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16 hours ago

Grueling hike! The entire hike is a scramble up the mountain. Pretty relentless. The final ascent up the boulders is intense. Bring lots of water! Most of the hike is spent in the trees. About 2.5-3hours in you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the water cascading down the mountain from the lake - take a break and take in the waterfall. Another 45 minutes in the trees and finally out for magnificent views! 30 more minutes up the boulder and finally... The lake itself! It is gorgeous!

Long hike, lake was packed with campers and hikers, took the loop up through the meadows by black tusk, flowers just starting to come out. I imagine in a week or two the colours will be lovely.
View to the Barrier was taped off as part of the bridge warning and kept many from going to see that view, however lots of toilet paper on that part as people now use the unused path as the john. Common people leave no trace and bury your leavings if you must go on the trail.

2 days ago

Excellent hike. Nice and steep but not too long so bearable. Definitely recommend doing it as an overnighter...set your tent and then head up to the glacier :)

5 days ago

Visiting Canada for the first time and this did not disappoint as a challenge. No wonder everyone here looks ridiculously fit, if this is what they do for fun. Lots of stairs and crowds, but it's a really nice shady and woodsy area which is my ideal type of scenery. Hanging out at the top, enjoying the view, and checking out all the activities is super rewarding after the climb.

My wife and I did the hike yesterday. it's was Amazing and very rewarding. Yes it was a hard and long hike. Would do it again but this time in 2 days. 10.25 hours and stayed 45 min at the top.

The hike was basically a 15 min walk, so if you are expecting to hike for a good hour or two, this is not the one for you.The view is very pretty though.

8 days ago

More of a workout than a hike but still super fun!

trail running
9 days ago

Amazing views, still some snow which makes the slide back down hill great fun.

Did this in the rain and it was still so amazing! Challenging but worth it

Beautiful views BUT too early in the year. I did it last week (last week of June) and there is still too much snow. Up until the Lions is okay, but after that steep snow gullies and snow bridges need proper snow hiking gear (ice pick, crampons, etc).
Also, this is not really a loop...you can leave a car at Porteau Cove and then come back to start the hike from Cypress Mountain, it's 28km one way and hard, not moderate.

I wouldn't call this one hard, it's a workout for the legs but I've seen tourists do it without proper footwear and wearing jeans. Overcrowded with tourists unless you get there at 6 am and they just increased the price for the gondola to $15 dollars so it costs $15 to come down.

11 days ago

Because it’s leg day.

Not technically difficult but it’s a long hike. A few muddy sections but it’s well worth the effort. For someone who rarely hikes it was an awesome day.

13 days ago

Did this hike on Saturday 29 June. It was an amazing hike, did it in 11 hours. The 7km of switchbacks are cruel!
There is still around 2 feet of snow past 1700 metres, we didn't have crampons or snow shoes but had gaiters and waterproof boots which were fine.

14 days ago

This was a gorgeous payoff. It’s definitely doable without a lot of skill but I warn, it’s pretty much killer switchbacks the whole way up...however..it means pretty much down hill the whole way back! Will definitely come back and camp up at the lake and head on to the ridge the next day!

14 days ago

Very nice park, enjoyed looking in tide pools.
Also did a geocache in the park!

14 days ago

Well that was insane... it was like a group CrossFit on steroids. Husband and I are in decent shape, but still had to stop several (like 10) times. It definitely felt like a rite of passage and we’re glad we checked that box. Harder than The Chief (but not harder than all 3 peaks of The Chief).

Love it and will do it again! Better then being in a gym on a stationary stair master. It is challenging, bring water and proper shoes.

Nice hike, steep, sleep with a tent on wood platform. Glacier, lake and mountain are amazing!
Must do!

This is really a workout/stairmaster hike. If you are not in decent shape or workout consistently you are going to be unhappy with this hike. It’s busy and used by locals for a quick workout in Mother Nature. If I want to workout and climb this is the hike. If I want to meander and slowly climb the mountain and enjoy all the beauty around me, this is not the hike.

Great hike and the lake was spectacular, even on a rainy day. Snow was pretty much gone on the trail but the bridge is still washed out so you have to take Taylor Meadows at the T. Which adds an extra bit to the trek. Will do it again for sure!

17 days ago

Hello all, wondering if anyone can give me some insight on the weather forecast for this hike on Monday. Looks like it’s gonna rain so I’m thinking it’ll be wet, and grey, and nothing to see once at the top. Can anyone tell me if I’m right? Am I reading the forecast correctly? Or what are you thoughts and recommendations for hiking this on Monday?

We are also planning on camping at garibaldi lake which we have reservations for.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to hearing from anyone.

Wes and Isabelle

Hike is clear. A few patches of snow at the top past the boulder field that you walk over for 30 seconds. Very minimal. Did the hike in trail runners with no issue. People were camping at the top. Marmots galore!!!

18 days ago

i will be hiking this trial Friday July 27th. full route in one day. if you are interested in hiking with me give me a shout - thulak@outlook.com

18 days ago

i will be hiking this trial Friday July 27th. full route in one day. if you are interested in hiking with me give me a shout - thulak@outlook.com

18 days ago

Well...not my kind of a HIKE. It is truely a cardio workout and makes you reach the top. But definitely not beautiful and a very nice experience. To crowded and to busy even on a monday morning. Hiked down the BCMC after checking out the very touristy mountain top was way more relaxing and beautiful as it is kept pretty natural without having "build-in" steps.

Beautiful views & time well spent!

21 days ago

Take a beautiful afternoon/ evening and bring a picnic and enjoy the view.

23 days ago

The road in has recently been filled in so the potholes are easier to navigate. The hike is accuratley rated as hard, but it's well worth it when you get to the top! Definitely achievable without snow shoes now, only a few ankle deep patches left.

24 days ago

Everything its built up to be. One of the best hikes in BC. Bring a camera and wind and rain gear it can sock in fast and get wet and cold even in August. very busy go in the fall.

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