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9 days ago

Started this hike around 3:30pm Saturday December 1st. Hike two hours in and 45 Minutes more in the dark, before I found a flat spot to set up camp. From base to camp (half way) it was a steep pitch incline, however tolerable. I continued hiking around 9:30 am to the summit, at this point it was getting really steep and the path was getting narrow, I decided to ditch my pack an hour in and hike the rest with just my camera and water bottle. I made it to the summit by 11:10. Took a few photos and videos. Then proceeded my way down. Made it back to my car at 2:00pm. On the way down I found it more difficult, really steep so kept wanting to slip, no foot tracking as it did snow over the night. I did this hike alone. It was a good hike but requires lots of energy and endurance.

great trail through forest and exposed rocky terrain. some route finding in last km of hike towards landslide. watch that you don't follow cairns that could lead you to stray!

1 month ago

Sadly they dont have the north coast trail here. We hiked cape scott trail via north coast trail. We spent 6 night out there. The 10k of swamp to start the trip is brutul (even with the lil boardwalks provided) really makes you appreciate the rest of the hike for what is. 1st night we stay at nahwitti camp. Next day was started with cable car ride across the river then spent the rest of the day in and out the the bush on different types of beaches until we reached irony creek. Next morning hike down the beach to a lil forest walk to the next cable car. Much of the rest of this day is like the last until we reached ______ (cant remember its name. Last beach before entering cape scott). Next day was an easy hike to nels bight where we let loose for 2 nights just wandering around the cape (guise beach and experiment bight so beautiful and the lighthouse was cool. The wardens were scaring off a black bear. After nels bight , we trekked to san josef beach in good time to get to hike up mount st Patrick for some awsome views(highest peak in the park you can see the ocean to the north and everything you just hiked thru). After we hiked down, we meet some good company shared stories called it a night. Next was an extremely short n easy hike out to our shuttle. Try the north coast!!!

Beautiful scenary!

This was a beautiful trail. What I loved is it wasn’t too difficult, nice for a quick weekender, the lake was stunning! We swam in it, it was cold! What I would do different, not go over a long weekend. We went over the September long weekend, it was so busy we almost couldn’t find a spot to camp in either of the designated areas. I would go midweek if I were to do it again, just to keep the people to a minimum.

The trail to keep following the river is apparently closed, not sure why, signs say “do not hike beyond this point” not sure if advisory or illegal, but the trail was fine, without that it’s a very short loop, good views of waterfalls tho

One of the most beautiful views I’ve seen!

Awesome view at the top! Not a marked trail, and lots of mud but the view is incredible

Amazing views, challenging climb

Had a blast hiking through the little creeks. Wet foggy day, typical for a fall Hardy day.

Done it , a dozen times , yes it’s muddy , but is a fun hike

BEAUTIFUL hike!! Steeper than I expected but the views and scenery were well worth it. Took us about 3.5hrs up, with lots of breaks.

Straight up hill grind. Bring a vehicle with AWD/good ground clearance and park at the end and then start your ascent.. Bring snacks and water!

2 months ago

Great views at the top!!!

3 months ago

A friend and myself started this Hike at about 3 o’clock, the sun went down at about 8 o’clock, we got down at about 9 o’clock. It was a very fun hike but it was harder than I expected when reading a couple of websites. This is a dog friendly hike and a hike I will definitely do again.

3 months ago

This is an excellent hike with three water falls on the way. The view from the summit is incredible, make sure you go up on a clear day. Follow the trail, at some spots it is easy to get lost.

3 months ago

Make sure you go on a clear day for the view! Fun and challenging hike. The first, flat section of the trail was boggy so be prepared to sink into some mud if it's rained recently! Definitely happy I was wearing boots and not trail runners.

Loved this trail! My very first ever over night hike with a large pack and this trail was definitely a good hike for me. My hubby has done a few before and he said this one was moderate. We loved the option of two campsites, but it’s short enough it makes sense to go to the second and set up camp , there are tons of spots for tents and a few options for hammocks which we used ( I gets cold ar night so bundle up! ) we took the second day to go up to the lake which only an hour and then we hiked Around the lake to the left ( it’s a hidden trail , but it’s not to bad) and then up to the glacier which was incredible!!! So worth it! Stayed another night and hiked back out. Magical trail!

Short loop but well maintained and beautiful views.

The trail was marked as damaged from overuse.

The view of the waterfall was incredible. It is wide and tall. The bridge was stable and allowed views of both sides.

I’ve done this hike many times. It’s not long, and the falls are beautiful. We always head off the path at the top of the waterfalls and build an inuksuk.

A nice accessible walk with a few lovely views.

Nice trail, very easy. The swim in the lower falls was brisk but refreshing and the view of the upper falls was beautiful.

Great trail - but I would say it’s a difficult climb - due to distance and variation in terrain- nice glaciar cold lake at the top. Pretty busy on the weekend.

Very well maintained trail. Felt like a steady incline for most of the hike. Had very cloudy and rainy weather for most of the trip.

Made it to landslide lake however couldn’t make it to iceberg lake due to the vertical gravel climb at the end, people before us tried to get up and slipped, one guy hurt his leg pretty bad, ouch! There is a lot of uphill along the trail and it reminds me of a harder version ripple rock (tree roots, loose rocks etc). We made a day trip out of it, took almost 11 hours. The views were not that great until the last hour or so as there is a lot of trees blocking anything. View at the top was amazing but I would say not worth 5 hours of grueling hiking. I would also go so far to rate this as difficult and not moderate due to the length and difficulty (canyon view and ripple rock are rated as moderate and are by far much easier). Glad I made it to the end, but won’t do this one again.

This was a great hike! Definitely some thick brush and steep parts, but well worth it in the end. I wouldn't take kids or dogs not used to backcountry hiking.

Great trail- very beautiful, mostly shaded, well maintained. so many waterfalls and massive trees, the trail is nothing short of amazing. the last 1km was definitely the most difficult. there were lots of bugs so bug spray/nets are recommended. unfortunately we weren't able to make it up to berg lake due to aggressive wasps nests. we heard multiple stories of people and dogs being stung and didnt think it was worth the risk. highly recommend this hike overall!

4 months ago

Great hike. Amazing views and old growth cedar forests. It’s well marked, but lots of roots, trees, and rocks to climb over. Getting down is as tough as going up. This hike Is much more on the “hard” end of the scale, and can be quite challenging esp above 300m elevation. You’re asked to pay $10 per hiker at the camp steward station. Well worth it though.

4 months ago

This was my first hike ever. Since it's a hard hike, it took me longer than half of my group but the trail is well kept. The views are amazing (better than that)!!! We camped overnight and there are fantastic camp spots. Lake at top was warm. The creek at the beginning was icy! Nice on the way down to refresh yourself. There were A LOT of bugs and insects right from the get go, be prepared.

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