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Great trail, I did it solo and it took me 6.5 hours round trip with about 10-15 minutes at the top to snap some pictures. I took a 2 liter camelbak type pack with 3 other 16.9 Oz waters and that was good for me. Going up was actually more enjoyable to me, when you get close to the end coming down your knees and shins are pretty tired.

The trail is rocky and sandy so I wore Chaco sandals, they were an excellent choice for me. The trail is pretty easy with varied terrain but we saw a huge rattle snake on the way up. It’s not very covered so wear sunscreen. We did this on day 1 of a three day southern Utah hiking trip and it was the perfect way to start the trip.

This is a beautiful, well maintained trail. It has varying terrain and a huge reward, with beautiful views all the way. I wouldn’t bring small children, as it does get very steep and can be slippery at the end. Great for pets, trail running, and peace and quiet.

trail running
1 day ago

A great hike up and an even better run down! Beautiful views and highly recommended if you have several hours to commit to it. Those who are new to steep switchbacks will enjoy that this route has lots of great places to take a break.

Seriously, Your poor dog. I've heard of everything now.. wow!

This hike was HARD! AllTrails says this was 8.25 miles one way and nearly a 5000’ climb. We left the trailhead for a night hike at 10pm and made the summit in about 7 hours. Our goal was to reach the summit for sunrise. In the dark, your view is limited to the strength of your headlamp. Too many “stairs” and switchbacks to count before reaching the “saddle” or the “T” where you split off to Griffith Peak or the Summit. I think I kept our group at a slow, steady pace; some areas steep enough to make me stop frequently to catch my breath. From the trail approaching the top, you can see the US Flag waving in the breeze. Such a shot of adrenaline as you know the summit is a few hundred yards away! There is a rock pit up top that we used to help protect from the wind while we waited for the sunrise. The view of Las Vegas at night with some sun rays starting to come over the horizon is amazing.
The weather was perfect for the hike. Waiting in the pit at the top was freezing! Using trash bags and thermal blankets helped just a bit in retaining while we refueled and shivered in the dark. It would have been nice to have a small fire in that rock pit to help keep us warm! It wasn’t long before dawn was breaking and the glow was enough light to stop using our headlamps.
Sunrise on top of the mountain is an awesome view! No other words...
The hike down during daylight gave us the chance to see what we hiked past at night. Already tired, it has to be done! Not far from the top is the wreck of a plane crash from the 1950’s. We hiked down along the ridge for a bit, able to look down both sides of the mountain. After that, it was enjoying the view as I willed my legs to get down the mountain! We made it down in 5 hours. It was a rewarding experience!

2 days ago

I enjoyed this hike. It is really exposed so it’s hot...make sure you bring lots of water.

2 days ago

This trail goes is incorrectly mapped and goes further than raintree. Raintree is the tree that stands over the junction with Mummy Spring trail. I was a little confused how this could have a harder rating than Mummy Spring when it is 9/10ths of Mummy Spring. After you pass the bald spot, be sure to take the switchbacks nice and slow. Well trafficked, amazing views, be sure to check the forecast during monsoon season though, storms and lightning are pretty much guaranteed if moisture is around (July-September).

The views are so awesome! Before the switch backs you can see Lake Mead!

Great hike! We did this hike a month ago. prior to all the smoke. Amazing views. lots of switchbacks. Once you get to the ridgeline, that is a great place for a break prior to the final straight up push to the summit.

South loop is a great trail. We love to backpack this hike as there is many sites along the way. This is a great beginner backpacking trip, I highly suggest it. Final push to the summit is the hardest part of the trail. Beautiful views!

This IS the only open trail to Griffith Peak, but it is NOT the Griffith Peak Trail. The Griffith Peak Trail was never used all that much, and is still closed due to a fire some time back. The trail in question is most commonly referred to as the South Loop Trail, as mentioned in the body of the article. By the way, it's an excellent hike!

A grueling uphill but worth it! Great hike to escape the heat of the city and see some incredible Flora.

10 days ago

I would say this was a moderate to difficult trail. The switchbacks were quite grueling but the views made it worth it. The Raintree was quite a spectacle to see and the return journey back was quite easy.

13 days ago

Love the openness at about 1.5 miles, and to the west you can see a log cabin. At 2.5 miles is the Mummy Springs junction and Raintree. I continued on the North Loop for the next 1.5 miles downhill to the Trail Canyon/Cave Springs junction. It wasn’t so pleasant to return back up after 4 miles of leg burn!

14 days ago

Beautiful hike, moderate in difficulty. Constant rewarding views along the way — and the Raintree— worth every step to see it. We planned a picnic lunch up there- it was a perfect spot.

16 days ago

Super hot during the summer months be careful of heat advisory’s. Dog friendly and easy access other than taking a gravel potholed road to the trail but only for about a mile to parking. Be prepared for no phone service if you are traveling.

Brutal hike. Recommend you take at least 5-6 liters of water. I’m a 300 lb male and was able to accomplish the hike to the summit in a day without camping , but it was rough. Started at 0745 am, go to the summit at 0215 pm. Once you get thru all the switchbacks and up to the saddle, you have a decent walk they the meadow and bristlecone pine burned out forest till you get to the back of mount Charleston, in which it turns into a serious ass kicker with steep altitude gains above the tree line along mostly loose rocks. The elevation is no joke, was literally taking a break every 100-150 steps. Spent 30 minutes at the top, amazing views and awesome sense of accomplishment. The walk back down is rough, took me 4 hours to get back down, total time from my car and back was 11 hours. Like I said earlier, bring a more water than you think you’ll need, I brought 4 liters and drank all of it before I got back down and would have definitely preferred to have brought a couple other water bottles. Doubt I’ll do it again, but glad I was able to do it once. Also added a Nevada flag to the flagpole beneath the USA flag that’s up there!

Nice hike. Straight up the ridge line to the peak. The view is beautiful!

This was an interesting hike for me because there are no blazes to follow. I made it just about 2mi shy of the summit before having to turn back because of lightning and hail. The views on the way up made up for me bailing though. There are a few water caches scattered around in case you run low, but make sure you carry at least 3L. Next I come back I might add on the South Loop as well.

My dog and I both made it the second attempt to hike it. The top was steap, recommend poles or walking stick.

25 days ago

Great morning hike. Beautiful views & close to home

26 days ago

We loved it!

The hike to the look out is very rocky and not much to look at, but the overlook once you get there is AMAZE!! Pretty easy hike, just annoying as it feels like you’re walking through a dried up river.

1 month ago

Probably one of my new favorite summits! Lots of incredible views and gorgeous meadows filled with wildflowers. Also, a pretty chill hike overall. We took the ridgeline trail (not the Griffeth Creek trail suggested here by AllTrails). The ridgeline trailhead is at 38°22'59.1"N 112°23'48.5"W. Well worth it! Longer, more views, and more gradual incline. Will do again with kids!

Get out early. Love this trail . Great for mountain biking, hiking, jogging.

1 month ago

Tried to hike today... closed.

Absolutely stunner view and what a payoff! The approach is quite muggy and hotter than surrounding areas. The payoff was stunner and we spent an hour alone there. Good option for those with a 4 legged friend that are blocked out of zion.

Kicked my butt. We only went as far as the first summit, which was about 5 miles (total of 10). Hard hike. No joke. I loved it, I’m glad I went. I’m glad I pushed myself.

1 month ago

Really great hike. The switchbacks on the front end are pretty grueling, but they lead to some amazing views — and, of course, Raintree (which isn’t marked, but is right by the sign where the trail splits after you come over the ridge). Temps were great for July — in the 70s when I started at 9:00 — and traffic on the trail was fairly light for a Sunday, especially once I passed the tree. Took me about 4.5 hours, but I made tons of stops for pictures and hung out by the tree for a while.

I’ll be doing this one again! Highly recommend it.

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