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It’s a quick jaunt. Still a little muddy and slick in some places.

Great space for running. Ample room to allow passerby’s. Muddy in the shade, but enjoyable!

Great hike! Lots of snow and ice, so definitely need micro spikes.

Pretty steep trail and very muddy which made it slippery.

Still muddy. Gorgeous view. I expected natural rock formations as the furniture but it’s stacks of rocks in the form of chairs. A bit steep. Definitely a moderate trail.

trail is dry now. 2.14.18

So good! Awesome view and “seating” at the “living room”!!!

Great morning hike. Somewhat muddy and slick this time of year.

Good hike, but it is steep and in early February there was a lot of ice and snow toward the top

Plenty of spider trails, choose wisely!

1 month ago

lots of great trails to follow

pretty good hike there is snow and ice in top but ice cleat or micro spike will work prefect. great work out.

Love this hike! First time going and the scenery is beautiful! Wear your micro spikes or you’ll have a hard/funny time coming down ;)

Whoa! Amazing climb! Very steep - mostly muddy and sludge today. Incredible view of the valley!!!

Jan. 27, 2018 hiking
Only need microspikes at the moment. It did get pretty windy towards the top so dress warmly. Pretty chill pace since I haven't hiked much the last few months and I developed a blister on my heel. 2 hours up, 1.5 down

Super muddy and slick today! More mud and snow than dirt. I wore Solomon hiking shoes and was fine, but regular sneakers will be soaking wet by the time your done. Gorgeous hike! Good workout.

Never ever do this hike in the winter

1 month ago

I have been hiking here for 3 years now. It's pretty easy to get to from the intersection of 11th Ave and B street. The hike is basically of 2 portions. The first one is a little over 3 miles and ends at the water treatment plant. The road is wide and the trek is not very steep at all. The second portion is about 2.5 miles and it starts at the water treatment plant. It's covered in snow during winter. The road is narrower and some steep drop offs on the right while going up. Some portions are a little steep but very manageable. The third portion of this hike is a dirt road which starts when you reach the end of the 5.5 mile hike.There are signs to be aware of cougars and bears. I have done this only once and I must say it's a little spooky. The stream runs right next to the dirt road and there is hardly anyone on this road. I must have walked about 3 miles and turned back but you can go further.

2 months ago

Couple of icy patches but great view

Love this hike!

The trail was pretty hard to find. Once I found it, there were several ways to go. Right now (January 2018) the trail is very icy. I suggest going a different way or wearing more than tennis shoes. After I made it past the ice, it wasn't too bad of a hike! The view from the top was amazing! However, come down the way you came! I went down a way that everyone was going and it was steep and way harder than it needed to be!!

I love this trail! Perfect for an after-work or late Sunday short hike. The views are awesome. Gets a bit crowded, but manageable. Watch out for rattle snakes. Takes an hour or so round trip if you hang out in the “living room” at the top for a bit.

Good trail with great views of the city.

2 months ago

Great easy hike! If you want a challenge, hike up the first mountain on the left and follow the camel backs/ridges all the way to the living room! If you stay on the main trail this is an easy post-work hike for a sunset!

Good beginner trail with an amazing view

A little muddy but other than that very good. Had to ditch my crampons about 4/5 of the way up because the snow got so sticky it was forming in big chunks on the spikes

2 months ago

So great to have a paved trail into a pretty canyon in the winter! We walked up past mile marker 2 and really enjoyed the icy creek and beautiful mountains—and the quiet so close to downtown! The kids (15, 11, 9, and 7) all said they want to come back and do this hike again during other seasons.

2 months ago

Great hike to see the city! Keep going, the drastic evelation change makes it hard to keep going but I promise it's worth it. There is an end and it's totally awesome!!

not a lot of shade right now, some parts of the trail have snow, good view of the city, beautiful

trail going up is hard to find, some areas are narrow, great view of the city

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