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November 2016

3 days ago

This is a pretty easy hike along the forest for about the first half as it runs along a really nice brook. When you come to the rocky steps it’s very steep (not dog friendly) and remains that way all the way to the top. Views were a little limited today because of incoming rain.

Poorly marked trail. Got to what we thought was the lookout and saw nothing remarkable, so I too, am guessing we didn’t actually get to the right spot.

I know people say they have missed the turnout for Prospect rock. Once you reach the white LT hashes you are there. Directly across from where the LT heads north.

one of the high peaks in VT, she is magnificent

Fantastic trail! The gorgeous views at the top are a great reward after the long hike. Today, in early August, parts of the trail closer to the summit were very muddy, so choose footwear wisely. For most of the hike, our bug repellant was adequate in keeping bugs at bay, but we stopped under a ski lift at the top and were driven away by intense swarms of gnats. Our senior dog joined us on the hike and all terrain was manageable for her. She loved the frequent crossing brook that she could wade in and drink from. The same brook runs alongside the start of the trail and features picturesque small waterfalls.

Slightly steep walk up an old road to the look out. We almost missed the sign for Prospect Rock, so be on the look out for it once the trail flattens out a bit.

Nice short hike with some elevation gain. Make sure you see the sign on the trail on the right to the prospect rock otherwise you might miss it.

great view once you get to the to the look out. fairly straight forward trail

Challenging, but doable. The view from the summit is worth it!

This was a nice, moderate, hike, however, when we went in late May, the flies were TERRIBLE. Do not go here without bug spray. About the hike: there is a brook running through, you see some small waterfalls, the hiking is not very steep, except near the top, and it smells like Christmas trees! The sign at the trailhead suggests 4 hours. Due to being eaten alive by flies the whole time, we did not stop for any breaks, and we were up and down in about 3 hours. I wish we would have brought bug spray and would have been able to enjoy it a little more by going more slowly and taking breaks. The view at the top of the fire tower is awesome. It was cold and windy up there, but there were no flies!

Sentier assez pénible au début, une route en pierre qui ne cesse pas de monter. De Plus le chemin à prendre était très flou, nous ne somme pas sur d'être aller au bon endroit ou si le sentier continuait. Nous avons croiser d'autres randonneurs aussi perdu que nous.

No indication whatsoever... we met a couple of hikers who told us they missed the entrance of the trail (where it leaves the boring sand road). So we went right as soon as we could. We reached a viewpoint that was ok but maybe not worth the climb. We did not see what we were supposed to see, so I guess we didn’t take the right trail !

3 months ago

Great hike very pretty view but with many gnats. Amazing time.

4 months ago

Nice quick hike. make sure to look up at about 1.6 mils so you see the sign for Prospect rock to the right. Beautiful view from the top!

Tougher than I expected given the wet snow, well worth it for the view from the top of the fire tower!

Not a hard hike just not well marked.

Not to steep of an incline going up. Very clean trail, but it was not very well marked. Once you find prospect rock its beautiful definitely a hidden gem. Needs more trail markers for where the actual rock area is. Otherwise, it was a nice hike, we even went further and found Lye Forest.

I was hesitant to hike this in the snow, and didn't quite make the summit due to bad timing on our part, but I'm so glad we did it. The frozen terrain would have been impossible to pass without crampons, but the hike itself is so rewarding. There's a small cemetary at the trail head parking lot you can walk through. Next time I'd like to do the full loop to the summit via Monroe and head down via the Dean/Long Trail. My review of 4 starts is only due to an incomplete hike that day.


9 months ago

Great easy hike for an early Saturday morning with a stellar view as the payoff. Had Prospect rock all to myself for 40 minutes...very grateful

9 months ago

I'm more bruise than person at this point because the trail is so icy and pretty much unused! There's a good inch or so of both ice and snow along the entire trail, more so once you start getting to the steep bits. I definitely recommend shoes with grip and warm gear!

10 months ago

This was a nice easy trail on the last leg of a 2 night backpacking trip starting at Stratton mountain trail.
Still foliage this late in season. Could easily see where most of the wild flowers would have been. Nice stream crossings.

Did this while baby wearing my 6 month old son and it was the perfect workout !

Great hike! Took us about 3.5 with a few stops to pet dogs and climb the watch tower. Great workout and moderate hike!

10 months ago

It's a rather boring hike up. You are pretty much walking on a dirt road. Road is very rocky and steep. There is a small waterfall at the beginning other then that pretty uneventful until to reach Prospect Rock. The view from there was very nice. Ok hike if your looking to kill some time.

Great Hike, not too difficult and very enjoyable! Very windy at the top of the tower but 360 views are great! We had lunch on the grass underneath the chair lift, again great views and very quiet!

11 months ago

It seemed like the never ending trail! I loved the view of Pinnacle at the top. Be sure to be prepared to scale some large and jagged rocks the closer to the top you get

Loved it! The view was absolutely amazing! The passing by views were the same. Passed by a babbling Brooke. Would not recommend this trail for small children or dogs because of the steep heights. Make sure you bring flashlights in case you get caught in the dark. Took a partner and I around six hours to finish this track while taking breaks and looking at the views. Overall wonderful!

Not too strenuous. Short hike to good views.

The first two miles meander uphill with a good mix of flats and climbs. There are two small outlooks before you reach the main summit. The final mile is the hardest on the way up with the steepest sections and is thus the hardest part of the way down. The views from the top of the fire tower are great. For those not comfortable climbing the tower I suggest taking the short spur to the Mt. Road and taking a left to climb up to the ski lift overlook down towards town. I would not recommend this trail for dogs or young kids. Know your ability as it's essentially all uphill.

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