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Took the family on this little hike...did about 2 miles...lots to see and explore, saw a small trickling waterfall. The petroglyphs were a hit with the wife! My daughters did great and loved climbing some of the boulders in the wash.

This place was awesome!! I didn’t hike all the way to the top because I wasn’t prepared for that grueling workout. However, I stills got some beautiful pictures.

I’ve done this hike several times in the past year, and I absolutely love it. I always bring my dog with me and he seems to love it more than I do. The trail is rocky, but not too steep. The top is absolutely breathtaking.

The trail is not that exciting but the ending view is breathtaking. Perfect trail to bring dogs and older children. Last year, we took our 5 and 8 year old boys. The well worn trail ends at the cliff but you can walk along the cliff to get different vantage points. It’s one of those unreal vistas that feel like you are standing in a painting. One of my favorites in Southern Utah for sure.

Great Hike. White Rock Trail is mostly soft gravel/sand. It takes you through the canyon vs. the Spring Trial which takes you up and over. Both beautiful routes. We took White Rock in and Spring out, whichever route would be fine tho! Colorado River is beautiful, we spent a lot of time there. Kid friendly.

16 days ago

My Garmin had the distance a little shy of 6-miles,taking the north loop trail (as shown) up to the Raintree. Pretty solid 1,900-foot elevation change on the ascent from the parking lot at the north loop trail at 158. The elevation gets to just shy of 10,000 feet so will get to you on this steady climb. We hiked in early March so there was still some significant snow on the trail and micro-spikes and poles were needed. We had a great time and some of the views were tremendous.

Just did the trail today. haven't done any real hiking in quite some time.. This trail is moderate for seasoned hikers, it was closer to hard for me and the wife. river views are awesome, finding the trail to the springs was a little tricky, gotta climb thru a tiny steep crack to get to rest of trail. the pools are awesome. the ladder is sketchy but pretty safe. we went the same way we came out thru the wash. made it a longgg hike but still was a great day.

Great scenic trail... The youngest in the group was our 5 year old daughter and she loved it.

I haven't done this hike, but can you camp on the trail?

Beautiful! Went with my hubby and two kids and we all had a blast. I highly recommend!

I'm not sure how to make this a loop hike. We started at the Paradise Rim trailhead and hiked to Scout Cave and ended up coming out I believe at Johnson Canyon in Snow Canyon. Luckily, we had a family member to come pick us up to take us back to our car. Would love to do again and figure out how to make it a loop hike. The trail was beautiful from Paradise Rim to Scout Cave, lots of fun lookouts. Hiking out from Scout Cave you're hiking in a wash, nothing much to see from there. Would do again, but would like to figure out the loop.

great easy hike, we took the kids so we didn't go too deep into the canyon itself but we did take multiple side trails out of the wash and into the boulders and hills. Great time exploring!

Moderately easy trail. If you take the left route it will lead you to the springs with elevation gains and drops throughout the canyon and is dog friendly. However once you reach the springs , the pools themselves are too hot in temperature for the dog and you’ll have to carry them across. There is a sandy shore type next to the lower pool where they can chill. If you take the right side route it’s a beautiful scenic route along the river that is dog friendly as well but there is no way to get the dog up to the hot spring while climbing a 20ft ladder. You would have to leave the dog tied up at the bottom.

1 month ago

This is a challenging hike, not for the faint of heart. There are steep areas and switchbacks, and the elevation kinda started to kick my butt. But, it was worth it. The tree was magnificent and I was never bored.

Amazing hike, view is well worth it! Just make sure to wear some good shoes or hiking boots, the trail consists of some real rocky terrain

1 month ago

This was a very tough hike. Very long distances so make sure you are in shape if you want to do this hike. Also , wear the right clothes and make sure to pack alot of food and water! The scene is gorgeous and makes it worth it !

I did the trail to the west. I didn’t actually go to the “hot springs”. The slot canyon to the west is gorgeous. It leaves you on the banks of the Colorado. Beautiful! Highly recommended!

Went for my morning run before sunrise. Did the first part with the headlamp. Nice overlook on the sleeping city.Easy trail. I did park at pioneer hills headtrail, crossed the road and joined this trail at the middle, did the loop and came back to the trail start, then came back to the parking along the red hills pkwy and run on the other side on pioneer hill trail, which is a dirt road with very nice views too. Could not run the whole trail and got lost once or twice. But google map helped me find my way back

Did the White Rock trail first. Beautiful and pretty easy to navigate. The trail leads you to the Colorado River and there’s plenty of scenic places to stop and enjoy. We came up the ladder and enjoyed the pools. On the way back- we took the Hot Spring Trail and that’s was extremely difficult to navigate. We got lost a couple times and ended up practically running back to make it before dark. There’s some steep areas in the Hot Trail. Would definitely have given the hike 5 stars if we hadn’t gotten lost a couple times on the way back. Keep the AllTrails app open for sure! Bring water shoes or flip flops and small towel to dry off.

This was an awesome hike. I enjoyed the White Rock trail much more than the Hot Springs trail. Both trails lead to the hot springs and river, but the White Rock trail was gorgeous.

My boyfriend and I went this past weekend and we loved it ! So many beautiful views and the river was even better ! the trail was easier than we thought it would be. we defenitely wanna go back soon.

Be prepared to get wet! that is the fun part at the springs and the river! Would suggest to start the loop at White rock canyon and come back using the hot spring path.Took my husband and I 3.5 hours to complete it, not taking into account the time at the river and the springs. Sort of dog friendly if you go with someone to help. Excellent hiking!

1 month ago

This is an absolutely beautiful hike! The view from the top of the dunes is awesome, and it's incredibly quiet and peaceful. That being said, don't underestimate the sun and sand-this hike is very tiring and it's easy to dehydrate if you don't drink enough water. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife! We found some super cute geckos and saw lots of snake tracks (but no actual snakes) in the sand.

Currently on vacation here, from New Hampshire. We've got some of the best trails in the Northeast, and I've got to say, this trail had some of most breathtaking views I've ever seen. The springs were an absolute blast, just stay clear of diving under, or getting any of the water in your nose (bacteria). Also would recommend water shoes if you plan on hiking the loop or checking out the springs. The top hot springs are pretty hot, but digress the further down you go. I definitely recommend checking out the Colorado River, the sights were phenomenal. Most of the trail is dig friendly, but going through the springs is very challenging for even a small dog. Wouldn't recommend that.

If you love rock cliffs and an ever-changing rockscape, you will love this hike. I definitely recommend hiking White Rock Canyon down to the Colorado and returning back up the Arizona Hot Spring Trail. The views of the Colorado framed in the cliff walls are not to be missed and a great spot for lunch. The hot springs ranged from 100'F in the lower pools to 111'F in the upper pools - a great spot to relax and chat with fellow hikers. On the way back, be prepared for a good mile of trail climbing to give your cardio a workout, but worth every ounce of effort.

What a view! Very pretty hike. It is calm and peaceful hiking out to the point. There are small to medium sized rocks the 1st mile and a half. And it is pretty sandy right near the end to the point. Love the view. Would do it again and would love to trial run. Would be super hot in the summer.

great hike and the hot spring at the end is priceless. Make sure to bring water shoes for the hot pools..really enjoyable

amazing trail despite some of the debris I found.

Two ways to get to the hot springs. The West path is longer but takes you to the ladder and up to the lower pools. East path of the loop takes you to the upper pools. The upper pools are extremely hot and the rocks don't help. I recommend bringing water shoes if you plan to walk around in the top or middle pools. Awesome hike overall!

This hike is more than 6.3 miles when you stay on the marked trail. TONS of switchbacks. I tried to go the mapped trail on this app coming down and it was a bad idea for myself. It was along the ridge and some spots you would have to find another route to climb down because of small drop offs, very steep and I slid a lot. I did however shave off a mile of switchbacks but did not save any time since we had to be more careful climbing down.

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