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off road driving
10 days ago

Well, it's not a groomed dirt road anymore, the summer monsoons have washed the switchbacks and quite a few of the washes out. We went with a group of 4X4 Toyotas and had a blast. Just the right amount of technical with awesome views. The switchbacks put the rigs under some stress as the temps were 105+ but we knew that was a possibility going into it. Lots of cool places to stop and enjoy the scenery, landscape changes galore as you go from low desert to pine. Overall an enjoyable drive and one that would be even better at lower temps. Also, a few places looked like they would be pretty great campsites, not too far from the trail but traffic didn't seem that heavy.

Due to the trail being washed out, exposing large rocks and causing other rocks and trees to fall, a decently modified vehicle would be a minimum, even for bypasses.

If you want to get past the creek bed, you will need a more serious off road vehicle or something nimble like a RZR.
The Miner has been dumping boulders on the creek bed making it more like a narrow rock garden with a tight pass at the end.

Obstacles beyond the river bottom are larger due to erosion.

off road driving
1 month ago

Excellent trail. Not for stock vehicles anymore. Need experienced driver and modified vehicle.

This past weekend was my second visit to this location. My amazing dude was my escort both times.
First trip: about this time last year on a Saturday into Sunday (we recollect). There were about a dozen people enjoying the creek from where we could see at our campsite. He swam, I didn’t - too cold for me. There was trash around the campsite (and scattered all around really) including a tampon and an applicator which was really phocking disgusting, people are awful. Once we got to the actual hot spring it had no other guests. We enjoyed it and decided to head back to camp. Almost at that moment, a group of hikers showed up to the tub. Perfect timing.
Second visit: not a single car or voice that we noticed in the area of what we now consider our campsite. We awoke to the sound of a helicopter landing in the clearing, literally next to our tent and vehicle hidden by the cover of trees. The chopper was so close, sand blew in our tent. We greeted the pilot and occupant happily - they commented that they didn’t even see us! They fished a bit and left. We both went swimming but I abandoned the activity after my love was bitten in the butt by a fish! No thank you, good-bye creek swimming on this trip for this gal. I can hang but I have my limits. We sat by the water chatting, snacking, & watching the fish jump. They too must have seen the fisherman in the hilo depart. We found ourselves ready to nap on the shore in some shade, the two guys playing on inner tubes on the other side were the only other company to be seen or heard. A pair showed up on quads and moved on. We thought this day was too good to be true. This really was OUR spot.
Suddenly disaster struck when one of the tube guys experienced a less than graceful expulsion from the rope swing and badly broke a leg. My guy, the helpful & conscientious person that he is, was able to fetch the quad guys whom just happened to have experience in this type of thing. It was a much more refreshing experience of humans than the beach tampon issue of last summer.
Five stars. Check it out. Bring your own rope. See you out there trail folk!

Definitely a trail to do in early am at low temperatures. The views are stunning on both sides of the hike. Do 106-105a-105.
It’s definitely more that a moderate hike!

The road leading to the trail head was closed off for some reason but the road itself is only about a mile long and flat so we just hoofed it. Other than that the trail itself was very nice. Nobody else was on the trail at all and the views were amazing.

3 months ago

After reading other reviews I decided to do this Trail counterclockwise which is harder. If you want a more gradual incline, go clockwise.

There were times the trail was too narrow and it’s rocky throughout. I hate the small rocks since I tend to slide easily especially downhill. So the beginning was definitely like that.

I see where complaints of overgrown areas were valid but it wasn’t too bad since it’s spring. But overall this trail could use some maintenance because you want to be able to see where you walk (potential snakes). I’m glad I brought my hiking sticks.

Scenery was better than expected and shade was less than I expected. So wear sunscreen or sun hat.

Overall not a bad hike but not a repeat trail for me.

Hard at times, very rocky section next to the mine.

4 months ago

Great ride. first part is easy then leads into Rocky trail. we used quads and got through. The 2 TRX 400's bottomed out through the rockest areas. The other utility quads our buddies used where fine. the 4×4's behind us had to stack rocks to get through. lots of traffic, watch corners for on coming traffic. This ride is a must.

off road driving
4 months ago

Awesome day. We did this on Easter Sunday. Wife and son took stock '18 JL Sport. Did a couple of the obstacles. However, we did get stuck about 22-24 miles in going up the path and we really thought we were going to have to back down and turn around. Large rock in the middle of road. Got it stuck pretty bad at one point, but was able to get unstuck. Did a LOT of rock stacking and got up and over, after that no problems. About 2-3 miles before that there was a 2WD Tundra completely stuck on his rear differential. Had to jack him up and put rocks under to get him clear. I would not do this again stock, but we'll be getting a lift in the next few weeks and we'll be out there to do it again. Great drive!!

Great trail with views. Road leading up to trailhead was closed which added another mile (one way) to the hike. No trail markers but the trail is clearly visible.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Lots of trails but please take out what you bring in and help protect this land.

off road driving
4 months ago

Great day trip. Lots of obstacles that were optional for intermediate to advanced drivers. Really cool to see the climate change going from the dry desert to the tall trees of senator highway.

What a rad trail in side x sides. We staged down at the lake and were told try going straight at the big rock with CK pointing right. It’s 15-16 miles longer but so much fun and terrain variation. No jeeps in our way!! Perfect for utvs!! Go prepared. Dropped 30 degrees, up 7000 feet, and dumped rain on us. Had to buy rain gear and warm clothes at the store !! Great food and beverages at the restaurant too!!

off road driving
5 months ago

Very scenic ...very rocky..the upper an lower loop with the ledge...take upper..ledge is crazy..made it in a RZR..I wind not try the ledge with stock anything..my stock 2016 900 RZR amazed me how it performed..much of this trail was so rocky 5 mph was about tops..took 11/2 hr to go about 7 miles..very fun an beautiful but extremely tiring to wrist an arm holding steering wheel straight on the rocks an being thrown side by side..but absolutely wonderful..great app..easy to get lost with all the intersection trails but with app saved us more than once.phone might say no service in spots but gps on app keeps working..also you must bypass first part of trail around cattle farm..gate is locked an says private..no trespass..easy reroute

great ride on the dirt bike! Fairly challenging though not for beginners.

Awesome trails. Definitely need high clearance 4x4. Very rough for a 2 wheel drive quad. but can be done.

great trail, done this a couple times. great views. You need high clearance in some areas. Nice because the trail changes each time after heavy rains.

Great side trip to get off the more heavily traveled trails while in the Box Canyon, Middle Gila Canyons area. Unbeatable scenery. Trail is closed to vehicle's approximately 1.7 mi from the old Martinez Mill and mine. The hike to these historic relics is well worth the effort. Trail follows the wash and I would rate as easy.

No hot springs found from the other reviews. Roads are very rocky, 5 hours to Peoria.

Box Canyon is amazing!! It has some difficult places, but we had no problem in a four wheel jeep. Others did fine in Razors and Four Wheelers.
Come back the same way you came in, unless you have LOTS of hours of daylight to find you way past there. We have not, as yet.
Today, we went way up Sandman Road, off of Price Road, in hopes of hitting & turning right Cottonwood Canyon Road, and coming through to Box Canyon. In spite of what the map says, Sandman does NOT go through!! It is barricaded at The Gravel Express pit!! And there is a locked gate on Sandman, on the other side of the pit! Take our word for it!!

off road driving
6 months ago

I liked driving off road here but the roads were not clearly marked.

off road driving
6 months ago

Went to see and drive through box canyon. Never saw it. Apparently it is best to go in off of price... we went in off of 79. it is some rough, narrow, at times tedious driving. just started going down random branches off the main "road". steep inclines and decents. reached a couple plateaus with some endless views. extremely tight turns near large drop offs kept us on our toes. some was smooth, some extremely rocky. nothing that we expected or planned for but still an extremely fun afternoon.

Views were beautiful! Will definitely do again! Lots of different trails to explore.

Awesome drive. Didn't make it all the way High centered my 2016 ram 1500 on the boulder by Orobelle mine. I would do it again any day.(In a slightly higher vehicle of course

off road driving
7 months ago

Nice ride but it was extremely busy through the canyon. There are a lot of blind corners so you have to go slow on motorized vehicles.

Great hike!

good 4 x4 trail. you will need it. high clearance recommend. gentle in the beginning challenging hits about half way to the end. 3 pretty good uphill challenges, be prepared, pick your route, they are short but tricky. . beautiful scenery.

off road driving
8 months ago

We did this ride on our dual sport motorcycles and we had a good time! Pretty easy overall

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