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Pretty moderate. Went in December and was pretty muddy in places, would recommend hiking boots.

Easy trail to access, Nice views of area, fairly dry trail and not too muddy

Pretty steep for the last half. Definitely a “destination is the journey” kind of hike, as the views from the summit are a bit mediocre. The forest views on the way up are great though!

really beautiful views

1 month ago

really awesome hike. lots of uphill

Question : its a good idea walk this trail in december?

WARNING: Do not set foot on the Rabbity trail along the water. It's a treacherous and INCREDIBLY difficult path. No fun at all. Not only is it difficult to follow the trail, but the constant up and down will wear you down. It's not maintained anymore either.

Laura, it's still pretty steep, mostly 15% grade, I think, rocky. You see some fairly old folks, but you gotta be on the in shape side, the hill starts less than halfway in

What a gorgeous area to hike. Pack a lunch and enjoy one of the many scenic spots to sit, look at the gorgeous ocean and enjoy the quiet .

Excellent view from the trestle! Pretty steep trail, but worth it(:

Very pretty views of the fjords. Forested cover was lovely. Clearly marked trail. Highly recommend.

2 months ago

The last quarter is basically steep rock. Be prepared for a workout the last little bit. Pretty well maintained and marked. Make sure to have water and talk safety with kids. Young children aren't recommended for the last bit of the climb but it is doable.

Nice walk to the beach with optional detour to Sitting Lady Falls (worth it). Our three year old managed this trail easily on foot but we struggled a bit with the stroller (despite it being a three-wheel) so would recommend a backpack for transporting babies.

East walk to ocean down hill then Cascade trail up very steep. Good thing only .6 of a km. Well groomed. Timberline back to parking lot a welcome easy hike to the car. Would do the reverse next time.

A great trail. Some nice up and down, well travelled and beautiful. A good little hike for the whole family. Lots of little sit down spots or lookout points. Take you time and enjoy Dean Park

This trek has been with no doubts one of the highlights of the holidays. Amazing views close to the sea, nice forest and great beaches. We even saw a few seals and sea lions!!

Worth the hike! Gorgeous views.

Good views and a nice loop.

4 months ago

One of my favorite locations.

4 months ago

AMAZING! Great workout and views!

4 months ago

I started the hike from the Westin. I really enjoyed the hike, however I feel it’s important to mention that in many parts of this hike you are scrambling over rocks. Using your hands to climb. I didn’t expect that, and it’s steep at some points. Be prepared to get dirty. Really enjoyed the workout and the view from the summit.

4 months ago

The trail head is easy to find. It leaves from parking lot, and as you pull into the lot the trail head is on your left. Great workout. Hour up to the summit, and an hour getting down. I thought it was more like 2 miles to the summit from the parking lot. Peaceful, but enough traffic that I didn’t feel unsafe. The trail is well marked, and a nice view from the top. Shaded almost the way.

Beautiful walk, mostly along the side of the ridge. Not difficult - even brought my blind little dog on a short leash.

Not Easy, loose dirt and rocks in places

5 months ago

A bit more then 12 k but the view is nice at the end

Beautiful trail. Stunning arbutus. I found sections of the trail aren't really run-able: either too steep or loose gravel and steep or too rocky and steep. But the climbs keep you're heart working and the views are lovely. Saw clear to Mt Baker today.

Beautiful beach

Loved it!

5 months ago

Great hike through forest. A lot of up and down where hiking poles are a great help. Carry water for your dog as few creeks.

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