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This was a fantastic hike. A bit of endurance needed. My Fitbit said 11.4 miles so don’t worry once you pass the 9.8 AllTrails states.

Not a lot of people were around during my hike. I saw maybe 4-5 people and a few bike riders.

Definitely worth doing. Especially since Mt Lukens is apparently the highest peak in LA city limits.

off road driving
7 days ago

Great fun with varying levels of difficulty

Pretty good morning workout. The way up was the steepest ive veer hiked. You could probably crawl thats how steep it is. Really liked this trail, it was a major challenge getting up, but the fire road on the way way was great, i even jogged it down.

This is ones of the hardest best hiking in the valley, going all the way up to the fire department, and coming down the street. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I hike this one for a quick hard workout twice a week all year round , summer is brutal and almost stepped in a Rattlesnake but I take it to Whitney canyon and dip right into the waterfalls during our rainy season

21 days ago

This was no joke, by far the hardest trail I’ve ever done. Very difficult to find as well, but the views are so worth it. Bring lots of water and fuel to replenish your energy. It was only about 80 the day I did it, but it’s like you’re baking between all the rocks.

24 days ago


29 days ago

Excellent trail for a quick workout. Best on weekday mornings as it gets crowded. You’ll be done in about an hour. Great way to start the day

I hiked this trail and I have to say the climb to the trail at the top was very steep indeed. Certainly no fun to come back down. The trail at the top is really nice though. Great views.

1 month ago

On Saturday September 8, I returned to this hike solo, starting before 7am this time with 5 liters of water. This hike is a good test of my fitness as you gain 2000 feet in the last 2.7 miles after you leave the fire road and head into Los Padres on the trail. And I am not talking switchbacks here, the last 2.7 miles to the Divide Road go straight up and can be a little treacherous as the trail has eroded in places. And it was HOT. I finished my water coming back when I hit the fire road and I had five miles to go! Lots of trucks surprisingly on a weekend. Love this hike, as I stumbled off the trail some nine hours later, I was exhausted and exhilarated.

I love Veterans Park

off road driving
1 month ago

I completed this endeavor with a stock 4runner ORP. 4x4 is a must, along with some rock rails due to the terrain. This was my first true off roading adventure and might have been too technical. IMO, you need a lifted rig and some experience.

Minus the toughness of the trial, it was a great adventure and is a recommended drive!

this was a relatively easy hike but it was a road for the entirety of it it was a little bit smoggy from the fires otherwise the views would have been great

Great hike. Started around 7am with my group but it was just so hot already, we only made it to Arlington peak. You are pretty much exposed to the sun the whole time, definitely plan to do the hike on a cooler day.

Great workout!

1 month ago

Great hike first thing in the morning. Once you get to the top it’s well worth the view.

My son and hiked to mile 4 marker on Thursday August 16 and it was hot! We started late, 10:30am, but even if we had started when we planned too, we still would have needed more water to get to the top. We brought about 8 liters between us and ran out coming down. Great hike with lots of up and wildflowers and budding oaks in burn areas. Lots of truck traffic on fire road including a watering dust suppressant truck that passed us coming and going. All trucks were courteous, slowing down or stopping for us but at least half a dozen passed us. Really looking forward to hiking the top soon.

I love this trail.. If your looking for a challenge on hills and a hard workout THIS IS THE PLACE

trail running
2 months ago

I was visiting from AZ and was looking for a 10-12 mile out n back trail run with a good elevation and this trail was absolutely perfect. The first 2-3 miles on single track were pretty much all climbing, then it joined a Jeep trail/service road and it was rolling hills and some more great climbs. I stopped at the end of the road at 5.5 miles out and turned around. I ran at sunrise and the views were absolutely incredible with mtn views to one side and ocean views ocean in the distance on the other. The great thing about the trail is that I can be done by any skill level and at any pace. I def plan to come back next time I’m in the Ventura area.

Lovely day today!

If you want to go up the mountain around to view the lake you will need a 4x4 with good tread on your tires. Not necessarily a lift kit but traction is key on this trail.

Multiple wondering options to get lost in but follow the directions and take the last turn down to the left. Looks sketchy but that’s where the trail starts.

It’s hard . Take a lot of water , good shoes and protect your hands. The map little confuse but you will figure out . I would like to hike there again! It worst it .

It was a really nice hike a little steep at times. Make sure you wear shoes with a grip as I slid down a few times on my way back. I will be back soon

Fun hike

nature trips
3 months ago

Did this a couple days ago. Depending on where you cross the river, the trail can be hard to find. I walked up the dry creek bed for an hour and a half before realizing my mistake. That was frustrating. I found the trail using google maps, and took it. This trail needs maintenance! Got stung by a bee in the face, came in contact with both poison oak and poodle dog bush. I had to do a lot of bushwhacking, in these plants and others. Got stabbed by those pointy bushes that have like 100 spines. The trail was sketchy the entire way up to where I got, only about a mile in. However, some of these faults were my mistake, and I’ll try again next weekend.

rock climbing
4 months ago

My favorite hike of all time. Very challenging but VERY fun, I have yet to find another like it.

There is no waterfall on this trail; that is the OTHER Whitney Canyon trail. This one follows the Santa Clara Truck Trail up to the summit of Los Pinetos, which is mainly occupied by radio towers. By all means hit the summit, but I would suggest going just past the spur to the summit, to Wilson Saddle. There are picnic benches and toilets there, a much more pleasant place to stop and rest.

We hiked it, but it is probably more fun as a MTB route. Long, steady ascent on an old road grade, with views that change slowly. No shade on this route, so plan accordingly.

Loved it! Challenging but amazing views

Main thing is about this trail is the views and the park.

I would not try running on this trail since its concrete all the way up.

trail running
4 months ago

Great place to get any level of hike and great views at each point.. There's a flag at one point and it's about 3.5 miles you can pass that and catch the pavement road to make it easier coming down.. By doing that you'll get a double treat cause you'll come back to a bench..

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