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Amazing view and the hike was difficult but I loved it!

Amazing hike! One of the hardest hikes I have done. Very steep and you must take the gondola back down. It was busy when we went in September. Great views and the restaurant at the top was very good.

W.C.T. Is a rewarding and challenging trek that you'll never forget. Live your life around your tide-tables and you won't be forced to stay inland. Walk the beach, catch some whales playing in the distance and enjoy the sometimes desolate but always humbling beauty of western Canada's most famous backpacking gem. Oh, I almost forgot, TAKE MORE TIME than you think. Some folks only get to do this once in a lifetime. Tack on an extra day or two to your plan if you can spare the time. You'll enjoy the whole trip infinitely more when there's no rush and all the time in the world for pictures and trail-side stops. Remember to look up and around. Due to this trail's degree of difficulty, one can get into the habit of always looking at where you'll step next, missing out on everything that's cool. Hike with caution but try to break the habit of always staring at your feet early-on in the hike, get on out there, and make some life changing memories.

19 days ago

challenging..proper footwear is a must in snow..well worth the climb

Almost didn’t go because we thought it was one of Cypress’s paid snowshoe trails. Luckily an employee directed us to the correct trailhead which was a little further down the road from the ticket and rental area.

Great 360 view from the top. Did Feb 18 and it was chilly and beautiful, with mostly packed snow on the trail. Used microspikes. There are some steep sections where it would also help to have poles, but not required. Snowshoes were not necessary and many snowshoers were sliding on their butts down steep sections.

Easy + Fast trail. Close to town for a quick breath of fresh air. Light to moderate traffic during the winter.

Beautiful trail with an amazing view. This is not one Id call easy. Lots of climbs and stairs. Would rate it closer to moderate.

2 months ago

Great hike and beautiful view from Quarry Rock.

Great hike but very busy.

Great, but can be very busy!

2 months ago

The hike was great make sure you take poles and proper snowshoes. The view on the top is amazing. Make sure you check the avalanche warnings there are about 4 avalanche paths make sure you are prepared before you head up in the winter.

2 months ago

Can't say enough about this trail. While it is arguably not perfectly maintained, that adds to the excitement and challenge. The physical challenge of this trail is insane, ranging from pulling your boots out of knee-deep mud, to climbing a set of 5 ladders in a row -- all in the same km of hiking! The views have to be some of the most amazing coastal views in the the world. DO IT! It changed me as a person -- I did this trail and now I can do anything!

Difficult straight up trail. Challenging but getting more difficult as it keeps getting busier every tourist season. Upside is store/restaurant at top and you can treat yourself to a latte at Starbucks when done!

Did it in September. Very steep and hard with our big backpacks for camping under the top. There are good camping spots up there, but no source of water so do not fotget to carry enough. View breathtaking. Definitely worths our effort.

3 months ago

Short hike and a good view. Not 5 stars because it’s too populated. Parking is a nightmare and by the time you get to the rock you’re grouped up with about 20 other people. Basically, everyone has to take turns seeing the view. I prefer back country / solo hiking, but this would be a good beginner/family hike.

4 months ago

Snow covered now. Good footwear is a good idea. Stunning with the snow.

This trail is so amazing . It feels like you will never get lost when you find this one .

I wasn't prepared for this since I caught snow at the top but I had my ice trackers to throw on my runners( something I like to keep in my back pocket for any mountains) ...and I brought my little out door cooking set and heated up soup and pulled out some home made bread ..... it was extremely windy up there( still mastering outside cooking though ) I would do it again in a heart breat though.

trail running
4 months ago

I like to come here early in the am m- f when parking is still available and everyone is at work... possibly when it rains too! its quick and easy to take the dog up to see a quick view and back to ur car before anyone's even had any coffee .

October 29. Easy trail up, pretty views up top. Muddy spots here and there but it’s late in the season and has rained a bit. Pretty busy, people and dogs. Took the east trail up and down. I prefer Tunnel Bluffs over this one. Same view but shorter.

A great hike but definitely challenging at the top. The climb to the peak is steep on loose material and once at the top be careful, its narrow with and you don't want to fall. The view is worth the trek

If you are going on a sunny day or on a weekend plan to get there early. The hike is a steady climb with some ups and downs. There are definitely some challenging spots but overall I think it’s doable by most people if they’re determined. Views from the top are worth every drop of sweat!

I have a love hate relationship with this hike. It is a relentless climb. From the first stair there is no level or down hill sections. 2.5kms of pure leg torture with 2650ft of elevation gain. Choose this hike if you are looking for an intense workout and not so much about the views along the way. It’s a VERY busy trail too so be ready to hike with lots of company.

Great fall hike. Difficult sections and decent but well worth it. Very heavily marked.

4 months ago

Great hike, 360 views. I took around 5 hrs at a gentle pace with lots of photo stops and a break for lunch. Mt Seymour summit probably a bit far for beginners. Bring poles if you have them. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Great short hike, challenging in places. Nice lunch spots at the end of the trail although can be crowded. In the summer I recommend doing this and having a dip in Deep cove afterwards.

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