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perfect for bringing small kids. we brought our 6 and 3 years old and they did well. It was no problem for the 6. the view is spectacular

Easy hike with an excellent view. Saw two bears.

Great trail, lots of wildlife, beautiful waterfall

Great waterfall!!! The track back is challenging but so worth it, the waterfall is lovely.

Great family hike, enjoyed the falls! Easy walk down, a little bit rough on the way back out.

Good trail. Well maintained. Good waterfall views

Very Rocky, overall a great challenge.

10 days ago

What a great little hike to an amazing view point. Not super hard, but takes an hour and a half to go out and back while enjoying the view. Some elevation change, but do-able for our family of 8 and 11-year old kids and a dog. Absolutely deserted at 10 am on 4th of July week! Take advantage of this hidden gem!

P.S. Why are there two descriptions of the same hike on AllTrails?

A great little hike that is often far too crowded. If you go early you can miss most of the rush, but otherwise you may not even be able to park at the trailhead. It seems easy on the way down but it's a good grade and the return trip can be hard for novice hikers. Even with the extra height, you can't skip out on going to the base of the falls - it's amazing. If you want, bring a towel and take a dip along the way. The COLD water will get you energized!

Easier than I thought, not that bad of a hike

Excellent trail! Note that the hike to/from the waterfall that equals a little less than 4 miles is very appropriate for most ages. Completing the loop entirely proved to be difficult for my 7 and 9 yr old. Their favorite part, of course, was the waterfall. For adults, the entire loop is highly recommended and a fantastic workout. Enjoy!

Scenic but can be crowded by the falls at times. A good one to stretch your legs a bit when driving all of skyline drive in a day

Great hike! Started at Little stony man parking area and it’s a pretty quick hike to the little stony man outlook. Then hiked down to the Stony man outlook which is the main attraction. For a longer hike I looped around the Passamaquoddy trail and it loops effortlessly back around to the little stony man parking area. Passamaquoddy is a narrow and rocky trail but so much fun!

short and sweet. however the closer to the falls you get the steeper the trail gets. i found that people with bad knees or backs had some trouble making it to the falls.

A short but very rewarding trail! Wonderful view from the summit.... do not miss this one.

21 days ago

I loved this hike so much. The walk back is not easy, but so worth it.

21 days ago

We are not in the best shape, so this was a great hike for us. The view is just amazing!

This was a nice, leisurely hike, and well worth the view from the summit. We started at the Stony Man parking area (near Skyland), and just followed the trail. Wide and relatively flat, although it was a bit rocky at times. Pass the crossing Appalachian Trail and you will approach a fork; we took the right fork but either way meets again at the summit. The views were fantastic. (On the way back down we did cross on to the Appalachian Trail an on to the Passamaquoddy trail, which is a much different hike!)

Absolutely gorgeous!

Such a beautiful trail... fun for all the family

beautiful hike, lots of fun. It's a bit of a climb but I did not find the trail particularly difficult. Would definitely recommend.

Beautiful waterfalls, hike back up was challenging!

Did this today- well, i'm currently camping along it at the moment,- was recommended by a ranger as a less crowded trail, and that was the case today, but still saw 4-8 folks. Crossing the stream at Big Rock Falls before the Rapidan Camp was a little perilous with some distance between river rocks - I'm a long-legged 6'0 and I had to jump a bit to avoid getting a wet foot. I would NOT recommend this trail if heavy rainfall was recent. History buffs may be interested in Rapidan - it's a little mountain lodge that Herbert Hoover had made in the late 1920s (most buildings are no longer standing). Nice unmarked camp areas along the creek shortly after Fork Mountain trail branches off this loop - but had some difficulty finding a decent bear bag branch

27 days ago

What a hidden gem! We did the trail as a late afternoon filler hike and we are so happy we chose it. We stayed at Skyland numerous times and never once even heard it mentioned. We only encountered one other family on the trail, out and back. Fairly short trail but it was a fun trail for the kids with lots of rocks to climb down and up, pretty untamed, but you never felt unsafe. The view was spectacular. With the vantage point being out on an outcrop, the view was at least 180 degrees, including being able to look back toward the mountains. The first portion of the trail is pretty lame with there having been a cell tower, lots of cleared trees, and a road running parallel for the first 500 feet. I thought we made a mistake at first in choosing this trail, but it soon became pretty neat. In my view, it's at least as good as Stony Man, the main attraction at Skyland. If you have walking issues, then this is not a trail for you, but my kids are generally bored on an overly groomed trail. The directions are pretty bad on this site (but that doesn't warrant giving THE TRAIL a one star, which is just ridiculous), but the confusion may be in part because of the fairly new *gravel* road. Park on the grass at the Skyland Amphitheater, walk back to the *paved* road you drove in on, take a left, walk 100 feet, look to the left, and, Voila!, there's the sign for the trail (right across from the nearest Skyland cabins you see from the Amphitheater).

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