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Fabulous views at the top, after a somewhat challenging rock climb at the end! On the difficult end of “moderate”.

10 hours ago

Loved this hike! a must do if you're in the area.
if you're using Google maps to get here, don't use buffalo mountain, as that will take you through a farmers property. use buffalo mountain parking lot instead. this lot can only fit about 10-15 cars. I went on a Wednesday at 3pm and it was empty. the drive up to here is a rocky road with a lock of potholes so I would suggest an SUV and to go slow because some of it is very narrow and cannot fit 2 cars.
the trail has about 4 switchbacks up the mountains. 2 miles each way. it's a gradual up. not too many rocks to climb over (and certainly not a rock scramble, contrary to another person's review). it was a moderate incline incline. it took us 30 min to get up.
views are gorgeous. it really is 360 degree views. they have a cute bench at the top for pictures
I think I'll bring a picnic for the top next time.

Down, down, down means a long hike back up. One nice view of the falls on the way down, then you can circle back to the trailhead. If you have time and energy to go all the way to the base of the falls, go for it - it’s beautiful, but it’s the hardest part of the trail - steep and rocky.

Only 1 mile each way when you park at the trailhead instead of the gravel road. There’s a parking lot there so don’t be shy about driving up. The trail is quick and rewards you with an almost-360 view.

There are some challenges clambering through the rocks on the way up, but it's worth it! Amazing views, plus I rounded a corner on the way down to find a bear digging at the foot of a tree! Absolutely loved this hike and can't wait to do it again!

1 day ago

A classic in this area year round. During colder months, you can see the old mining towns across the gorge. And of course it’s lovely during the summer. Easy if you’re in shape.

TIP: This isn’t a true “loop.” The lower and upper parking lots are probably about a quarter of a mile apart with no where to walk but the road. I try to park at the lower lot so that I can walk downhill at the end.

This is beautiful trail. It is a half day hike so plan to bring lunch and plenty of water. It was wooded and wet with lots of waterfalls and swimming holes. We stopped at one swimming hole to hang out and eat lunch. It was beautiful. The elevation does get steep close to the summit so prepare for a strenuous climb.

This hike is so much fun! You start by climbing up the mountain in a beautiful shaded area then once you get close to the summit the rock scramble starts. Keep in mind that the rock scramble is mostly bare so bring sunscreen. There are about three or four false summits before getting to old rag and the rock scrambling is pretty difficult. We brought 3 liters of water for two people and snacks which was just enough. Only do this hike if you are comfortable climbing lots of rocks because the scrambling is intense but again so much fun!!

I love taking this early in the morning when there aren’t many people and it’s not so hot. A great view to sit and enjoy morning coffee! It’s worth the climb!

Heavily traveled, iconic photo spot. Parking can be difficult. If you want an easier option, hike up the trail and down the fire road. I have done this on sunset hikes.

perfect for bringing small kids. we brought our 6 and 3 years old and they did well. It was no problem for the 6. the view is spectacular

Was there today, did the trail clockwise, it starts with a steep climb, had to take several breaks on my way to the summit, but it was ok, and the summit wasn’t that far. The rest of the trail was mostly downhill so it was pretty easy too. It took me around 2,5 hours or so. I expect the trail to be a little harder counter clockwise, will be doing it that way next time. Definitely can recommend it. The summit view is amazing!

Amazing hike! Easy climb and amazing views! We could spot some of the rafters down on the gorge.

First part was rough but once you get to the ridge line it’s really easy and beautiful.

Nice trail. Mostly shaded, lots of elevation changes, plus nice views.

Great hike! We went up the White Oak Canyon trail and took the horse trail across to Cedar Run trail. Saw some small wildlife: birds, squirrels, snakes, and a skink. We also got to see a small bear cub at the top by Skyline Drive. Coming down Cedar Run trail was a little difficult, the trail was washed out in places and terrain was rough near the rock slide into a water hole. Very refreshing to jump in the water and cool off!

This is a HARD trail, I hike a lot and this trail is not for the part timer. Almost uphill the entire way, first 1.5 Miles very easy gravel then the accent begins, pretty well marked but if you get to the Channels it’s easy to get turned around.
We found 2 kinda private overlooks and actually took a few naked pics for fun lol.
Well worth it but for sure hard.

We got out by 7am to beat the crowd. Great hike but kinda did it in reverse taking the fire trail up and came back all the way on the AT. The view is worth the hike which I rate as moderate, not hard. Amazing view!

Great view at summit and rewarding for a short hike. Fair amount of traffic.

i adore this hike! my favorite part is the rock scrambles at the top! definitely allow yourself some time to play when you get up there! beautiful all year round! (where shoes appropriate for steep hikes -ankle support- and good grips for the rock climbing, maybe gloves too if your hands are sensitive) *if you start the hike later in the day bring a flashlight just in case!*

4 days ago

Awesome trail. Absolutely stunning views. Very fun for children. Cost was $3 to park. Zen rock sculptures along the way that was really neat. Cave for kids to climb through. Beautiful vista at the top after uphill trek.

I enjoy this trail very much. i have hiked there and camped there. great overlooks

Easy hike with an excellent view. Saw two bears.

It was awesome view up there. trail was not that hard. you can finish in around 4 hours if you are doing hiking once in a month or 2.

Hike is pretty exhausting but my 6 y/o actually did it. Surprised me that I never had to carry her. Don’t expect any amazing views at the summit. It’s just a big rock surrounded by a bunch of trees. Seen several horses on our way back down and actually walked out on the Virginia Horse Trail part which actually seemed easier. Overall good hike but was sore.

Did the original trail this past Saturday. Good trail. Not very long and good elevation gain. Trail was very busy with hikers because of the great weather.

6 days ago

I tried hiking this trail last Saturday morning. A tree had fallen across the road so I wasn’t able to access the parking lot. Tried hiking later in the day and between the sun, heat and me being tired of hiking multiple other trails. I was unable to complete. Will try again another time.

Hiked this past Saturday morning. Great hike. Was able to see more this time. Hiked in January 2016 and the trail was fog covered the entire time.

This is my absolute favorite trail ANYWHERE! The 360 degree view is worth visiting over and over.

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