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11 hours ago

Beautiful easy hike today with my 4 year old and 8 year old. The climb to the top was the only challenging part of this hike, but was relatively short and the views at the top were amazing.

NOT 2.9 miles. More like a 5 minute stroll from the parking lot and then BAM ... you’re in a pristine medieval forest that looks like a movie set. The falls are splendid, but make sure you enjoy them from above as well as below. From the top, the dangerous and gorgeous views of the slot canyon below are a must see. Who knew this was just off the highway? Now you know. Put it on your short list of things to see in the Stowe area.

Nice hike. The rock backdrop on the falls is beautiful!

6 days ago

Beautiful view, nicely maintained trail, kid friendly and high foot traffic. Wish it was a little less busy but it was a VT summer day, can’t expect to have the trail to ourselves. Was a great hike with the kiddo.

Definitely my new favorite approach to Mansfield. We did Sunset Ridge as our approach to Mount Mansfield, which stayed in the alpine zone for more than half the way up. We were able to see wonderful views of the Green Mountains on the way up including Camels Hump in the distance. The summit of Mansfield had wonderful views into Smugglers Notch and the Northern Green Mountains. We decided to take Subway and Canyons Trail to Hallway House rather than Long Trail. This brought us through epic caves an glacial features. Half Way House was very steep, definitely not meant for downhill hiking. All in all great hike.

Great waterfall and short hike. Water was crystal clear and the perfect temperature to cool down in July.

on Mount Pisgah Trail

8 days ago

Beautiful view ! The leaves were colourful, and the lake was blue turquoise. Not too challenging, just enough if you don't stop! Would recommend

Beautiful place to explore. Be sure to walk past main viewing area to find away across to the other side for more spectacular views and less people. You can find your way into the water for a swim and natural whirlpool.

Great little hike. We were checking it out for hiking with friends that don’t hike. This is an easy one with beautiful falls. We started out around 7 AM and had the trail to ourselves. Also went past the falls for another 3/4 of a mile just for the exercise. Nice trails with a couple steep spots that can get the heart rate up.

This trail is very easy as you can drive most of the way durring the summer time. This trail would be excellent for young kids ( perhaps 4 and up)

Great hike did this with the entire family
From 68 years old to 17 years old
Great fun !

14 days ago

Some narrow points along the path, as well as some very steep ones. People who have trouble with heights may not enjoy the final part actually by the falls as it's narrow and very steep at some parts.

Really enjoyed this hike....waterfall very well worth the climb getting there. Climb was steady and never too difficult. Great 2-3 hr hike.

17 days ago

My wife and I and 2 small kids (age 2 and 4) did this hike summer 2018. A few steep passes, kids were in carriers for a good amount of hike. We took 5 hours, but stopped at the falls to play in the pools for 30 mins (parents-advise water shoes) and as well as other very slow trekking due to small kids. Beautiful falls, a lot of fun, tree covered 95% of the way in July made for cool hike despite 90 degree weather.

Great hike with amazing views!!

Well maintained, well trodden. Went on a week day encounter six sets of folks during the trip. Great views of the Green Mnts and Adirondack’s (w labeled signage). Some fences to keep idiots and children from falling off the overlooks.

Not a very scenic hike down but the view at the base of the gorge is very nice. Be very careful down there due to fast currents and the dam upstream can let out water with no warning. Very tiring hike up, nothing special.

24 days ago

vue magnifique au sommet....vraiment une belle randonnée

24 days ago

Great hike! Once you have reached the sign that says “Mt Pisgah elevation 2751“ continue down a few hundred feet to the lookout of Willougby Lake its spectacular!

My favorite hike in Vermont! Similar to the West Loop Camel’s Hump hike, but with heartbreakingly beautiful views of the Champlain Valley throughout the top half of the hike, and gorgeous views of the White Mountains to the east once you attain the summit.

25 days ago

This is not 2.9 miles.... half mile round trip maybe a tad more. Nice view of falls.

Quick to the summit if you drive up the top of the road. Steep but stair like boulders lead the way. Worth the short hike if you find yourself near. Would like to visit fall and winter

Easy. Nice waterfalls. . There is a beaver dam on the left when you first start walking. You can see tree stumps with teeth marks.

Excellent hike but it was really hard!

Short but sweet! Breathtaking waterfall at the end of an easy and short easy to follow trail.

1 month ago

Theses waterfalls are amazingly beautiful.
But once you’ve reach the top, it seemed to us the trail was boring.
And the waterfalls are at the beginning of the trail so for those looking for a good hike maybe this is not your place.

Great short day hike. Beautiful trail and waterfall, not much in the way of views of the valley but still very worth the trip

Great hike and beautiful view of the lake.

1 month ago

A nice stroll up well-maintained trails to a satisfying vista.

Great views throughout trail

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