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Good, moderate trail. Wide pathways with small, loose rocks. Go early in the morning (before 9am) to avoid crowds. The views at the top are nothing short of stunning. Can get windy though, so be careful. Would do this again. Took some smaller, offshoot trails for even more views.

Nice trail. Lots of stairs in the beginning but after the stairs it’s not too bad. We’re not in the best shape but we’re able to handle it just fine but it was tough. Saw a variety of people (kids, elders, runners) so it’s really not that hard of a trail.

Views at the top were very nice as were views of the falls on the way up. We went on a day it was a little rainy and it was a little slippery (wet rocks and wet leaves) but very doable even if the weather isn’t ideal.

It’s an out and back and my Fitbit clocked in just over 4 miles for the whole thing so I don’t think the distance is accurate on here.

Bring $3 for parking and ladies bring toilet paper if you plan on using the restrooms at the parking lot.

A little steep at times, but totally worth it! The view and the wind take your breath away! Beautiful leisurely hike back downhill to the car. Highest point in the park!

There had been lots of rain and the falls were fantastic. Glad we had our hiking poles for stability on the wet rocks and leaves.

Beautiful hike but we couldn’t make it to the falls as the trail was washed away and required cliff scaling. With 3 young kids and a dog it was impossible. Hope it gets fixed!

12 days ago

It’s tough but the view is worth it!

Great, quick hike!!

Hiked this trail this past July. It was a well maintained trail and a good workout! It gets you sweating and feeling good. It is steep but nothing crazy. Pack snacks and bring plenty of water to enjoy the view at the top!

This trail was very easy and didn’t take but maybe an hour to complete. The top was amazing but be prepared to share it with tons of other people because it’s a popular hike!

Love the hike up to the top and the view was magnificent!!!

This is a great “developed hike”. The trail is maintained , with wooden lookouts over the falls to keep visitors safe. Great trail for kids if they will listen and stay where instructed. The lower portion is accessible and when it isn’t too wet wheelchairs can even get access. Hmm. Go during an off season and avoid the crowds. We’ve done it while it was snowing lightly and were nearly alone.

The map is wrong for this one. From the blue ridge pkwy mile post 45 (give it take a mile or two) where it crosses over Rt60, Lexington Tpke. Panther falls rd begins there, and the trail head is about a mile on the left, there’s a sign. It’s a very short “hike” with almost zero elevation gain. There are two camp sites before the falls. Carrying stuff from the car is about 200yds

An ABSOLUTE MUST. Awesome trail, and a lot of fun! If you don't hike the loop there's a side trail to the right (when looking up) you can walk back down, it's extremely steep though. The view is well-worth it. Bring lots of water, and a couple snacks. This is a day hike if you're planning to climb to the top.

Fun hike, view of the falls is ok

20 days ago

Very nice hike. The falls are beautiful. I love how the trail brings you back to the falls at several different levels.

This trail is awesome! And the view from the marble yard is insane! But be warned it is extremely strenuous, I honestly have no idea how people bring children on this trail. The trail is very rocky and at times extremely steep. Not easy on the knees, but if you can take it, the views are totally worth it.

21 days ago

Very nice trail!! the scene when you got to the top was amazing! would do it again!

Yeah the map recording above is definitely not the trail. Spent an extra hour and a half cuz of it. And it’s further misleading because google maps indicated it’s here too but it’s definitely not. If you are driving from Burma Vista, the actual trail head is is right off the main Panther Falls forest road a few miles before where noted above and there is a clearly marked large Forest Ranger sign noting you are at Panther Falls trailhead. There is parking for about 5 cars. The route above though does lead through a cool place to camp and down to the creek.

24 days ago

Good workout! Pretty steep uphill at parts. Our dog was worn out. Great views of the waterfall, and an amazing view of the mountains at the top made it worth it!

28 days ago

very short and easy trail gradual incline nothing too serious, was alot easier than the lower hawksbill loop trail, we started up this trail summited and then did the loop and summited a second time was about 5 miles or so total, I reccommend the loop trail if youre looking for a harder hike. it was very windy and a tad chilly at the summit could see some frost and a few snowflakes on the ground

28 days ago

hike report: https://travel2walk.com/2018/10/23/virginia-hikes-terrapin-mountain-reed-creek-loop-october-21-2018/

very nice trail, my fiancee and I never got wet, always managed to find rocks to cross the stream. I remember the trail was not always clearly indicated but we managed to get to the falls, very nice view, would do it again!

Viewpoint of townside of valley ok. Very short easy hike

This trail was amazing, and the rock scramble was a blast! It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it’s no walk in the park. The trail hugs the side of the rock scramble tightly and is pretty narrow and steep with lots of loose rocks. I will definitely be taking more trips out that way to spend more time. The scenery was beautiful.

Great hike! My bride and I parked at the end of the Terrapin Mountain road to start our hike. Very strenuous for for first three plus miles because it is all uphill. Our hike was complicated by multiple downed trees on the initial uphill trek and backside (and much easier side) of the trail. Lots of debris. We agree that it seemed much longer than 9.3 miles (we hiked for seven hours which included getting over and through the downed trees and navigating across the beautiful Reed Creek and other streams); there was lots of water when we hiked so be prepared to have wet boots when you traverse Reed Creek in a couple of places. Beautiful views (especially near the summit) and a gorgeous waterfall (on the easier back side of the hike). If you want an easier hike with the waterfall and access to the Reed Creek from the Terrapin Road trailhead, turn left at the trailmarker. The trail should be marked better and more often (markers don’t often face the hiker, so we had to look for them on the other side of the trees and when we had to traverse the full Reed Creek). Paper map would be helpful as phones don’t always have reception, so you can’t use your map apps.

Excellent and higher end of moderate for those hiking with kids.

1 month ago

Great hike! Unfortunately very foggy yesterday at the top but still an excellent trail. Well maintained and not too difficult. Dog loved it, he’s still asleep. Went up the right side and down the other. Based on my experience, it would be a slightly easier hike going up the left side. Definitely going to do this one again.

1 month ago

This is the second time we have done this hike and it is amazing. A year and a half ago there was still much burn evidence. Today it was much recovered. We hike it clockwise and find that to be best and the easiest part is at the end. The woods are just beautiful, having a mystical quality. The summit is about midway through the hike. Last time we were rewarded with the most stunning views we have seen on a hike. Today, the summit was in a cloud and we could see no views. Even so, it was a perfect day for a hike and all the rain this year added waterfalls and rushing water to the creek toward the end. Last time we took our dog and that was great, too.

on Panther Falls

1 month ago

Not sure who logged the trail but both the starting point and trail are completely off. You have to drive about a mile further to an actual starting point and then it’s just easy to follow down to the falls. It’s rather small so it can get crowded. The drive was more fun than the bike.

wanted to hike in to Wallace Peak from Scotchtown Draft Rd and then return. the first two miles the trail was in good condition at two miles we went through some pricker bushes on the trail but it was just a nuisance. once we hit three miles we entered some serious brambles that got worse and worse. After fighting through them for a quarter mile we gave up when they looked to continue along the ridge top. Judging by how bad they were I would say it has been awhile since anyone traversed this end of the trail. If the brambles were cut back it would have been a nice quiet hike.

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