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21 hours ago

Its a short trip, but well worth it. Didn't think the hike down was as intense as everyone made it sound. It is steep, but if you have good shoes or boots, it's no problem. If you end up walking in the water, have good should since slim is on many of the rocks.

it's a fun trip and here is a video of our trip if you like to see how worth it it is.


Absolutely beautiful view at the end! Trail is uphill on the way back as well, but nothing too strenuous! We were lucky enough to see a pair of Peregrine falcons as well while up there. Great place to pack a snack and sit on the rocks while enjoying the scenery.

3 days ago

Cliff jumping!

on Blue Hole Falls

4 days ago

have been here a lot of times over the years. Like to go at different ti.es of the year. Really pretry in the winter with ice on and around. The hike itself is real easy except for the far apart steps make it a little harder on people with short legs. Cold water but real nice to swim in when it is hot out

nature trips
6 days ago

Stay on the trail. If you come to a widened trail used by a four wheeler..you passsed the turn right. Just follow the map on this app and your good! Awesome scene at the end

Wonderful hike and place to sit and relax. Because it had been so rainy the days before, water volume was way up and we had the place to ourselves.

nature trips
7 days ago

The trail was very steep, but very short. There are lots of roots and rocks, so this may not be great if you don’t have good balance. The water was icy, but very pretty. Great views and opportunities to climb around on the rocks.

Super steep trail down and back up completely worth it

12 days ago

Loved this hike! It's all uphill switchbacks to the summit, but it's gradual enough to enjoy for two miles. The mile markers every quarter mile are a nice reminder of your progress! The trail is well-maintained and shaded in trees until the last quarter mile or so, at that point it opens up, gets a bit overgrown, and the bugs showed up. You can hang out at the North or South summit viewpoints once you reach the top. They're close enough that you should definitely see both, but I think the North is a more impressive view to take in. We actually enjoyed the view and weather from the 1-mile marker perhaps better than the top - it was shaded, no bugs, and had a nice breeze. Certainly worth the trip regardless of your preference for a 2 or 4-mile roundtrip hike!

14 days ago

Perfect hike for days when the mountains are covered in fog. The cool mist made for a comfortable but beautiful experience. Trail difficulty is more moderate than hard, but downed trees, erosion, and a destroyed bridge do make for rough terrain. The cascades and Glen Burney waterfall were absolutely beautiful, the Glen Marie waterfall was just alright by comparison. My wife and I did just fine with our 9 mo. daughter on my back (lots of ducking and squeezing under branches though).

Short hike but has some steep uphill incline. Beautiful falls and area to hang out.

Well maintained trail! Gradual uphill incline makes it a pretty easy hike. Beautiful views at the top. No tree coverage so very hot in the summer.

15 days ago

I'm not sure that I would rate this trail as hard, but it there are a lot of roots and rocks. It's literally straight down to the Cascades, Glen Burney and Glen Marie falls views, then, of course, straight back up to the trail head. The only reason I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is due to the bridge outage, which causes you to (very carefully) have to cross the river through some pretty active water. There are also a couple of spots where the trail has given way on the right, leaving a pretty narrow passage. All in all, this hike is worth doing!

Moderate but short hike. Get to see some nice rock features and water falls. Very fun to explore through the rocks and find new spots.

Well worth the hike up the mountain to see these pretty falls and nice swimming hole

Hard but worth it!

Very dog friendly and great views!

20 days ago

About 4 miles r/t. Beautifully maintained and well-marked. A couple of 40-somethings and their 6 yr. old dog did just fine. We were huffin' a bit going up, but the view is absolutely worth it!s

20 days ago

Excellent rock stacking opportunities, truly a hidden gem.

21 days ago

This is a moderately strenuous, very well-maintained trail with fantastic views at both the 1-mile mark and at the summit (North and South views). This a great trail for some cardio and miles, but not technical or overly long. The mile markers are new and the trail is clearly marked with blue diamonds. I was impressed by the lack of litter along the trail. As an aside, the Ranger was extremely nice and gave us lots of helpful information about the park. This is the first time we've hiked this trail, but will definitely be back!

Beautiful hike down to the falls. Most of the hike is moderate, but the trail down to the falls is long and steep. Stone stairs are helpful, but can be slippery if wet. Falls were awesome. Well worth the trek down.

Extremely short walk to the falls, but very steep stairs going down. Plenty of great fall photo opportunities.

Great short hike. Lots to see and gets heart pumping on way back out.

Perfect hike to get the heart pumping!

Little piece of heaven

Nice trail, good distance for some exercise without being long. Mostly gravel so fairly easy to avoid muddy or wet spots, although there are some. Waterfall is beautiful. Beware yellow jackets in warm months. We saw a lot of them and someone in our group stepped on a nest and the sting was not fun. A couple of somewhat steep parts but nothing too difficult. My kids enjoyed it.

23 days ago

A steep decent and a rigorous climb up but well worth it. Amazing waterfalls, a whole lot of fun.

Although extremely beautiful, this trail is quite popular. Lightly trafficked is not accurate.

23 days ago

Excellent hiking trail when it's dry. Be careful if it has rained recently. One of the most beautiful falls we've seen in the area.

24 days ago

This hike is very steep. Like when I read it was steep it doesn’t compare. I had Bambi legs the whole time. It is awesome at the falls and jumping off is exhilarating. But jump at your own risk!! I would do it again, but not anytime soon.

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