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Went there tonight, it was a nice trail overall - we were on the Pandora part - but then we didn’t get to finish it as we saw a black bear. It was looking at us, came forward a couple steps so we turned around and went back from where we were coming from. I think it was a female, not sure if there were cubs around but didn’t risk it! Otherwise it was good, I’d probably go back and hopefully enjoy more views next time!

7 days ago

Nice walk very busy.
Better are the interior park trails as quieter.

on English Bay

8 days ago

Went a bit further and back making a 10k trail

excellent walk

Nice easy walk and a must for visiting tourists, friends and family. Can get very busy on the weekends.

beautiful get away but so close to home

18 days ago

Nice small walk along the bay. Sometimes it’s too crowded but you get to enjoy all those activities that people are doing around.

It's a nice stroll. Take your (leashed) dog; take your baby stroller; take your camera. Watch for eagles on the south-east section of the path. There's more wildlife than you'd think; just look for it.

19 days ago

lots of different types of beautiful views but none absolutely spectacular. It was easy and short which is what i was going for.

Lovely walk with some very good views. Vancouverites are very lucky to have such an amazing park right in the centre!

this trail is really fun and has a variety of off-trail trails (legal ones!) that are fun to spontaneously explore. also you can get a great workout.

road biking
1 month ago

Scenic beauty along sea wall

great dog walking area. great views, good for a brisk walk

The view along this walk is amazing. Lots of great sights and many places to stop for a few and relax. A walk you shouldn’t pass up

1 month ago

Easy trail with gentle inclines and declines around a beautiful lake. Good for a relaxing stroll anytime of the day or an energetic run.

did this loop twice on a trail run today. as others are saying the power/pipe line part of the trail is boring and relitavley easy but ascending Nicole's trail gets the heart going and descending Mel's trail makes for some fun technical downhill

I wish the description or reviews mentioned it is pay to park ($3.50 per hour).

definitely an experience. pleasant and easy!

Exploring this trail, bike or walk, is an amazing way to spend half the day. Many beautiful views, pit stops along the beach for a dip in the ocean, and even public washrooms.
super family friendly.
I've done the route a few times already and will probably do it a few more times.

2 months ago

Super nice view

nothing special but still it has decent looks

Just ok

2 months ago

Pretty nature walk. Clean clear paths! Kinda cool to see the painted turtles too!

2 months ago

Pretty easy trail I did several weeks ago. But beautiful lake!

Almost 10km, amazing views ! I did several times.

Bikes around the trail. There are some spots where cyclists have to dismount. Washrooms along the way.
Very scenic and stunning.
Bustling with people eager to get out with their families and loved ones for the day.

3 months ago

Supremely busy

road biking
3 months ago

Biked the trail, it offers some really amazing views. It’s a good idea when you want to have a active yet relaxed day. After half way we had a little picnic and then continued.
Early morning is the more serene and blissful time to do it.

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