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4x4 needed for this trail during summer months. Trail was gated at the entrance to the canyon. Trail is closed.

It looks like the trail has been closed off at The Narrows since 2016. There is a huge fence barricade with a dozen signs to keep out. Someone said they crawled around the fence, but someone must have reinforced it because there was no way of getting around without climbing a mountain. Total bummer because all the good stuff is past the fence.

Just follow the trail listed with All Trails and you'll be good. There is a fence blocking the entrance because of the land owner of that small section. However everyone just ignores it and hikes around it. so worth seeing this beautiful rock feature.

Great hike. A little hard to find the actual traihead- it's down in the canyon and gated off with danger signs... After seeing a few people inside, we decided to join by crawling under the fence. The experience was well worth it. Long, narrow canyon winding about a mile with a cool breeze coming through. There was one spot that I needed a boost to get up (short legs) but other than that, a pretty short and easy day hike.

9 months ago

Nice, easy hike, not too busy and nice views. Park on the side of the road, I didn’t see any signs for the trail, but there were people parked there and you can find the trail easily. We didn’t finish the whole trail, we just went to the riverbed and then walked down it for a while. Cool outcroppings, lizards, birds and bushes that smell like lilacs.

Amazing views. Few signs, so it’s easy to be lost on the trail. GPS is absolutely necessary to stay on the trail. Some strenuous points; dangerous for those with fear of high.

really incredible area full of unique rock formations. The trail shown here on Alltrails is wrong and so is the distance. if you try to follow it on GPS it will take you some very odd places including over an 80 foot spill on the north side... You can see it on the topo. I parked at the east end of the trail and hiked cpujnter clockwise, making a loop using the road. Have a GPS if you visit here.. It's very remote and confusing and you will most likely be the only one there. since the trail shown on this app was so wrong (notice how straight some parts are) I advise to research your route online. there is a different trail map that shows an actually navigatable route that I found later. trail is not marked and is more just a way to navigate the maze. it is a maze. I was afraid of getting stuck after dark because following washes seems Like a good idea until they get too narrow nd high on the sides and the spills too steep and then you have to backtrack for miles but that's what makes it fun right?

We spent 2 very tiring and frustrating days trying to find the trail for this hike. Yesterday, we explored the whole area only to find signs telling us to keep out and stay alive, and today more of the same. First and foremost, if the area is closed to the public, the park ranger should inform the public of same so folks don't waste their time! Also, if the owner is not allowing the public access to his or her property, it shouldn't be advertised to mislead people to believe this area is open to the public.

amazing hiking trail, similar to the valley of fire but more secluded. i was the only one on the trail in August. there is so much to explore here! i spent 6 hours going through a maze of sandstone cliffs. perfect for bouldering. you do need to conserve some energy for the hike back though plenty of shade. highly recommend!

We attempted this trail yesterday only to find signs staying keep out and giving us a number to call. There were no trail markers and multiple roads that never seemed to lead in the right direction. We still had our own fun and explored the area since there were no workers on Sunday! Climbed a little and looked at the views and saw mountain goats! Hate we missed the narrows!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Did this hike several months ago. It is challenging. Be very careful.. you can get lost.. like we did . ended up hiking down a huge cliff.. tore my pants almost twisted my ankle.. lol but it was a good hike

Well worth the effort to get to this slot canyon - every turn is an incredible sight!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Great hike, bring plenty of ware, bring a camer, lots of great shots, watch for snakes.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beautiful oasis in a dry desert. goes to a small pond with small fish surrounded by huge palms.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The trail isn't marked and is very hard to follow. It takes good route finding skills to see the trail in most places. I found to "Arch" the closed one is show on Bob's Arches website and is probably the correct one. The ranger at the visitors had never heard of "Arrowhead Arch". I followed the "Trail" further until I found another arch.

So I drive a Kia Soul and tried to off road this, we didn't get stuck but I wouldn't recommend it. You can park off the highway and hike back. It doesn't add that much time to the hike and the Bowl of Fire is like a 15-minute hike from the trailhead. There is some bouldering but if you're in decent shape you can do it. I wear a prosthetic leg and managed fine. It's definitely worth it. I recommend bringing a good camera if you have one because it's very picturesque. There's also not much of trail once you get back there so you can just explore.

This really is a must see if you like scenic slot canyons, but not in hot weather, cooler in the slot, but the way there would be miserable in Vegas summer. March was perfect.

Monday, April 18, 2016

No set trails so you need to find your own way. A few challenging hills to climb

This is a great hike with varying difficulties. Reaching the trail head is a hike in itself, this took about an hour from driving off road until we decided to park on some solid ground. The various hiking elements varied from red sand to a slight boulder climb to continue on. Recommend GPS due to the unmarked paths and easily confusing scenery that can turn you around.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good trail, cool arch

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Great night hike, the light for photos is great.

Went in mid April. Access to the ore mine area that leads to the Narrows is gated however they're open until about 4:30 pm. Workers will let you pass. There's another way to access it but it's a long way around. Look it up online before going just in case.

Access is still closed

Access is closed to the public. Signs are posted saying "keep out if you want to stay alive" and to contact the bureau of land management to reach the narrows

With the exception of the "busy" trailhead (mining operation, the bucolic sounds of very heavy machinery :-) ) I found this hike quite magnificent. I did drive my rental Altima (carefullY) to the parking area just before the dirt road goes down to the wash and the mouth of the Narrows. The guys driving the huge trucks and the jeeps were really friendly and considerate, slowing down and apologizing for the tail of dust they left for my enjoyment.
Once in the narrows it was pure pleasure all the way though and to the summit / Anniversary Narrows peak. As the elevation profiles shows for all tracks, the second part of the hike (once you leave the wash) just keeps getting steeper all the way to the saddle and beyond. The very final leg to the summit requires a minimum of technical skills, sure footing and comfort with heights and drop[-offs. What a treat to reach the top and look all around though! Views of the Bowl of Fire on one side and the Muddy Mountains wilderness on the other are worth every burning calf up and aching knee back down.
I am providing a link to a site I found very useful as a visitor to the area (birdandhike.com). It is how I eventually selected this hike.

We tried to do this hike last year, but the mining operation shut us out. We did enjoy some other trails but were anxious to leave after an eerie find. A Bible laying in off road way out there in the desert left me with a strange feeling there was something amiss. I don't know if I expected to run across a burning bush or a dead body but we made a rapid exit. The flies never bothered us until we stopped, then they really went to biting!

We can't check-in when we got there. "no service" and by the time my phone got service, it says "too far to check-in"! But it is really beautiful in there

Very neat single-day destination hike. We drove up a jeep road and into a wash to get closer to the bowl, then we hiked up the small canyon/drainage for when it rains, this leads directly into the bowl and you cannot miss it. It is the best way to get into the bowl if you have a vehicle you are comfortable driving in the wash. I recommend studying some local maps and a good GPS if you are going to drive up the jeep roads.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It can be a difficult hike. some of the rocks are larger than cars, and when stepped on, can slide a bit under the relatively light weight of the hiker. Keep that in mind when traversing the terrain. I would suggest the hiker approach the butte from the east side, as it is a gentler slope, and there are varied agate specimens for gathering. One way to do that is to follow the power line road, then begin the ascent ever onward towards the top of the butte. Because agate is silicon, tapping rocks in the dark produces light. (true of most silicon rocks).
The safe way up and down would be to ascend the eastern side of the mountain (actually an old cinder cone plug), and go back down the way you went up.
Descending the western side of the butte can cause an insurmountable problem to go back up/down the way you came, and could cause a need for a rescue operation from Civil Air Patrol or some other such agency. In some places, it may be impossible to climb back up or back towards the trail from which you came, as refrigerator sized rocks and boulders may slip, trapping the hiker, or obliterating safe back-track passage.
Besides agate, there is some gold placer in the area, but to access that, will require lugging equipment up and down the trails. It can be done, but my suggestion would be to tote a 5-gallon bucket, rock hammer, GPS, Band-aids, and liquid refreshment. Rescue may involve a fine for having hiked upward and then getting trapped.
The view is great, and rocks of varied colors abound. Charlie. watch out for rattlesnakes as well. Best advice: let the snakes go their way, and once passed, you go your way

Friday, March 21, 2014

Had a great time on this hike, once away from the parking lot did not see another person until the other end. Great area make sure to take a camera.

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