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Great three falls hike. Completed this counter clockwise in early December. The drop and ascent to Lewis Falls will quickly get you heart rate up. Once you hit the trail head at Dark Hollow you will have over two miles of continuous cascades. At the base of Dark Hollow you can opt out of Rose River if your are short on time and return via the fire road and AT. If you continue down Hog camp branch you will be treated to a wonderful .8 miles of cascades and pools finally meeting up with Rose River as you tunr for the 3 mile ascent out. The first part of the ascent is along the river with great views and Rose River Falls. The last leg along the AT has some nice views this time of year without the tree cover. If the leaves were out there would not be much of a view.

We do this trail at least once a month.

12 days ago

Logged 5.5 miles on this hike which included hiking to the top of Dark Hollow Falls and exploring around the Rose River Falls. Nice little loop!

Nice hike with a moderate inclines.

21 days ago

Hiked on Thanksgiving. Following the cascading Rose River might be one of my favorite hikes ever!

Rose River Falls is one of the most beautiful trails in Virginia! I would rate it as Moderately Difficult due to the rocks and streams especially when cold and icy. The Falls are actually a series of falls and are really beautiful.

27 days ago

Really beautiful, but definitely a difficult/moderate trail. Many really steep places, and I was there after an ice storm in the fall, so really slippery in places. Changes from old forest road to really narrow jungley places. There is not trail called Mill Creek loop, it’s several trails. I went counterclockwise and did Butternut/weezer, left on Afterthought, right on Piney Road, left on Catwalk, right on Waterfall Trail back to the parking lot, and that stayed on the loop advertised here I believe. Not a trail blaze to be seen, but trails were relatively easy to follow, even if they got dense and brushy. Definitely would visit again!!

29 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike! The falls were really pretty and there were lots of rocky areas at the base to sit down and have a picnic. It came a pretty decent rain storm while we were on this trail, but the forest was thick enough that we didn't really get wet.

1 month ago

Really beautiful trail with wooded areas, waterfalls, and streams. Somewhat protected from the wind so a little less cold than the more exposed summit hikes. This is a great option to mix it up a bit. We were there two days after it rained and there were a few slick spots but it was very manageable overall. It’s closer to 5 miles when you include the fire road (which you need to use if you are doing the full loop), and there’s an interesting old cemetery near the start as well.

4.5 Stars. Completed Sunday after rain on Friday. Water crossings not too bad. Parked at Milam Gap, down Mill Prong and up Laurel Prong to the AT and back. Just past peak fall color but thin leaf cover made for spectacular views along the top portion of Laurel Prong.

Loved this hike! A bit icy in some spots, so careful foot placement was a must. Took me 2 and a half hours, and I’m a beginner hiker. Would definitely do this hike again, and try the loop in the other direction.

We did the short red trail, Pirate Bush. nice weather, easy short hike, not many people and the trail was clear.

It was a bit icy this weekend. View at the top was beautiful! Did the full loop took about 2.5 hours.

1 month ago

Good hike moderate difficulty. Cold morning. Icicles at falls. Beautiful!

Icy spots on the way up made AT loop descent a better choice. So windy! Layers are a must. Stunning view and fun little rock scramble at the summit.

Great trail!! Loved the waterfalls!! Great idea to do trail clockwise!!! Easy wide path at the end then! Entire loop was more than 3.5 though!! Total was more like 5 miles if you count Rose River Trail loop and Rose river fire road.... you have to get back where you started for a total of about 5 miles. We just started out later and sunset came earlier so ended up finishing and it was dark. Trail was five stars though! Beautiful views!

1 month ago

I would judge this a Difficult hike, though it is listed as moderate. We went yesterday (11/4/18), and the trail is very narrow in places with many loose rocks and leaves covering much of the path. There are also many steep drop offs down into the ravine below as well as creeks to cross several times. The views are stunning and the creek is gorgeous. My six and a half year old son did well with it, but it definitely pushed his limit. It was far too difficult for my three and a half year old daughter, who I ended up carrying much of the way. It also measures 4 miles parking lot to parking lot, so the 3.4 mile description is a bit deceiving.

** watch out for parking **

Great hike, but.....there is no legal parking. I was up there this weekend and a deputy was writing tickets for every car parked on the side of the road. Luckily he pulled up as I was parking and gave me the heads up. He didn’t seem to want to be there, but it was more as a result of residents complaining.

Parking under the power lines is illegal as well, but it’s private property and they won’t write tickets( but owner could tow).

Anywho, I’ve parked there several times in the past with no issue, so beware.

1 month ago

Nice hike along water down to an overlook with a view of a waterfall. Many people hike down to the overlook and back the same way, but the loop was a less gradual/strenuous walk — even if it was a bit longer.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Easy down, but have to come back up. Be sure to do the full loop in order to see all the springs and falls. It's easier to take the left trail down, then take Rose road back up.

nice trail thru the forest after getting to the rocks would reccommend doing the loop if the trail coming up is wet with the traffic coming up and the slick rocks it makes a difficult return down

Short fun tree covered hike with nice views at the lookouts.

We went up to humpback rocks and then followed the loop back to the lot. It was super crowded on the way up and while at HR- the loop back down wasn’t busy at all but thought it was a fairly unremarkable hike through the woods. Still a pleasant day and any day hiking is better than not hiking at all - just didn’t love this hike. Also, there was a good amount of water on the trail throughout so wear good boots!

Did my second ever solo hike here. It was fantastic. The waterfall were gorgeous. I ended up connecting to Doyle’s trail and then to the AT to get me back to the Jones Run parking lot. I had a map which was super helpful. In total it was about a 7 mile loop and took me about 3.5 hours- didn’t take that many stops though. Overall- a beautiful hike- definitely will do it again.

Very fun and challenging hike!

1 month ago

Great moderate hike on a Sunday morning, just as the leaves were starting to turn. Saw only 3 other couples. You have to follow the red trail to access the blue, longer trail. We went counter clockwise. Mostly wooded, rocky path with nice views at various points. Nice small waterfalls and creek crossings. The second half elevation change gets your heart going, but worth it.

1 month ago

Very very nice !!

Wonderful view, great hike!

2 months ago

The falls are spectacular now. Lots of water.

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