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An okay hike. It’s a steady climb to the falls, it never gets steep. The trail descends a little over the last half of a mile. Although the lanslide and the waterfall are interesting, there aren’t many other attractions on the rest of the trail.

Lovely trail that meanders up the mountains through various wooded habitats. We hiked on snow pack for most of the way. The low portion of the trail was muddy at times and portions of the trail where turned into creeks with the snow melt. Once we summited the mountain the temperature changed and the wind picked up. The summit was covered in a dense cold fog that left ice crystals on the trees and fire tower. We climbed the tower and enjoyed the limited icy view. It was spectacular even though we couldn't see far. The hiking down was the easiest part, the snow cushioned each step. I highly recommend hiking this trail in the winter. The views up the mountains through the trees are stunning. If there is snow wear snowshoes or high boots and dress for extreme temperature changes. This took us about 4 hours to complete, the snow will slow you down. Great hike, I would love to do it again but in the fall!

Great hike. What a workout. Views not great until the top but too busy climbing to worry about it!

2 months ago

HIked this trail two labor days ago and it was humid as hell. I've seen a few reviews about the "boring" beginning of this trail....within the first 5 mins of the hike I saw a gorgeous Barred Owl in the ravine to the left of the trail. Luckily I had my binoculars with me and watched it for a good 5 mins, it wasn't bothered at all by my presence. As for the trail itself I loved it..moderate hike but challenging in the humidity, thinking ahead I packed cold beers for the summit and that was my motivation to fight through the stifling heat

Great training hike to see what kind of condition you are in. Steep and relentless but not technical at all as for half the trail you are hiking up a road. Due to this, it is not a long hike, but you will definitely work up a good sweat. Nice views of Manchester from Lookout rock. don’t forget to pay your respects to Mr. Barbo as my Lab, Molson and I did.

A major butt-kicker. Super steep and rocky toward the top, which was great. It became a magical fairy land up there too. Very beautiful. The summit views are fantastic of course, but some of the serenity is spoiled by the presence of a parking lot. My wife and I ran up in an hour and 17 mins, and down in 59 mins. Be prepared to get whooped :)

4 months ago

Great easy hike for an early Saturday morning with a stellar view as the payoff. Had Prospect rock all to myself for 40 minutes...very grateful

Nice easy hike! The Falls were completely frozen when we were there today which was pretty cool. Very well maintained trail & super easy going, never steep.

Trailhead was easy to find and did not use a map for this hike which was fine because the path was clearly marked with trail markers. I felt like the incline was not to strenuous, but it definitely brought my heart rate up! Went on a rainy day so unfortunately there wasn't any view at the top, but I would totally do this hike again!

I did this hike in early October. I saw bear scat and enjoyed the wildlife and vegetation, but the trail is more moderate than difficult.

Long climb to the top but worth it for the view. Challenging but the kids (12 and 7) kept up. Plenty to look at along the way to take a few breaks here and there.

4 months ago

It was a great hike and the best time to do it is fall when the ground is full of fall leaves. It looks like a scene from a fairy tail book. This is an easy hike with not much elevation. This is a quick hike if you have other things planned as well during the afternoon and dont want to spend all day hiking. Or just need something for 2-3 hours. It gives you some elevation as well. So for folks who like to raise their heart beats a bit while hiking, this has that element as well. Waterfall itself is quite beautiful. There is a giant rock where mostly folks go till and take pictures. But there is about 50 more steps you could take upwards towards the falls (a bit slippery) but gets you closer to the falls and gives you a better view. You could also go further down the fall and chill at a few rocks. Not too much traffic.

One of the first hikes I did in VT. The falls were fun to explore and great view of Lake Dunmore at the top!

An easy going hike with a stunning view.

definitely rated accurately. nothing but incline the whole way up. bring lots of water and snacks but if you like a challenge it is a lot of fun and rewarding when you make it to the top. my dog was actually tired the next day which was a bonus.

5 months ago

This was a nice easy trail on the last leg of a 2 night backpacking trip starting at Stratton mountain trail.
Still foliage this late in season. Could easily see where most of the wild flowers would have been. Nice stream crossings.

Nice wooded trail, took this as part of a 2 night hike on the long trail starting here. Fire tower is a must.

5 months ago

a great little hike. 2 miles up, 2 miles down. Enough elevation to give you a little sweat. Summit is quite beautiful. definitely worth checking out if you're in the area. Use the directions from the All trails app to get to the trail head. even the drive up is beautiful.

5 months ago

Great little hike. Took about about 2 1/2 hours for the up an back with about 20 min at the falls. It has been dry the last few weeks so the volume of water coming down was not spectacular.

Trail hugs a stream with several waterfalls, culminating in a serene mountain pond.

In parts challenging for beginners, but the view from Rattlesnake vista was totally worth it. We went during Fall and it was incredible. Our dogs went along and were a little frustrated by having to be kept on leash the whole way.

5 months ago

The AllTrails app placed us right to the trailhead. A great day for a hike through a very rocky trail. The blue blazes were not as plentiful as I am used to but the well worn path made following the trail a no-brainer. The trail was heavily trafficked due to the fall foliage. Had a beautiful lunch with my wife at the summit; a win-win time.

Did this while baby wearing my 6 month old son and it was the perfect workout !

Great little hike!

I knew this was going to be a rough hike when I saw the 3,000 foot plus elevation gain on the app. Another hiker on the trail said to me it had the feel of one of the high peaks of the Adirondacks. It's a real but kicker and a good challenge - it's uphill all the way (well I guess it does level off slightly toward the top). Unfortunately for me it was raining, windy and there was no view when I got to the summit as it was all fog. There were quite a few people at the top - most from the toll road having lunch in the building. The building is nice as it offered a spot to refill the water jugs. I'll have to take the toll road next time as it's not a hike I really want to do again right away.

Great Hike! Really loved the challenge! Pity it was raining all the way up but the shelter at the summit it's a great spot for lunch and warming up! Recommended for all that like a challenge and are relatively fit! Not many spots where to stop on the way!

5 months ago

It's a rather boring hike up. You are pretty much walking on a dirt road. Road is very rocky and steep. There is a small waterfall at the beginning other then that pretty uneventful until to reach Prospect Rock. The view from there was very nice. Ok hike if your looking to kill some time.

Nice moderate trail. No hand holds needed to reach summit. Noticed ankle turns more than usual due to loose rocks on trail. Others in group noticed the same. Trail signs good. Trail maps on trail not so good.

This was so far our favorite hike in the green mountains.

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