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Very fun hike with rewarding scenery at the bottom. There are eight spots with ropes, that are required to get up and down the trial. Definitely not for beginners but very fun.

Loved this hike! Starts off easy but definitely more challenging as it descends down through the rocks/boulders where the ropes provided are required. Good hiking shoes/boots would make a difference, we wore sneakers which did not have enough grip or protection. Rewarded at the bottom with a stunning vista of river and canyon with magical hot springs. Easier to hike out than going out n which was s welcome surprise!

Amazing hike! Make sure to wear good shoes with traction and something that you wouldn’t care if it gets wet.

Incredible hike! This is definitely a challenge if you've never scrambled or used ropes before (like me). It helps if you go with a group so you can each other down and up. The hot springs are amazing and making it to the river is very rewarding.

Amazing hike! Going all the way to the river it's too bad, you have to trust the ropes. Beautiful hot springs gorgeous views. I found it hard coming back up. but I did it! Super fun you will be happy that you complete something like that!

rock climbing
11 days ago

Super challenging but the destination is worth every rope climb!

Just moved here from South Dakota and I’m loving all the nature and trails! You forget that you live in such a big city when you get out here. So beautiful and calm. Lots of wildlife too

Be ready w hiking boots.

18 days ago

I took Option 2, the 200. The climb was pretty easy and the view was fantastic. Got a bit confused on the way back. There was a side route without any markings, but looked very used. I thought the petroglyphs were down that way. After a while I gave up and headed back down the 100. That’s when I found them! They are neat. Climbing down the waterfall is a bit tricky. I don’t suggest taking children or dogs. Biking is a definite no-go.
Really fantastic, except for the bit of confusion and the climb down the waterfall.

Great option to get away from the normal Las Vegas crowds

Fun hike! Ton of wildlife. Road runners, coyotes, many jack rabbits and many little critters. Beautiful views all around.

want a quick hike, this is it...the view at the top is awesome!

20 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Worth the challenge! Some rocks have been spray painted with arrows to indicate which direction to go. That was extremely helpful. There are six different spots with ropes to use for climbing down and back up. The springs were so hot - warmer than bath water and crystal clear. Rocks were smooth, so very hard to keep traction once your feet get wet. Take plenty of water and wear good shoes.

Definitely started to get challenging about halfway down. A really nice hike with some fun obstacles.

Great trail for a quick hike! Dog friendly and great trail to start your kiddos on before moving on to longer / more difficult hikes.

Great hike with lots of scrambling. The payoff at the end is well worth it!

It's like a jungle gym

It was as a good hike a lot of climbing , upper body work out for sure. On the way down and on the way up. You can take children that are into the adventure.

This trail was absolutely beautiful and challenging for me (I have no experience bouldering) I was able to hike the whole trail with a little help from fellow hikers when going up the ropes, so don’t let the rating scare you... it’s totally doable for anybody! The hot pools are a wonder... I’ll definitely be going back!

Awesomly beautiful trail, loved the rope climbing

We had a great experience today, our 8 year old crushed the trail! Not an issue following trial, fairly easy finding markers and staying on course! Great hike! Petroglyphs were exciting to see!

1 month ago

Petroglyphs were awesome, waterfalls were fun to scramble up. Fun trail all around. Great staff at the ranger station.

wonderful Trail to amazing petroglyphs! Trail was easy to follow. Not sure why the person before had such trouble. There is one dry waterfall to climb up right before the petroglyphs but easy to do. Highly recommended.

Nice walk but poor signage to transition from lower trail to upper trail.

Great, easy trail! Short but very nice and scenic. I was able to get to both mines without any problem. February 11th, 2018.

The trail is very poorly marked. For those planning to do the whole loop study the map carefully and pay close attention to the 100/200/300 sign posts. I’m an experienced hiker and went off trail both times I hiked here. Today I went 10.5 miles on a supposed 3.8 mike hike. I take some responsibility for not bringing a map but I’m shocked at how poorly marked it is, considering they do have a ranger station. Not sure if I dare to try this again, unless I have someone waiting to pick me up in Jean!

Loved this trail. Thought it was more moderate than hard. Scrambling and sliding down the boulders was fun. The ropes were challenging but very doable. Coming up was much easier than going down. Views were beautiful!

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