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The bridge was washed out and the only way across was atop a giant wet fallen tree (it was raining too) with fast cascading water underneath. Decided to turn back, although someone went across straddling the log on their bum. Still a pretty hike.

Took me and a little dog 2 hrs to the top and then 1.5 hrs back to the bottom. Only saw one stream on the way up so bring your own water for the dog. Lots of roots for the second half of the hike so bring good footwear. Not too much room at the top to enjoy the view as compared to say, Quarry Rock. No bugs right now but was windy and chilly.

Awesome trail. Even on a cloudy day the trail was great. Took me two hours to go up, without any stop and three hours to go down, taking my time picking up mushrooms and berries. A bit hard to find the Howe Sound Crest trail at first but once you've find it, it's very easy to find your way to the top. (Tip: Follow Howe sound EAST trail). I highly recommend this one !

Great trail best hike for training ! Good physical and mental workout ! Work on your cardio before you go for a first time . The trail will
Humble you !

8 days ago

Great hike with a satisfying goal. if you're looking for a more challenging route, take a right up the hill when you reach the fork in the road. This will let you see some beautiful classic North Van scenery. It certainly is more of a challenge. You'll reach the waterfall in another hour once the paths rejoin. Once there, be aware of the crows! On the way back, take the other path for an easier route.

trail running
10 days ago

Good workout. Go early to beat the crowds

Prepare for this one, great workout and cardio, go at a constant pace, hard on knees. Most of the trail is covered by beautiful trees. Hardly any flat spots, overall enjoyed the workout.

15 days ago

Great workout! The trail is nicely shaded by trees. Be sure to spray on some bug spray. Bring some water and enjoy the hike. The gondola down is $15.

Mountain biking

Had a tough time, definitely recommend dressing appropriately and not wearing jeans. Bring plenty of water, and bug spray. The mosquitos would swarm when ever we stopped for a break, maybe that’s just good motivation to keep moving, haha.

18 days ago

Nice easy hike with a great reward if u can get right to the falls and have a refreshing swim.

21 days ago

a moderate hike with a nice view of the falls at the end, but one can go beyond the falls. Based on the info, going beyond the falls will encounter some challenging routes.

21 days ago

There's a shuttle that takes you from Canada Place to Grouse mountain and back. Challenging for me..I was out of breath numerous times so it took me 2 hours. Didn't help that the temperature was 27 and my husband and I shared a 500ml bottle of water..Refilled my water bottle so many times when I reached the top. Very important to bring water for this hike. No views along the way, but too busy watching my footing to see anything anyways. The first 1/2 was easier than the last 1/2. There were people on the hike as well, but not so many that it felt like I was following the or that I felt there wasn't enough space.

I enjoyed the feeling of relief and accomplishment when I finally reached the top. Saw bears, a bit of the lumberjack show and a bit of the movie.

Great hike to challenge yourself on! Busy trail but everyone knows the hiking etiquette and do step aside for the faster hikers. Beautiful up top and worth the effort. Will do it again!

My wife and I did this trail with our 2 kids (8yrs & 10yrs) in about 80 minutes with lots of little stops along the way to rest and take pictures. This trail was on my wife’s bucket list for quite awhile and certainly did not disappoint. Our kids felt a great sense of accomplishment when we all reached the top. Our next challenge for ourselves when we tackle the Grouse Grind again will be to climb up to the top, take the BCMC trail down and then climb back up the Grind again. Very doable. My wife and I bought Grouse Grind T-shirts. Lol

Really hard and challenging hike.

nice easy hike it was perfect fir a rainy day. Came across only few people.

to many people and no dogs ! good workout but def not my fav and prefer the bcmc trail next to it for dog friendly less people . tougher and longer!

25 days ago

A gruelling hike up to the summit and all the while quite a large step for anyone short as I am. Remember to bring lots of water and take it easy. The trail can be slippery when it rained recently. Always worth going up to watch the lumberjack show.

Took me 3,5 hours total including my stop for photos on the top. Really nice hike, some steep areas but nothing crazy in my opinion. I would like to try to run it (or most of it) next time.

Trail was well marked in my opinion, but I have experience hiking trails that aren’t as well marked.

If you want to have a peaceful hike get out there early. It starts to get busy towards noon.

27 days ago

Very steep trail, took about an hour for me, as I took a few breathers along the way. Trail can be very busy, but that can be nice if you aren’t looking for a back country hike.

29 days ago

Great hike, not challenging in regards to the terrain but the length does make it a challenge. Beautiful forest walks, boardwalks and a stunning waterfall makes this a fabulous hike destination.
We walked the road back instead of the Baden Powell, which seemed to be easier for the route back.

Great hike!! Definitely prepare to sweat but was well worth the views!

30 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful waterfall at the end

1 month ago

If you like a physical challenge, you'll enjoy the Grouse Grind Trail. If you like to appreciate the scenery while you're hiking, you may not. Hiking the trail is as strenuous as advertised, the footing is tricky enough that you have to watch where you're walking nearly the entire time, and the trail is narrow enough and busy enough that it's not always easy to just stop and look around. The nearby BCMC trail provides an easier, if slightly longer, hike up the side of Grouse Mountain.

All of that said, this is one of the most fun hikes I've done in a while. Having a cold Molson (or other adult beverage) at the top of the mountain while taking in the views of Vancouver is a nice bonus, too!

1 month ago

It's a rite of passage for anyone who likes hiking, took us 2 hours with lots of stops. Beautiful trail though. Very busy

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

Great workout rewarded by beautiful views!
TIPS: follow Howe Sound EAST trail, which includes a steady incline that levels out throughout the trail.
Took us about 2.5 hours round trip with a lunch break at the top.
PS- currently there is a bit of smoke throughout the sea to sky, you'll notice it faintly

One of the best hikes!!!

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