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on Mount Seymour Trail

23 hours ago

Loved it.

Mount Seymour hike was a great but technical hike. Make sure you take comfortable shoes that don’t slip your feet will ache by the end of the hike. Take bug spray. They were everywhere. Great views through out the entire hike. The last peak is worth every drop of sweat.

2 days ago

Trailhead well marked. 10 mi creek trail to skywalk north to reach Iceberg Lake. Mosquitoes in July. Lots of standing water in woods. Uphill climb almost the whole way and rocky terrain the last half mile or so. Lake makes it worth it. Good for dogs and bridges make traversing soft spots easy.

I did this hike in December with a friend. It was pitch dark for a few hours in the early morning. The scenery is stunning. Many streams to cross. Easy to get lost, I would not recommend doing it on your own unless you are very experienced. A headlamp really helped to spot the distant trail markers; their reflection saved us a few times! A very rewarding trek.

I survived the Grind! It is a workout so be sure to bring sports clothing rather than jeans. Bring lots of water and be prepared for a lot of sweat. At the last part I could hardly lift my feet anymore - however you will be so proud of yourself when you have made it! There are washrooms and eating options at the bottom and at the top. I bought a nice the Northface t-shirt at the top reading „2.830 chances to step it up“ as a souvenir ;-) The way down is only allowed by gondola (which you have to pay for) or you take the BCMC trail down. However when I did the hike there was a long queue for the gondola and some people ignored the one-way policy of the Grouse Grind trail and climbed it down (I would not recommend it though as it seemed rather dangerous to me.) Have fun.

2 days ago

5 miles from village. Easy access and parking. Bathrooms at bottom and top. Total time is 5 hours, including pictures. Straight up and straight down; not much undulating. Bugs!!! Great views at top.

tough but worth it, check the weather and have proper footwear

Did all 3 main peaks + Mystery Peak today. Trail was fairly well marked, though I did accidentally stray from it a couple times - it was never hard to get back on track. There was a bit of snow in a few shaded spots, but it was never an issue - though if you did it in runners they might get wet.

Bugs weren't nearly as bad as I feared. There was basically one horsefly with me for the entire trip out and back, but he became more like a travelling companion than anything. There were no swarms or masses of bugs like others have experienced, though I used basic DEET bug repellant.

Regardless, the trail was in pretty good condition. The scrambles at the end for the Seymour summit were moderate, and I had to rest for a minute a few times, but it wasn't too terrible for a somewhat out-of-shape 35 year old. Was about 6 hours out and back, including all detours and stops. 8.7 miles according to my watch.

Beautiful lake! Hike up is a bit boring but when it opens up it’s quite pretty! This is not a difficult hike, I’d say moderate. 2 hours up, 1 down. Whoever brought their dog and then had the audacity to not clean up after it, wth is wrong with you. No dogs allowed means no dogs allowed! I left mine home for this one too. I wish people were more respectful.

Beautiful, well maintained hike! Follow along on AllTrails as it’s confusing at times. Took us 4 hours to complete (2.5 hours up and 1.5 down) so we added Rainbow Lake to extend our day. It’s mostly through the forest which is a bit boring but once it opens up it’s really pretty and the lake is gorgeous. Returning end of August for a quick dip, hopefully some of the snow on the lake will have melted by then.

A) A fantastic day hike! Beautiful! Plan to hang out at the lake and enjoy the scenery, relax, contemplate... I was mesmerized by God's creation.
B) After hanging out for a while, it's worth going the extra 2 miles or so to see the next lake. I didn't walk down to the lake, but the view from the top of the trail was breathtaking.
C) Bring TONS of mosquito repellent!!! They are ferocious on the way up. I encountered very few at the lake, thank God.

A hidden gem with everything you want in a hike. Lush forest, creeks and waterfalls, scenic mountain views, and a glacier lake (the prize at the top). It's a challenge but the reward is worth it.

Great trail and unreal views at the top!!!

The views are incredible! Would 100% recommend bringing bug spray though.

A) Directions to parking leads to a residential area. I suggest finding a better way to get to the trail. We had to walk about 10-15 minutes through homes.
B) Once on the trail, it's beautiful and peaceful. However, the whole area is probably better for mountain biking.

Very challenging rrail, half of it not well marked. Bring lots of water and food! Beautiful place!

8 days ago

Views are worth it! 70-80% upwards incline through dense amazing forest with the sound of waterfall throughout, occasional view points of mountains and forest from start to finish. finishing with the Lake at the top with more mountain views defiantly recommend! Took me 3hours up and 1:30hrs on the way down.

Easy trail to a beautiful lake. Can either take the nature trail or the cross country ski trails that are gravel to Lost Lake. Once there, there were plenty of activities to do and docks to swim out to in the summer months.

10 days ago

Visiting Canada for the first time and this did not disappoint as a challenge. No wonder everyone here looks ridiculously fit, if this is what they do for fun. Lots of stairs and crowds, but it's a really nice shady and woodsy area which is my ideal type of scenery. Hanging out at the top, enjoying the view, and checking out all the activities is super rewarding after the climb.

on Mount Seymour Trail

13 days ago

A moderate hike but the amount of bugs and the fact that there is still snow on the trail made it more challenging. We turned around after the first peak due to the unbearable bugs. If you go, I recommend to wear a bug net and long sleeve top and pants.

13 days ago

More of a workout than a hike but still super fun!

13 days ago

According to comments from last month, this trail seemed to be great, family doable and fast enough to do it on the afternoon. I’m sure the view really worth it and a few weeks ago we would rate it 5 stars.
But unfortunately, it appeared that this was not the good period to do it since more and more bugs were flying around us and the snow was melting. The path was sometimes so slippy that it could be dangerous, and 400m before arriving to the first peak, people comming back told us the bugs and the slippy path were getting worse. There was so much flies attacking us and we had no snowshoes so we decided to give up before the awesome views... it’s too bad because the trail is so beautiful !
So if you plan to do it in july, better come well prepared for melting snow and maybe begin on the morning so the flies won’t be such a lot !

Did this in the rain and it was still so amazing! Challenging but worth it

Challenging hike but extremely rewarding. Sometimes difficult to distinguish where markers and flags are heading because of the amount of trails leading to different summits or ridges. Hiked to the summit of crown on July 5th and portions of the hike were still covered in snow. A couple down hill portions of the hike are still covered in snow making it very difficult to descend. Definitely recommend hiking boots and/or crampons. Round trip just under 5 hours.

I wouldn't call this one hard, it's a workout for the legs but I've seen tourists do it without proper footwear and wearing jeans. Overcrowded with tourists unless you get there at 6 am and they just increased the price for the gondola to $15 dollars so it costs $15 to come down.

17 days ago

Because it’s leg day.

Awesome find. There are definitely some difficult sections where it is difficult to find ones way back into the forested portions of the trail..... The APP was a life saver and would strongly recommend its use. ... The Train Wreck site and the suspension bridge really made the trek worth while.

After the hike a stop at the nearby #WhistlerBrewingCo is a refreshing touch .

19 days ago

Lots of markers along the trail- but be aware of alternate flagging tape leading to other summits (goat, thunder ridge, etc). Still lots of snow but it is packed down. Hiking boots are recommended as opposed to runners. No view from the summit today even though it was blue skies at the grouse chalet. Took us 2.5 hours to the summit. No snow at the final rocky part. No bugs.

19 days ago

extremely beautiful hike, perfect trail , total mileage was 10.3 miles tiny bit of snow at top to lake
very easy to manage

19 days ago

Well that was insane... it was like a group CrossFit on steroids. Husband and I are in decent shape, but still had to stop several (like 10) times. It definitely felt like a rite of passage and we’re glad we checked that box. Harder than The Chief (but not harder than all 3 peaks of The Chief).

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