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One of my favorite hikes ❤️❤️

Very cool and simple trail! Beautiful this time of the year!

Terrible. You have to hike up a road to even get to the entrance.

Super easy loop... snow everywhere... people everywhere. A lot of people with snowshoes for no reason, but to each there own. This is a short trail that we do with our 4 and 7 year old every once in awhile, they like it. Boots work fine, spikes work fine, snowshoes would also be fine, but I save my spikes for when we move over to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake where it's a little steeper. If you're looking for easy, this is what you want.

9 days ago

It was an easy hike except for the icy condition, although some other hikers had no problem with it, but I was slipping where there’s ice even with walking poles. The view was amazing, though! I’d definitely rent microspikes to wear next time. The lake is still frozen, I think the view will look even more beautiful if it wasn’t frozen.

Climbed on March 11th, 2018. Took me about 6 hours to get to the top after stopping periodically for the view and lunch. Climb was fairly easy until around 11,500 ft, then the elevation started to slow me down. Not much snow on the bottom but by the time we reached the top it was 3' in some spots. Close to the top you can only identify the trail by prints in the snow. Views were fantastic and photo ops were abundant. Crowded at the top by people who drove up (Road closes at 3pm for the way up, 4pm on the way down).

It was definitely a lot of a fun, and I'm sure I'll do it again.

12 days ago

On the way up we were getting nervous about the lack of snow in morraine park, but were not let down when we got to the trailhead. We were fine in just our hiking boots til shortly after nymph lake then the trail got more narrow, steep, and icy where our snowshoes came in handy (or any type of yaktrak would have been fine). Overall it was great, still very well traveled even in the snow. Signage is nearly impossible to find with how deep the snow is, but trail is mostly well packed and easy to follow.

Very beautiful. Easy terrain. Limited parking.

Parked and hiked a bit, walked back and drove to the next parking spot. Hiked a bit again. Gorgeous, paved trails.

So. Much. Snow. Lol too much snow to do much exploring, but beautiful, beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully just not in the winter haha

Awesome hike ! Make sure you check in at Barr Camp to see about the weather on the summit. The first time I attempted the winds were 60mph so the roads and train were closed. Decided it wasn’t safe to keep going. Came back a second time , no regrets.

Combination of paved and gravel trails surrounding and through the park and gorgeous rock formations. Not terribly crowded on a chilly February morning, but the views would be worth a visit even in the busier summer months.

27 days ago

Amazing hike through beautiful alpine meadows with wild flowers and marmots. The lake is stunning!

Very easy and very beautiful

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful. Didn't make it anywhere near the falls though as we ended up waist-deep in snow! Still a great workout though!

1 month ago

I walk every day with my dog around local parks at home in Ohio. This was what I would call my first true hiking experience. It was a little difficult maneuvering through the rocks, and my family and I had only brought tennis shoes. However the difficulty was all worth it! Every step of the way you could turn in any direction and the views would take your breath away! There was one scary area with a very steep drop off of all rocks, I just tried to keep my eyes on the other side. The pay off at the end was a gorgeous peaceful lake. We went on a cool, foggy morning, but I honestly can’t imagine it being any more beautiful than it was. Be sure and go early so you can drive and park your car right at the park, and take some stunning pictures of Maroon Bells Lake and mountains before you begin.

beautiful view.. makes me realized how lucky Iam to experienced such creation!

1 month ago

Always a great snowshoeing trek in RMNP. Some fresh snow, occasional sun and on and off winds. Great variety to keep things interesting. Also makes for some different and interesting pictures.

Some people ventured without snowshoes, skis or crimpons. They didn't look like enjoyed the hike as much and a step off compacted trail was easily 2ft up the leg. So as always, the right gear makes for an easier more enjoyable trek.

A busy trail but knowing it and expecting makes it okay as people are generally friendly and accommodating on the trail. Not to say that sometimes it’s great to be on a trail and not see anyone.

This was my first 14er a few years ago and I love going back. Absolutely wonderful! Why drive to the top when you can hike it??? The views certainly make up for the painful switchbacks towards the top. Loved it. ❤

1 month ago

My mom and I went here this morning to catch the super moon set and Alpenglow.
neither happened lol. We were to high up to see the moon and there was not pink in the sky. Still it was a nice hike. Took some nice pictures and headed back down.
The trail is packed and icy and in some spots. I would definitely suggest yakka tracks and Poles. Also, the Lake is not completely frozen over so don't walk out on it twords the east side. It is very windy up at the lake. We also saw some large fresh prints in the snow by Nymph lake. Looked like mountain lion.

on Bear Lake Nature Trail

1 month ago

We loved this loop trail! Literally stopped every few moments to soak in the beauty and scenery but truly great trail. We took our three kiddos on this trail backpacked one and the other two walked. I suggest bringing water as the elevation may hit some more than others. Little to no inclines but if not acclimated it might be more challenging. Stunning stunning view! Parking fills fast.

2 months ago

I would defiantly recommend going in the summer! It’s beautiful!!

Hiked today with husband 4 mikes up gave my lungs a workout

2 months ago

So incredibly beautiful! It was very cold and windy and there was some elevation gain on the hike. Trail mostly snow packed but still fun and the destination was well worth it! Frozen lake, gorgeous scenery!

2 months ago

Went yesterday and the trail was mostly snow packed. Easy trail, would love to see it without snow. Moved on to the other trails after this.

absolutely amazing hike. everyone should do it at least once in their life, it's a great challenge!

2 months ago

Went up Jan. 14th. Easy short hike, steep in some spots. At Dream Lake EXTREMELY windy. Micro spikes and poles aren’t required but definitely help. Most people had snowshoes.

worth seeing and hiking up past the bells! (Did in August 2017)

The best hike I've ever done!

My profile: I'm a really active guy and I've been living all my life at sea level. I moved to Colorado Springs 6 months ago.

I've done the Barr trail twice.

- A month ago, at the beginning of December 2017, I tried the Barr Trail through the Incline. It took me 7h to reach the summit and for several times I had to stop for some seconds to catch up with my breath. It was my first time at the incline and the first time over 10,000 feet.

- After my first attempt a month ago, I did the Incline 5 times and twice to Barr Camp to get ready. Then, January 9th 2018 I did my real Barr Camp trail.

I started at 8.30am. It took me 37min to finish the Incline and in 1h50 min from my start I was at Barr Camp. I reached the summit of Pikes Peak in a total of 5h30min. I ate at the bar some spaghetti that I brought with me and after 20 min break I went back down. It took me 3h50min to do the way down, also through the Incline.

My advice: go to Barr Camp a couple of times before to try Pikes Peak. It's worth it because it will allow you to enjoy the views a little bit more when you're over 10,000. Also, the last 2 miles can be miserable and endless if you're not used to the altitude.

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