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Does anyone know if the road to the trailhead is open?
Thank you

Great little hike and nice spots for picnics on the pond. Only heard the call of the loons. Meditative.

Loved this hike. Very remote. Off the beaten path. Hiked it just after it rained so some spots were slippery but overall really enjoyed. Not too difficult

Seems to be off the beaten path from most Conway trails. It’s a nice walk in the woods. But once you get to .8 mile mark “mineral site” you can go right or left. Neither trail has any of the yellow markings and the trail to the left. Which I presume would loop you back is not marked and looks like a deer path. We encountered several other families on the path also expecting a waterfall and nice view as described. We found nothing but a dried up creek bed and a lot of mosquitos. If you are looking to go mineral hunting or walk the dog it’s a good easy walk. But not very rewarding or anything to write home about. Go to Black Cap Mountain trail instead! We did it with 2 dogs and a 10 month old no problem. And what a view!

Was a fairly easy hike for the majority of the way. Incline starts at hermit falls and that’s where the fun hiking starts. I’m a rock and root lover. We were 4 hours with our group of 5, some new so the pace wasn’t crazy but they still did well. We spent a good half hour at the top takining fun photos. The top is a small opening over looking the pond, not a summit.n

Ignore the stars as I haven't hiked it yet. Just wanted to post a review to let you know that as of yesterday, the road to access the trail head was still closed for the season.

9 months ago

I'm a fairly inexperienced hiker so if you don't have a lot of experience I would consider some parts of this trail moderate, trying g to navigate over rocks/streams but overall it's a nice hike with very little elevation gain. lots of tree roots and rocks on the trail so make sure you have a decent pair of hiking shoes or boots.

9 months ago

Typically spectacular Evans Notch hike. Last hiked on June 2, 1996. Took about 5.5 hours with an hour at the top for lunch. Easy hike until near the top, when became steep. A number of great river crossings. Great views from the top. Parked near campground entrance at the kiosk.

10 months ago

Nice trail with beautiful views. Overall level but rocky, not for the unsteady. Good place to camp by the water.

Great little walk through the woods. Good for every level of hiker. I didn't hunt for gems today but will go back.

11 months ago

Hike on 9/4/17, day after a rainstorm. Trail was soggy, and with all the roots and rocks it made for some slippery hiking. Although the trail was flat as a pancake, the rocks made it difficult at times. My mother-in-law found it easier with trekking poles, though I'd take your less able-bodied friends when it is dry.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nice place, saw no one! Hiked the day after rain so the rocky path was slippery, be sure to wear appropriate shoes.

Trailhead is at parking lot for Basin Pond approx 1/2 mi off Rt 113. Relatively flat for first 1.3 mi until you get to Hermit Falls loop & the Falls....after the falls it climbs moderately/steady. Ive read in some reviews that it is steep near the top, yes, but nowhere near as steep as I was lead to believe after reading the AMC book & speaking with 1 party who were on the way down. A good choice for a 1/2 day hike with decent views at top of Basin Pond & surrounding other summits.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Brickett House to West Royce Summit. Difficult it is but the scenery is gorgeous. There are multiple waterfalls and a pseudo canyon of the mad river that needs to be crossed 3 times. Wet feet are a distinct possibility. Definitely need great hiking footwear and poles would be advised as it is a rainforest and every rock on the trail is wet and has moss/algae. Loved all of it and I will do it again soon.

Great hike for all skill levels!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The hike was a pleasant one. The track is level for all those who shy away from climbing. The path, as mentioned by others, is very rough. One must walk around and over many, many rocks and tree roots. The lake is beautiful. As this is early summer and we've had some rain, the mosquitoes were ferocious. I re-applied bug dope several time in the two hour walk.

I recommend this hike. It would likely be best in the fall and early winter.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is the road open to the parking lot? Love this hike but last time we tried to go road was closed. Great family hike !!!

Monday, June 05, 2017

well marked trail, good elevation changes but I'd recommend a mosquito net hat and long pants/ sleeves, the mosquitos were fierce.

The trail is confusing. Tip when you get to the sign about half a mile in, don't go left no matter what it says. If you look right you'll see the blazes. If you do go left you will end up on an unmarked bike trail. Follow that around until you can make a right at an intersection. It will take you to the mineral collection site

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pretty boring trail. Well marked.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Starts out as what looks like a camp road for the first mile or so and then morphs into a hiking trail. There is a turn off for Brickett Falls. It's a short detour and worth it. The trail is well marked and fairly easy for the first 2 miles with lots of switchbacks. The last mile + gets much steeper. Their are beautiful views of Baldface and the surrounding mountains once you get to the top. AllTrails is misleading on the length of this out and back trail. It's about 6.4 miles total. Definitely worth it. Bring bug spray.

Great place to find some minerals!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hiked it on 10/20/2016 and enjoyed a beautiful day on the trail. The trail was very rocky and had many roots but was dry as we hadn't had much rain as of late. I noticed there is a privy not far from the hut for those who may be looking for facilities.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

South branch is rocky and slippery when wet. Otherwise an enjoyable Fall hike. Stopped at lean-to on way back for lunch and nice lake view. We heard Loons but did not see them. Will bring binoculars not time.

I only did the first part of the trail - Wild River Campsite to the Overlook just past the Rim Trail Junction. It was a beautiful hike. One of the best I have done yet in the Whites. Not difficult at all and quite a view at the top for your effort. There is no rock scrambling required and only a few steps greater then 12". The trail seemed well used and we met quite a few people. But bring your map! There are so many junctions it is easy to get turned around, we had to show two groups our map.

The trail starts with a simple walk through the woods with some bog bridges. Then it follows a creek up, there is one crossing, which could be a challenge if the water was high. Following the creek is steady up and beautiful! Once you leave the creek you have about a half mile to the overlook, and that is most of the elevation.

The AMC map says this segment is only 2.3 miles, but the sign at the top (and my GPS) both said it was 3, with a couple side trips (including to scope out a nearby tent site) it made a nice 8 mile round trip.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Great easy trail for the family.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rocky in spots. Good for the whole family.

Even with the rain the day before it was not slippery. I did a loop up bicknell brook trail, summitted Speckled mountain, then descended by the blueberry ridge trail. Very fun!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Great loop trail for an easy hike or a hike with kids. Beautiful sights and a nice shelter. Was told the trail can get swampy when it has been raining.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ok hike, signs are a little confusing so I stayed on the 379 trail I think just in and back out. I'm not from this area and didn't want to get lost.

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