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A very difficult hike for me physically and mentally (I don’t like heights) but worth every step to get to the top! Amazing view!

2 days ago

Challenging hike as far as elevation gain/loss but definitely rewarding. Very agreeable trail material making footing easy. Approximately 90% stone/concrete and 10% sand. Pretty much straight up then straight down so anyone with bad knees...be forewarned. The decent is knee-jarring. Highly suggest good shoes or boots if you don’t want your toes cramming against your shoes on the decent. I saw a few with sandals...and subsequently blisters. Take plenty of water and salty snacks, extra if it’s very hot. If you have time, pack a lunch or bigger snack to enjoy at the top. You’ll be hungry. Overall great hike.

A must if you are visiting Zion!

well worth the time. can be tough going up but beautiful the whole time

gorgeous. if you're there and the weather permits, go for it.

Even on a rainy/ overcast day, the views from the observation point are stunning. Very satisfying to look down at all the congestion on Angles Landing as well :). The slot canton in the middle is really something special- the high walls come soaring above your head, and the stream echos a bit in the canyon. We got lucky and also saw big horn sheep on the trail.

Certainly a strenuous hike- it was 65 and overcast for us, and we were tuckered out after this one!

Great difficult hike switch backs are definitely in place 70-80% of the hike take snacks and plenty of water and back up. Views are gorgeous
At every peek. Went October 1 2018 and overcast day busses drop you off at stops inside national park. Getting in park costs but we bought annual pass and you can use in any national park

Absolutely incredible view of the valley of Zion. There is no other view like this!!! Views along the side of the hike were also beautiful. Enjoyed this hike the entire way up!

WOW!!!!! The hardest and most rewarding hike I have ever done. Definitely start this hike early in the morning because the initial ascent was a challenge. The slot canyon in the middle of the hike was awesome. I have a slight fear of heights and only had one section which freaked me out a bit but it wasn’t too long. The views are just incredible the entire hike. Highly recommended! Oh and make sure you bring enough water - the sun is very strong once you hit it and you need at least 3 liters of water in my opinion.

I only gave it 5 stars because 6 was not an option

Really great hike, very much up hill with a few level spots. The trail though the canyon was fantastic. You get amazing view pretty much the entire hike. It was a very popular hike with a lot of people, many seemed very unprepared and a little overwhelmed by the climb. Know that this hike is not for the casual hiker, you should be in decent shape and able to carry enough water for a four to six hour hike.

Unbelievable trail! Very difficult but worth the view at the end !

Took this hike yesterday. We went counter clockwise but started from the store. At first we were happy the way we went but when we hit the last 2.5 miles on the rim trail we were not that happy. Great hike not sure which way to go!

Rained overnight into the morning which made some streams challenging to cross without getting water up to your ankles, but quickly dried out and was fine on the way back down. There are a lot of steep drops but only ever on one side and the trail is always wide, so it was never that scary despite being afraid of heights. Amazing sites along every step from beginning to end!

12 days ago

Nice trail; not so difficult as some say. Only go when the weather is good. When raining for long time you wille have less fun.

Strenuous hike with great views at the end. Took under 4 hours to hike round trip; including breaks and eating lunch at the top. Great view of the canyon and Angels Landing.

What a great hike! Not including resting time we did this hike in just under 4 hours.
I am afraid of heights... if you are too be ready. There are some areas that will test your devotion to reaching the summit. It was all worth it though! The views are spectacular and you'll feel great pride for making it past those tough areas.
Heads up: you do have to take a shuttle to head into the hiking areas. Get to the parking lot early or you'll have to park in Springdale. It's about $22 to park apposed to free if you can find a spot in the shuttle area.

15 days ago

Off trail, back-country hike. I’d give this 5 stars, but I didn’t get to summit because of the slow goings to get to the foot of the mountain. I talked to a guy after the hike that said it’s best to bring climbing gear - there are bolts.

Can’t wait to go back and climb it.

Beautiful hike, amazing views, took just under 4 hours. Started at 7:30, very little traffic on the way up, coming down was a different story. Would recommend getting up and getting after it.

17 days ago

My husband and I hiked this on September 22. He’s 75 yrs old and I’m 63. We used poles which made it easier for us. Beautiful scenery all the way up. Being on the top was amazing!

i loved this trail when we went over labor day weekend.

went with a group and it was not a hard hike for me personally but I am used to the dry heat, having lived in PHX for 20 years.

it was pure fun. many people did have a hard time but with the group coming in from El Paso, the trails here are much different and not always as well maintained and much more rocky.

earlier the better, and i thought that there was plent of shade along the way. our group breaked quit a bit and many ran oyt of water or close to on the way down.

take extra water, plan for extra time due to trails being closed and for photos since there are countless views.

if you dont like crowds, go during the off season.

nature trips
19 days ago

Thanks for this awesome hidden route! Began the hike late at 2 pm. The view from the slickrock section was already incredible. Then some route finding through the minefield of bushes and little cacti. Then we changed the route a bit by following the creek bed further into the Backcountry and not to the Hoodoo. Behind a section of slickrock we climbed up the “Lobster Tail“ peak. There you are rewarded with a view only few visitors of Zion will get! You can even see the closed to public Parunuweap canyon. Amazing, you cannot believe this place of solitude and beauty exists within a NP with 3 million visitors a year. We did not see a single person that day during the hike. We then went down a little canyon behind the Lobster Tail and then to round it up we climbed the south side of the “Lost Peak“ to get a 360* panorama view of the east part of the park. Hiked the slickrock back down to the car. Better than Angel‘s Landing, Observation Point and the Narrows combined.

Do not attempt this trail if you are not at least semi-active. My wife and I took 4 hours going up and 2 going down. The strain of going up took away from the views. However, they were indeed spectacular!

Absolute must do in Zion. Endurance hike for sure. Give yourself plenty of time. Start early in the morning we didn’t just over four hours takes longer to get up and it goes to get down. Absolutely stunning views for the entire hike

This is an amazing hike, bit long but you go into the canyons and then all of sudden you are above the mountains. A must do!!

Great trail ! Pretty easy trail that most people could do. I showed up at 1pm and both the main parking lot and backup parking lot were totally full, had to ride a shuttle in. If you shuttle in , get off at the visitors center stop and walk through the campground and up the mountain rim. The rim is part of the trail. Super pretty views here!

Great trail, great views throughout. Concur with others who recommend counterclockwise starting from fairyland parking lot.

Hiked this a year ago and liked it so much then we had to do it again on this trip! Fantastic views and, at the end, overview of the valley with Angels Landing below. Hiking poles are very helpful.

Me and my wife was one of the first to arrive about 7am. By far the most strenuous hike we have ever done. 2 hours up and 2 hours down with 45 min of awe at the top. Stunning views at the top and all alone the climb and decent make this our #1 pick so far. Now for the Narrows and Angels Landing to finish off this amazingly beautiful park.

A great hike. We are in late 20s and were able to hike up in 2 hours despite taking a lot of photos and making go-pro videos. Coming down took 1.5 hours. It would be good to hike this early morning or late afternoon. We started a bit late in the morning and it was pretty hot. The views are absolutely mesmerising.

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