to science center which has secondary trail heads that lead into SMNP. Too wet and foggy for those until spring.

Gorgeous views

Went on a cloudy, rainy and windy day. Most would’ve stayed home but we went anyway - so glad we did. Although the fog and clouds obscured the long views. Being out in adverse conditions imparts the beauty of nature upon one in a unique way. So great to feel the winds whipping and appreciating the power of the earth. Btw - no crowds when bad weather - try it sometime.

Hiked on 12/29.

Terrain: Trail was rockier than expected. Combined with the trail conditions, this made for a technical hike. Elevation gain per mile is much milder than similar hikes, so it probably balances out.

Conditions: Wet. You cross creeks that feel like rivers (including a quite treacherous crossing at 1.9 miles) and there are several sections where the trail becomes a creek. After we made the final right turn to get on the ridge, we saw a significant amount of snow/ice. We didn't have microspikes and were fine, but it did make for slightly slow walking.

Views: Once you get on the ridge, there are amazing views.

Parking: Drive through the Boy Scout camp. There is designated parking for hikers at the far end of the camp. It feels like you are going to get on a government list somewhere, but if you keep going through the camp you will end up in the right spot.

20 days ago

Beautiful waterfall!!

Very much enjoyed the hike.

on Skinny Dip Falls

20 days ago

The falls are absolutely beautiful! I am an amateur hiker and did not think this trail was difficult. I went back with some friends who have never hiked before and it was fine for them also.

scenic driving
21 days ago

We drove the Cherohala Skyway to River Road. What a beautiful drive! It was a rainy day so the water was flowing pretty heavily. River road lead straight to Bald River falls. There's parking on the other side of the bridge. People were in the road taking pictures of the falls from the bridge. There's a small trail to the left of the parking area that you can take to the top of the falls. It's a short, easy hike. Dog friendly as well. Pictures uploaded.

Quick and easy one, no views because of the fog but the snow and icicles were beautiful.

21 days ago

Oh my gosh words can’t describe how beautiful it was the water was flowing amazing

December 27th hike around 12:00 noon.
We parked on the road not knowing about the upper parking lot and went in around the AT, I think.
Went up to the summit first, back down and then around the backside of the trail to the main parking lot.
We then walked back to our car down the road about 200 yards or more.

there was a bunch of snow and some ice, as well as crazy wind at the summit.
We loved this trail and can't wait to see it in the spring or summer.

27 days ago

Nice hike, not very difficult, interested in going back sometime.

27 days ago

Because it's off the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a very heavily trafficked trail. It gets so much traffic, in fact, that at some parts the surface of the trail is more than a foot lower than the surrounding ground. That means that there are some wet and muddy sections. The trail has a nice variety of environments, from the creek shore to mountain laurel forests. The section of the trail that leads up to Upper Falls has some steep climbs and you have to scramble over rocks and roots. But if this fat, old man can do it, so can you. Both the waterfalls are beautiful. Despite the name, there is no graveyard. The area got the name after a fire in 1925. All the charred stumps reminded people of gravestones.

This is an excellent, well-maintained trail with fantastic views. If you prefer a long, gradual climb and then a steep descent, go clockwise around the loop. If you prefer an initial steep climb and then a gradual descent, go counter clockwise. It's a very heavily trafficked trail, especially on the weekends, but the views make it worth fighting the crowds.

This trail offers one "or two" of the best views around. The trail itsself needs work.

Went on a rainy day, the wet conditions made the beginning more challenging; however, it was not crowded! Would definitely go again. Didn’t go the entire distance due to the river crossing.

Great trail, narrow at times, but very diverse in terrain. December visited.

1 month ago

A little steep, but great views at the top! Very well marked

My happy place!

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