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on Heart Rock Trail

1 hour ago

Amazing place ❤️

The owner said that access to the springs via his property is permanently closed. This may change subject to his whims, but steer clear unless you want a serious chewing out. Owner referenced the number of people that come unprepared and the "daily" rescues. The road in and out was dicey after the recent rains. Who knows if it's actually closed or if he just decided to close it for the day, either way, the owner was very rude.

4 days ago

Easy, fun and beautiful. I’ll go back in a Heartbeat ❤️

Third time doing this trail on a stunning 48 degree day. Hard enough to keep you warm and cool enough to stop and lounge on a few of the big boulders. Amazing 360 degree views from the top.

Update to those coming through Bowen Ranch. The owner no longer allows camping at his property and is very strict on entry and exit for day hikes. The hours are 7am - 5pm and he wants people out before dark or he charges an extra $10 per person. He will not let anyone in during rainy days. The road is already washed out from recent rains.

Unfortunately the popularity of this place due to Instagram, travel blogs and hiking apps like AllTrails have led to an unprecedented number of people illegally camping at the springs, leaving lots of garbage and getting lost requiring the sheriff to search and rescue many people via helicopter. A man died at the springs this past august because he was jumping from rocks into shallow water while trying to get GoPro footage of himself. The other road by his property is only for offroading vehicles and many have gotten stuck there, please don’t. Finally do not go to the springs if you are not comfortable with nudity!

Easy quick hike. Stayed awhile taking pics. Towards the end u have to go to the right and the heart rock is at the bottom.

9 days ago

Such a beautiful and easy hike!!!!

Really easy walk, I wouldn’t consider this a hike.
Well maintained and really pretty views from the top of the hill.
Just a bit of dog poop on the trail. Please pick up after your dogs guys.

great place

Love it

Hiked on foot, it begin at the end of the neighborhood of Palm Ave and you can park right on side of the street for free (if you’re not taking your vehicle up). 17.5mile trail. I went up 2.5 miles, only seen one car coming down other than that empty. Beautiful scenic views of the mountains, hills and city below!!! That was only 2.5 miles then I went back down the same way I came up, only took about 2 hours and 15min. 100% worth it. Gets steep at some point but nothing to be worried about if you’re relatively healthy. Wear good shes because it’s mainly gravel, will be stepping on lots of rocks (can you tell I’m new to hiking

off road driving
14 days ago

Sunday 11/25. Trail was in good repair. Not quite wide enough for a Full Size Bronco at some points. Luckily it’s not a new paint job. Trail had some amazing views of the valley below. Easy rating is correct. There were a few off shoots that allowed me to flex the Bronco a bit @ Momentum Pt. Enjoyed the run. Followed 2N49 out to Cleghorn Rd. by Silverwood Lake.

Great hike

16 days ago

We took our 4 year old and it was an easy hike for all of us. Went on black friday. Crowd was average and we did not have any problems finding parking. The creek has very less water at this time of the year, so there was no waterfall near the heart rock. Nevertheless, a beautiful hike through the forest. The heart rock itself is fascinating to view. Would love to go again in spring.

16 days ago

Very good workout for beginners

My favorite trail. Relatively easy hike through the desert to beautiful hot springs. Any car can handle the “off roading”- drive slow. Must see

Overall easy trail with some great views. easy terrain just horrible trail rash, so if you dont want your vehicle to get scratched dont use this trail. Also I tried taking 2N45 to exit to the 138 and had to turn back, I know it turns into a black diamond rd after the fork with the 2N59 but I had to turn back because it was overgrown with brush and tree branches it looks like that part of it is not used anymore. So make sure that you take the 2N59 when you get to the fork. I started at palm st and ended at the 138 just south of the lake.

Do not leave anything in your car. My car was broken into there. Someone busted out my back window. Pretty scary, especially since this is a busy trail and people always coming and going, and your car is parked among so many other cars, with many people around.

off road driving
23 days ago

Went night riding in my 98 zj. No fun offshoots. Trail options to finish south of silverwood lake

Well maintained trail. It definitely falls under moderate.

Pretty trail, well marked plenty of shade. But, uphill all the way. Seems like the rating should be moderate to hard. Not crowded only saw a few other hikers. If you want a workout than this is a good trail.

Dislike. No shade. Lots of graffiti and trash.

30 days ago

Saw a few squirrels. Many people fishing. Be sure to pay the parking fee of $10. Good walk

Great trail we went with our 2.5 yo that was able to do the bulk of the trail and we we're able to carry her the rest of the way.

11/6/18 Drove to the trail head in a Ford Focus st. Take your time and a small vehicle does just fine with no scraping what so ever. Beautiful views at the hot spring but be advised there will be nudists at certain points. The hike out is all up hill making it more challenging on the way back. Pretty decent work out. I will return to hike again.

on Blue Ridge Trail

1 month ago

Started this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. Had the trial to myself the whole way up. Nice elevation gains and a few switchback. There is a bench that marks the halfway point.

you can't really go up the trail with the regular car at least not with a 4 by 4. I recommend you come with either a dune buggy or a 4 by 4 truck.

Rocky trail; beware of taking children. Absolutely beautiful and fantastic. A must see

1 month ago

Really nice hike! Had a great time. Please watch out for snakes. We found two on our trail.

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