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2 days ago

Great trail to hike! Especially in the morning and it was a quick one too considering how I did this one right before my friend’s wedding in the evening. Took me about 5 hours to and back. The hike to the top consists of about 1.7 miles of uphill climb followed by 0.7 mile of climbing over rocks. Word of caution, there is no cell reception until you get to the top, so it’s advisable to hike with someone for safety.

2 days ago

Great views from the peak and got there after the last shuttle left to go down so it was not crowded. I enjoyed the steepness of the trail near the top, it gave it that earned feel to the hike. I had to wait a twice for does to move from the trail to keep going. Never had a deer pose for a picture from 6ft away. Next time through I hope to do round top on the other side

We took the AT to the overlook and then the Fire Road back down (as shown on the map.)
My friend was carrying 45-50lbs and I had 30-35lbs. This hike was brutal and we hike almost every weekend.
We finished the hike in less than five hours - but expect to take some breaks and allow plenty of time to enjoy the overlook! Also, everyone seems to congregate at the first part of the overlook. If you keep going, it’s much quieter and the views are spectacular!
We are training so we needed the brutal workout - but otherwise - take the Fire Road. There’s not much you’ll miss on the AT other than stone/wood/rock steps, steep inclines and descents, and sore calves that will stay with you for days. The views on the way are nothing short of amazing and the view from the top definitely makes it worth it!!!

Super fun hike! Several stream crossings and lots of rock scrambling towards the top. A bit tricky towards the dragon tooth but that's what makes it fun. Took us about 2:30 round trip.

Views completely worth the work! The uphills on the way back were just cruel. Followed it up with a trip to Deschutes.

8 days ago

One of my favorite trails in the area. Gorgeous little swimming hole. Splendid views towards the end (or beginning depending on which way you hike). Could spend all day by the water on this hike on a hot summer day. Water is definitely a bit nipply tho.

9 days ago

Great hike! Short and sweet! Hard may be a stretch. It is steep in portions, but can easily be hiked if you’re in decent shape or hike any at all. It’s a safe hike, a little rocky in sections. The only possible danger is if you check out Buzzards Roost when you get to the top of the main trail. It offers good views and rock formations, if you climb on top of the rocks for a better view, be careful! Also don’t freak out when you hear birds whizzing past your head. I suggest going late in the evening to catch the sunset, it’s worth it and the hike down in the dark is not bad.

We took the AT to the knob and the fire road on the way back. We started early, so there was plenty of parking and few people on the trail. By the time we made our way back, it was significantly busier. This is a tough trek and absolutely worth it.

Great hike! Heavily trafficked but the view at the top of the rocks make the trip on a crowded trail worth it.

Great hike that rewards with some great views at end. Pretty steep at points but a good leg stretcher. This was our first hike in Shenandoah and offered a good glimpse of what the park has to offer.

13 days ago

Loved this hike. Is short but offers incredible views and fun scrambles. Is especially great on weekday when it’s not likely to be busy.

15 days ago

Views were spectacular and easy enough for kids. Straight uphill to get there but all downhill coming off the mountain and a good wide “road” if you park at the hatchery. Little spotty figuring out the best way to get up and down the rock but we all did fine and well worth the climb.

My first visit but definitely not my last. We took the fire road to McAfee Knob. It was a lot easier I understand. My girlfriend, who has MS, completed this hike. Took us about 6 hours 11 minutes with stops for picture taking. I also took my dogs, a shihpoo & a boxer.

16 days ago

very uphill! fun if you love climbing rocks- i mean LOVE climbing rocks. saw many people with dogs!

Unbelievably funnnnn trail with the rock scramble! We were so nervous to try it out but sooooooo thankful we didn’t chicken out! Best hike everrr! It’s an absolute full body workout once you get to the scramble! You need good shoes, hands free and plenty of water. And you gotta get back down the same way so be ready for that!! Best day ever!! You gotta do this hike!!

Awesome trail! It took us about 3 hours to complete with our dog. The views once you get to the top are gorgeous. A little chilly/windy at the top. We wish we would have taken more than just a snack and spent more time at the top enjoying the views.

Oustanding trail! Did the loop clockwise in 2 days so we could have Chimney Rock to look forward to at the end. Multiple water crossing that will even get experinced hikers boots wet, bring extra socks :)

17 days ago

A nice trail in and a great summit & view. The problem is that this peak was busier than last weekend's amusement park visit. Use the boy scout trail and the AT for a more technical, less traveled, and better hike. Would visit again when college kids are in class or not in session.

This is one of the easier trails we have done. The views at the top are absolutely stunning. Lots of people on the trail. There’s a road you can take the majority of the way out for an even easier hike. Anyone can do this trail.

Definitely not what I expected when it said moderate hike. If you’re not in the best of shape it can be exhausting going up. But the views are absolutely phenomenal. It’s a great couple hour hike.

Well maintained trail and challenging hike but not strenuous. I thought it would be crowded based on the reviews. We went on Easter Sunday, and it wasn’t crowded at all!

Great views. You can pretty much walk on the ledge for 180 degrees around the top! Can't wait to camp here in Summer.

Great view from the rocks

Unfortunately we had to turn around and go back due to having 3 kids along (and a couple of grownups who aren’t big hikers and had a fear of heights) who the rock scramble was a bit too steep for. It’s a very short hike before you get to the beginning of the rock scramble which starts out easy but gets steep really quickly with big drop offs definitely not for little ones or those afraid of heights. It’s gets very narrow and drops off sharply. Don’t bring trekking poles or little kids

A great hike with some awesome views. One of my favorite trails.

This hike is one of my all time favorites! The rock scramble was challenging and clearly marked. The views were phenomenal and it wasn’t too crowded on the trails/rocks.

View from the top is worth every step. for those who want the views with a bit easier walk, the fire road offers a nice alternative.

Difficult, but worth the awesome views.

20 days ago

After hiking in from Pickles Branch Shelter up to the summit and then having to climb down this trail was a real kicker. Not for sissies or old guys like me. Hiked this with a 40 lb pack down ladders, narrow ledges hugging the rocks and tight spaces. Would discourage anyone from doing this if the rocks were wet. The short hike off the trail down to Dragon’s Tooth offers some great views of the rock formations. Mother Nature at her finest.

So far my most favorite hike!! Views are worth it!!

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