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love the views throughout this trail!

beautiful hike! amazing views! the colours along this trail are beyond stunning!

2 days ago

The elevation gain when you’re starting so high up unexpectedly kicked my butt, made the switchbacks a bit more uncomfortable since it added strain to monotony, but the end of the trail was quite worth it. I did this back in July, and despite the cooler weather up in Mt Charleston, laying on the rocks was amazing. The water was little but so ice cold, it was wonderful. Beautiful scenes

Great hike,

Wow! What a beautiful hike!
It’s pretty advanced and requires a decent level of fitness, as there a several areas with ropes where you have to use them to help yourself get up or down. After the ropes begin, you will soon discover the hot springs that will lead you down to Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam.
The entire hike took a little over 5 miles and about 5 hours for a group of 6 of us to complete - worth every minute and every scratch I got!

Great hike, very scenic. Not too challenging. The falls at the top are beautiful.

on Calico Tanks Trail

6 days ago

This is a fine hike, nothing spectacular, except for the view near the end of the trail. OK for families with kids.

on Fire Wave Trail

7 days ago

Beautiful trail!! Pretty easy but windy.

Beautiful views at the top. Not very difficult if you use common sense.

A great trail that has a view making it worth it. in the early spring you might see some water in the tank itself.

Beautiful and worth the short walk

Beautiful short hike

cool stop on our way out

worth the short hike. beautiful

Loved the soft dirt, gorgeous, and at the end there was a few ponds. Would love to see what this would be like in April.

A nice hike with wonderful views of Las Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon. I was disappointed in the various trail markers that got confusing and/or over-abundant (too many people marking it up).. I would do this hike again

12 days ago

Fantastic trail with wonderful views of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and the La Madre Mountains. A variety of terrain, great views along the way and a terrific endpoint at the peak make this a fun and interesting trail.

LONG HIKE. Love going here. For the first half it mostly walking. The second half is a lot of defending boulders which take a lot of time. The hots springs are nice just avoid getting your head wet because there is brain eating amoeba (naeglaria fowleri) in the springs. The walls of the trail are very nice. Reaching the Colorado river is nice. I would avoid going when it’s hot because I’m the walking portion of the hike there is no shade. Brings SNACKS and ELECTROLYTES because it is a workout!

14 days ago

I never thought of myself as someone who would climb up and over rocks. For the most part we followed footprints when it was unclear where the trail was. I think we took the hard way a good bit, but we had fun and it is great view all the way to the top. We were not disappointed.

Great trail, little hard to know which way to go up and down the rocks but amazing, fun & gorgeous!

15 days ago

Straightforward going up, but a little tricky in the descent. As you go up, keep a sense as to the route you took, as when descending it is possible to lose perspective as to the "best" way down! Such a wonderful hike, though!

16 days ago

Most challenging hike for me to date. when you get to the top, that's the reward! I felt amazing conquering this lil mountain!

This was one of my favorite hikes because it really involves climbing rocks with some locations requiring rope. there's a half point where water and other goods(clothes) can be left for others in need. definitely heavily trafficked.

16 days ago

let's just say it lives up to its name(MJ). Great hike with a waterfall at the end. the waterfall wasn't quite in season. I would definitely hike again in season.

It’s a great hike for those that enjoy height and don’t fear narrow trails. The hike to the top will be worth it!! Keep going!

The day I went there was a group of young kids smoking weed and had there dog running with no leash.

19 days ago

Nice short trail to a small pool of water in the rock. Petroglyphs along the way which is nice. Restrooms at trailhead and fairly decent parking area compared to other areas in valley of fire state park

on White Domes Trail

19 days ago

Nice short and easy walk, takes about 30 mins and a little slot canyon along the way. Toilets are trailhead.

Amazing hike! Definitely alot of physical work climbing rocks and ropes. A must try if you love hiking.

21 days ago

Nice views, fun trail

Path is very well mark. The scramble is well worth it for the view down to Vegas.

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