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This was a great hike!

Hiked in late August 2018, connecting the North and South loops to make it a proper loop and get more scenery (GPS track said 18.2 miles total). Connecting North and South requires walking about a mile through town at the end, but I think very worth it (didn't find an AllTrails page just for that exact route, but started with the North trail described here). Started ~7am, took 9 hours total / ~2mph. Under 30, relatively fit but no elite athlete, found the elevation more challenging than the distance coming from sea level. Carried 3L of water, could have use a little bit more.

Views are stunning, and having connected the two loops I'd circled the entire canyon by the end of it. Highly recommend.

Don’t take a SO on this hike unless a) they are already into hiking, or b) you want them to dump you.

Whoever said you can’t get lost, hasn’t met me yet. We got lost, ended up scrambling up a rocky hillside that was nearly vertical to get back to the trail. The views were incredible! The waterfall is small but beautiful. We went early and there were still a lot of people. All in all, a beautiful hike, definitely moderate trail. We will hike it again one day but stay on the trail the next time!!

I love this hike because it is mostly moderate if you pace yourself. It does have slot of switchbacks. I love the view from the falls. It’s s great place to rest before your descend.

Fairly difficult but well worth it when you reach the summit!

This was a nice, moderately easy, trail to take some visitors to for a little hike. They aren't used to the elevation and don't generally hike, so this was a good trail with beautiful scenery. Definitely recommend.

It’s a good trail. Switchback hell towards the end, but worth it.

Beautiful views from the falls.

Good trail. I'm a bit on the older side and out of shape. ut was able to complete this trail. if your in moderately good shape you should have no problems.

6 days ago

Love this trail *****

trail running
6 days ago

I did this trail roundtrip in 3:38 yesterday. I’m trying to see if I can beat my own time.

Nice peaceful relatively easy hike. Good intermittent shade for a break when needed. Decent views up and back. Our route measured 3.6 miles. I think we went a little further and a little higher.

Loved it!

Very tough trail. This is not for beginners.

I do this trail probably 2-4 times a week. It’s a great short workout. Highly recommended for anyone. I’m sure you’ll see me on this trail!!

10 days ago

Beautiful trail, challenging and enjoyable. Views you must see for yourself.

Great hike....

Pretty tough in spite of the moderate rating since the first half is basically all uphill switchbacks, but short enough. Heavily trafficked. Incredible views along the way and from the top!

12 days ago

This was a good little hike for beginners. There a lot of younger hikers on the trail witch explains the amount of graffiti and garbage left up and down the pathes. Its best to stay on the trail to maintain the integrity of the adventure. Erosion it destroying the trail dew to off trail hiking. We still enjoyed the deer, chipmunks and occasional bird. I will do this again with our young kids.

12 days ago

This was a very last minute decision, after driving around... exploring outside of the glamorous Vegas area. So - we didn’t have anything packed. One water bottle each and my better half even climbed the trail in flip flops (not recommended) lol He’s still pretty upset about that but overall we’re both glad we did it! Beautiful views!!

great hike beautiful.

Lovely hike

13 days ago

The trail has some parts that were recently washed away by flooding. The original post for this hike says it’s 8.7 miles round trip but It is not accurate. It’s about 9.8 miles round trip. Overall it was a great hike and definitely will test your ability to perform in higher elevations.

2 hours to the junction with Mt Griffin than 2 hours to the summit. I started with blue sky and on the way back the ice rain hits me. It lasted for 90 minutes. So my way down was very fast. I complete the track in 6 hours and 30 minutes.
I had a small headache due to the altitude. Easy trail to follow, just walking.

Pretty easy, even for my four-year-old. The path sometimes appears to come to an end, but keep going until you pass through the narrow switchbacks and the valley opens back up toward Fletcher Peak.

This trail is a must-do for locals. It's not too steep, but plenty of rather steady gain. It's short, and the top is breathtaking.

My twin sister and I did this hike during LDW. The incline was intense and difficult, however we made it to the top. The views were well worth it. We used about 2-3 liters of water RT and packed snacks/sandwiches, had walking sticks (saved me during the last 10 mins going up the peak). On the way down took us 3 hours had we not stopped for pictures and Snapchat videos I am sure it would have been faster. Total time for us was 7 hours and on my heart app said I did 13.8 Miles. I am thinking this is because we had to park pretty far to the beginning of the trail since the parking lot was full. I will definitely be doing this hike with my husband and dog next time and of course my twin if she can come! Keep in mind there are a lot of switchbacks and the incline is intense, take your time and you’ll get to the top! Check our pics on IG @borntotwin

We had a fabulous time. There was quite a few people on the trail or I would’ve given this a 5 star rating. We were taking a few days off in Vegas and heard about Mt. Charleston. We didn’t have any gear at all so I did this hike in flip flops! This is an intermediate/ beginner hike. I would suggest shoes. Stay on the trail otherwise it’s pretty dangerous. We really enjoyed the big pine trees and lovely scenery. The actual trail is beautiful. We did this hike in mid summer. It was 115 degrees downtown and 74 degrees and sprinkling in the hike so it was awesome to get out of the heat. The views and the trickling water fall was all worth it. There’s perm. outhouse bathrooms, which came in handy. The restaurant and picnic area were way too jam packed to find a parking spot and stay and check it out.

15 days ago

This hike was definitely a challenge. I was looking for a fun activity to do as a family and oh my did we have one. I was unaware this was a moderate level hike but nonetheless an adventure. some areas are very rocky but pretty self explanatory on how to make your way up. There's some resting spots with shade but you have to be careful with the slippery gravel. My only disappointment was that after we made it way to the top the waterfall was not what I expected but the sights to see made up for it. I will return to hike here again

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