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My home is on this trail, so I've done it dozens of times. A beautiful walk or bike ride.
Bring your dog and stop at off-leash parks.

Nike, challenging day hike. Very foggy up top so will be doing this again on a clear day. Took our group just a bit under 5 hours to get from parking lot to summit with a few water and picture breaks. Puppy made it to emergency shelter with ease but I backpacked her up to the peak and down. Crossing snowfield was not necessary as we could easily go around what was left of it. Pretty easy up to Alder Flats and getting steeper after that. I drank almost 5 liters of water and it wasn’t that hot so bring lots of water.

There was a trail, and a beach, and an island. Whoa!

Tough but awesome hike. Bring lots of water.

Hard hike but the view is worth it, just watch your steps when walking on dry dirt, could be very slippery. still little patches of snow when we hiked 2 days ago.

Amazing views! Trilha bem tranquila
Nada de urso.

Easy hike with a few sections of stairs. Some good viewpoint spots along the way to jug island beach too! Once you get to the beach you can swim or just watch the kayakers.

15 days ago

Was definitely not an easy hike like they tell you. Great hike tho but definitely some tough sections

17 days ago

done this trail 1/2 dozen times. pays to be in shape. it's a slog of not. the elevation gain is pretty steady after Alder Flats. make it an overnight at the top because you simply cant beat the views. I've done it I as fast as 8 hours return and as a two night trip. would recommend this to anyone wanting a challenge. love this park!

Very demanding at some points as it goes very vertical, but the panorama from the top was great and it has still some snow remains in July!

One day hike, very hard but the view is worth of the pain

Quite the grind but breath taking views for the last 2km to the top. Snow minimal and only after the hut. Can be avoided for the most part. Poles or crampons can assist but manageable without.

29 days ago

A lot of elevation and scrambling after the junction with the lower Norvan Falls Trail, with incredible panoramic views at the summit. My recording was 25 km and 1339 m elevation gain. Plan for 10 hours if you want to enjoy the views and visit the lake. Bring more water and food than you think you need and while I normally don’t use them I found hiking poles useful for steep areas.

1 month ago

Loved it but was much farther than it says on here. We did have to park at the second parking lot which added a bit but it was 13.2 to get to the peak totalling close at 27km not the above quoted 18.9 - there were 6 of us that were all tracking.

beautiful view once you are on the top of the mountain, however this hike was a lot harder than we expected.
from beginning of the trail to the top is definitely longer than posted here. roughly 25km round trip including a small detour to the Norvan fall (very worth it!). Make sure you pack lots of water as it's a very long hike.

the hike was 30km out and back from the parking lot not the stated 19km. Very difficult. bring lots of water and Gatorade and fuel snacks. took 6 girls 10 hrs

great dog walking area. great views, good for a brisk walk

Black flies were brutal, still some snow up there but doable in runners - bring an extra pair of socks! Bring more water than you think you’ll need, it was a hot summer day when we did it. Waterfalls were gorgeous, view was amazing.

1 month ago

Amazing view from the top! I didn't summit as I didn't have the gear for climbing up all that snow, but it was an amazing view of Pitt Lake and the surrounding mountains (even Mt Baker in Washington) from the emergency shelter and campsite.

This hike kicked my ass. I would absolutely not recommend it if you're afraid of heights as there is quite a bit of scrambling to the top. Also, bringing a dog is a really terrible idea in my opinion, though I did see a couple people with them. It's a miracle the dog made it down in one piece.

Way to many people and dog poop everywhere all over the trail, so bad it smells everywhere you go. this isn't a hike it's a walk. parking is slim to non! dont go on long weekends or weekends. weekdays late afternoon are the best times if your into nature walks around litter and poop.

A lovely hike. Some great elevation gains with magnificent views. Two separate bear sightings on the trail so be vigilant.

Powered up to the summit today (July 2nd). Reached the summit in trail runners. Probably could have used crampons or micros after Alder Flats as it got a bit icy but still made it. Trail is in good shape just be prepared to get wet in the snow and for any weather, was sunny at the bottom but at the top was raining and couldn't see anything but fog. Great workout otherwise. Bring water, but fill up on that icy fresh run off, don't worry, it's safe and delicious.

1 month ago

Did this trail on Wednesday. 5 hours up to grouse. Still lots of snow at the top, used our ice picks, probably could have used our crampons but managed without. Very well marked although still not officially open for the season. Wild flowers such as columbines and bleeding hearts starting to bloom. Bugs were wicked up the Boulder field. Beautiful hike well worth it!

Hiked this trail on the May 5th and camped on the ridge. There was still a lot of snow on the trail that stoped us from climbing the summit. Definitely will go back to finish it.
I don't know how people are talking about going up in runners! you definitely need a good pair of boots. There is no water source after alder flats but you can melt snow. after alder flats there is 45 min of hike on a dry creek which I was not a fan of, you need a good ankle support for it.

Gold Creek Falls is an excellent location to enjoy the coolness of the water and the excitement of the trails.

1 month ago

Camp on the ridge if the weather or snow is still heavy, then summit without packs. Proper gear, poles, microspikes. If you want to soak in the experience, stay overnight. So many do this trail unprepared. Best hiking experience in lower mainland. Option to take the east canyon to the gold creek crossing, save your energy for when it really begins after Alder Flats. I break this trail into 3 parts. Parking Lot to Flats, Flats to the Shelter, Shelter to Summit. Enjoy, stay safe!

Lots of options around these trails!

Still lots of snow around the last 1k, did June 23rd.

1 month ago

This could be a 5 star hike if not for the trail. It's not been maintained and now forms a creek so you are walking over a lot of boulders making the ankles kinda sore. recommend over-nighting. its a long ways to go in one day and you'll miss the sites.

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