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Did this hike about 5 days ago. The Golden aspen were striking and views of mountains ahead and on either side were magnificent. The falls are nice as well. It is quite sun exposed for much of the walk. We went early in morning but even then it was a hot day, but very lovely

45 minutes ago

Did this hike 3 days ago and it was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. The ridge was beautiful and we actually walked about 1.5 mile along south spur. The fall colors and views were magnificent. Watched a marmot for quite awhile. Splendid!!!

3 hours ago

Gorgeous hike especially with all the fall colors. Was definitely on the harder side but well worth it. Tracking on my watch put me at about 8 miles to the cabin and back. We brought our dog and only ran into 3 groups of people throughout the hike!

Absolutely stunning views and very fun hike up to the top!

Not crowded at all, we passed maybe 4 people all day. Gorgeous hike, especially in the fall.

8 hours ago

There are much better hikes in the area. Though rated moderate, for anyone less than a seasoned hiker, I would say this is a hard hike with 35% grade ascents. HIGHLY recommend poles! Travels through aspen so nice for the fall and seems like there would be good wildflowers in July. Only about 12 parking spots limited to 3 hours and most people cannot get to the cabin and back in three hours. The cabin is anti-climatic. I recommend stopping for your snack at the large boulder field (not the small one) or going just above that field to a large flat area in order to enjoy the views. For more info and pics click here: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/18/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-vail/

Tough hike but very beautiful. The road to the trailhead was a long dirt road but not bad as far as clearance goes-- only the last mile or so was uncomfortably bumpy/slow, I imagine most vehicles could make it up. The beginning of the trail is steep, then it levels out a little with less dramatic gains. Don't be fooled by the first lake you come to... continue up about another 1/4 mile ish to see the bigger lake, it's worth it! Gorgeous water color and mountain backdrop. Highly recommend this for a great workout and views. Not too much fall color change on the hike bc of the tree composition in the area, but the drive from Minturn was stunning with tons of aspens.

1 day ago

Always a beautiful hike! The views at the top are amazing, why we love living in Colorado. Moderate climb, and worth doing many times.

1 day ago

This was an absolutely amazing hike. The leaves are changing so beautifully which made it so much more magical! It’s labeled as difficult but I would say it’s a medium-hard hike. There are some steep parts but for the most part it’s just an uphill climb with a great reward at the end! Very clean trail, but very well trafficked. I recommend getting to the trail before 8 am (or even earlier). We arrived at 8:40 am and were really glad we came early because the hike back was pretty busy. Also, only park in designated parking spots because you WILL get a ticket if you’re parked on the side or the road. Overall, despite it being a busy trail, it’s probably one of my favorite hikes! Enjoy!

1 day ago

Great hike, highly recommend

Not many aspens but very nice hike without lots of people

Beautiful hike with golden aspen hills, blue skies, and majestic mountains in full view. Toughest part of the day is the drive to the walk. We made it in a non suv, but it’s slow, bumpy, and dusty. You are exposed in sun for most of the hike, so come early or enjoy the heat (and the crowds). But despite all that one of the most beautiful hikes ever

4 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of photo ops. Went when aspens were turning colors. Nothing like it. Difficult trail, though. Take plenty of water.

great work out, gorgeous views - perfect to see fall colors

Hiked this trail on a Thursday. I saw only two people and that was on my return. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the gold leaf aspens on the side of the mountain were beautiful. The lake was great and trail around it is a single track trail that gives you great views of the lake. I thought this was a nice and easy trail. Bring a lunch and eat it on a rock by the lake.

Hiked this morning 9/11/18
A good hike up, enjoyed the scenery and took pictures. I would consider this a moderate and not hard trail compared to some other ones. We had great weather this morning, cool and some sun at time. Water is really low, therefore the fall is very small.

7 days ago

Great scenic trail, moderate traffic all day. Hiked up to a ridge between hilltops-spectacular views for 50 miles in every direction. Lionshead rock was on the way, about 1/3 of the way up the one hill.

Hiked 9/9/18. The leaves are turning colors and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The water is low so you are able to walk on top of the waterfall and take pics on the edge of the drop off! Good workout! We clocked 5.8miles which is longer than what All Trails has as the distance. Definitely a great summer and fall hike!

8 days ago

We completed a overnight backpacking trip this past weekend, and it was absolutely perfect. It stormed a bit at night, but was perfectly clear by morning. There were plenty of other people staying overnight, but there are so many nooks to camp in that it was easy to feel like you were nearly alone. Incredible views and many places to scramble and explore around the lakes.

Very beautiful but WARNING! Very very very limited parking. And the vail police will give you an expensive ticket if you park ANYWHERE other than that small parking lot beside the trail... even if there is no sign saying not to... not that I am bitter or anything. But the trail itself is beautiful. A bit longer than you think though.

9 days ago

I know it’s subjective, but it closer to hard than moderate. Amazing views, well-worth the time and effort. We went on 7 Sep and most of the Aspen in the immediate vicinity of the trail were still green.

Great hike with some 360 degree views and fun scrambling.

We were the group on the ridge! Thanks for posting the pic!

Easy hike. Make sure when you see the secondary trail spurs you venture out, usually 20 yards. Great views from these advantage points.

11 days ago

To the group on the ridge if you want your pics sent to you plz request with your text no. Or email.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike as always. This was a clear wonderful day. Moderate hike with options to go to the ridge come back and go towards Cooper mtn up the ridge with amazing views 360. To the group that crossed the hike, here are your pics. Enjoy.

This climb was something else! I was spectacle at first seeing the difficulty as Hard. But the photos were so beautiful and only 1.4 miles was a lot shorter then other things around. My recommendation is as follows:

1. Read the other reviews below and as much as you can before heading up. All the things I read on here (good or bad) were pretty accurate. Everyone agrees for the most part that animals and kids can’t make it too far up this hike. I definitely agree!
2. Most important thing I learned and would advise: ONE AT A TIME ON THE ROPES from the low falls to mid way! My fiancé went up ahead of me and I was a good ways behind, taking pictures of course, and I could not believe how many things were falling behind him. When on an incline that steep (especially if/when you’re relying on the ropes) you can’t dodge falling rocks and you are in their direct path. I didn’t always hear what was falling until it flew past me. The biggest was a rock slightly larger then the size of my fist. We almost made it to the top but called it a day because it looked like rain was coming in.
The climb down: again, ONE AT A TIME GOING DOWN TOO. This time, I went down first and once again rocks were falling. We thought we were spaced out pretty well but the best I can say to do is wait. Also it’s nearly impossible to not slide going down (which causes Durst rocks branches ex to fall as well) so just take your time. There are plenty of good rocks and strong roots to anchor in to.

I would agree with the difficulty being hard, but if you prepare enough and take your time you will get some incredible veiws and experiences!

This was an amazing hike! We are from the Kansas City area and did this as our first hike of our trip a few days ago. I recommend getting a can of oxygen if you aren't acclimated to the altitude. We started the trail around 8 AM and saw not a soul until our way back down. There is plenty of parking. We also spotted a couple of horses grazing near the top. The weather can change quickly up at the top so bring a rain jacket.

13 days ago

This is a beautiful trail and is easy/moderate for a family looking to enjoy a hike together. The trail is easy to follow and if you turn to the right at the top, you’ll see some truly amazing rock outcroppings that are spectacular. Listen for the whistles of the marmot locals...if you are lucky, you may see pikas too. Still have energy to hike more? Cross over to the other peak and view sheep grazing. This is a beautiful day hike. Wildflowers are gone, but the trees should be turning colors soon. Take rain gear and extra jackets in case the weather changes.

Fantastic hike! It took us 3h and 45 min total round trip (2 hours just pass the cabin as it is def a must see area and then 1h and 45min back). The trail is not crowded at all - only met 10 other hikers along the way. The level of difficulty is about right on moderate level - nice mix of shaded areas with lots of aspen trees trailing along a wide creek, then some steeper areas across boulders. All is well worth the hike!

After reading about this hike we decided to make the drive from Breck to give it a go. We weren’t disappointed. A good bit of the hike follows the creek with a few bridges over the water. We covered about 8 miles total as we spent a good bit of time walking around the lakes. The lakes were really nice with good clear water. Great place to camp and we talked with a few folks that were staying the night. Only caveat would be that the trailhead is around 10 miles down an unpaved road but most any vehicle should be able to make it.

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