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52 minutes ago

Beautiful fun trail. Very easy, good for kids.

Great Moderate hike though first mile is steep. The first mile is highly trafficked. Past that it gets more sparse with people till the end then your are back in crowds. Fun, beautiful.

fun easy hike with and it's fun to play in the water

Did this hike on Saturday July 14th. Started at 7:30 am which was perfect since by the time we were coming back down it was getting really crowded. Somehow we ended up going 6.9 miles, not 4.4, but we did take a random trail at the end towards lake Catherine that took us the back way around. Still doesn't seem to add up though. I'm pretty out of shape and we also stopped to take lots of pics of the beautiful wildflowers, so it took us about 2.5 hours to get up (also had a 15-20 minute break at Lake Mary) and an hour to get back down. Dog Lake was first which was more of a swamp, Lake Mary was next and absolutely beautiful. Lake Martha also felt more swamp esque but provided some good scenery as you continue towards Lake Catherine. The flowers were unreal, but so we're the mosquitoes, so definitely pack some bug spray! All in all I would definitely recommend since despite the steep incline right off the bat, the lakes are such a high payoff. We also saw 2 moose on the way back down!

We went in the evening and saw a moose! Beautiful hike with incredible views the whole way.

I love the aspens along the trail and there are some beautiful look outs, especially at the end. We went on a Saturday morning in the summer and there were a lot of other hikers of all ages out on the trail. We went at a slow/leisurely pace and it took us about 2.5ish hours total.

1 day ago

One of my favorite quick hikes. We started late afternoon around 7 we got to lake Mary then kept going to Lake Martha and saw 4 Bull Moose!!! It was amazing! Then on the way down we ran into another one walking in front of us on the trail just before Dog lake.

the trail gets really rocky. my four year old kept tripping but she kept going. the end with the river and waterfall is worth the hike specially on a hot day. beautiful hike and mostly shaded.

1 day ago

The hike round trip is little less than 4 miles and fairly easy! Kid and dog friendly! Most bigger dogs were on a leash and gratefully people pick up after their pets! You might see soiled bags hanging from trees, but they will pick it up on their way back out. The waterfall is amazing! We saw group of people rappelling down the waterfall! They have all the fancy equipment, so it safe to watch! Not too many wildflowers compared to other trails, but there are picture worthy! Definitely coming back again before the season ends!

1 day ago

This hike is full of wonder and beauty! The flowers through the Albion Basin are amazing. This hike is a steeper hike. You’re already up 10 thousand plus feet in altitude so the hike can be a bit of a challenge for a newbie but it is worth it if you are able to take it slower. One of my favorites! ❤️

For a bit longer hike and some great views, start at Silver Lake, up to Twin Lakes, and then over to Lake Mary. From there, out to the trailhead. It’s a quick road walk back to the Silver Lake parking. This provides a nice loop of about 4 miles and adds in some great views between Lake Mary and Twin Lakes.

Fun hike for the family. The walk in has shade and the area near the falls is a great place to sit or walk in the water.

One of our favorites

3 days ago

Views are beautiful and the flowers are stunning as you walk up the trail. However, we went around 7pm and there were so many bugs we had to start running down. Three of us went on the hike and ended with at least 10 mosquito bites a piece. Might be worth it to endure the heat rather than a night hike, but still my favorite view.

Hiked this trail last night and it was very nice. Getting to the lakes was always a huge payoff. The mosquitoes were awful though, don’t even consider hiking without bug spray.

This hike is not anything close to being as enjoyable as it used to be. The first two thirds of the gradual winding elevation following a babbling brook and shaded by tall pine trees has been blocked and rerouted to a miserable straight up the hill (providing no Sun) path looking more like a Jeep road than a hiking trail. Very ugly and very disappointing. My heart sank when I saw what they had done. We had a large family group of all ages and it was still doable but too much now is a climb of little satisfaction.

There are a few spots where trail(s) might be more clearly marked. Views of the lakes are amazing; a bit rockier terrain as you get over toward Twin Lakes. Always good to explore some of the many side trails for great views. Great hike!!!

My wife hates hiking and she loved this trail. It's probably the best combination around of ease and scenery. Great for a relaxing Sunday morning!

6 days ago

We parked at Alta and hiked up. The kids complained the whole way (It’s a little bit of an incline) but it was beautiful. So worth it!

Loved this hike! Starts at the bottom of Brighton resort and leads you to see lake Mary, Martha, and Catherine. Took 1 hour up and 45 minutes down. So many wildflowers this time of year and it’s absolutely breathtaking the whole way up!

We truly loved this Trail. It was beautiful. once we made our way to the falls, it was easy to walk through the shallow or parts of the Little River to be able to see all sides. Highly recommended.

Great hike with beautiful views. Its definitely not an “easy” hike. But not too bad.
Worth the hike!

Well tracked trail, and very easy for all abilities. Brought my dog, and the trail got too hot for her paws, I would recommend going later in the day to get better shade, unless you want to carry your dog through the hot spots. The falls are a perfect place to cool off, some micro-trash by the falls.

7 days ago

This hike is a quick get away. The lake is beautiful and a great introduction to the area. Steep but short.

7 days ago

Our third time on this trail. We enjoy it every time. Seems to be more wildflowers this time (July 8, 2018) than at the end of July 2017. Keep in mind this trail is a bit steep, so when you get to the top bring something to enjoy your time there like snacks (don't litter, please :) ), a blanket or hammock for lazing for a bit.

This year, they started charging $6 to park at the closest lot to the trail (we parked further away, so did not pay for parking). Some people are complaining about that charge. After seeing three different rangers (one from the US forest service, one from Alta Ski Resort- who came up twice in the time we were there- and the third from Alta city) coming up and down the trail helping people who were struggling and ready to give out water (or probably even first aid if needed), I have no problem to pay that $6 in the future if we park in that lot. And, I am sure at times, they are also picking up garbage people leave/drop. Thank you, rangers!

Vey easy hike, until you get to the falls. If you want to hike to the top, plan to get your feet wet. Totally worth the effort, it's even great for kids!

I love this trail. It was easy. It is a little bit hard to get to the donut fall. I went there in the evening around 5pm so there was not many people as people mentioned.

8 days ago

Fun hike, took boys 4 and 10. They completed with some motivation along the way. There are steep rocky parts but not too bad. I would say lots of mosquitoes so plan for that, and wish people wouldn’t feed the wildlife the chipmunks are too friendly. Beautiful view!! ♥️

After I hiked the Albion Basin, I headed up to Cecret Lake. Just a short 0.9 miles from the campground. It was a nice short beautiful hike, and the walk around the lake was a great cherry on top for it was adventuresome yet not too dangerous with an extra dose of more wildflowers in the mix. Loved it. Perfect start to the day. Remember this hike is best to do off peak hours, and before 7:30 you don't have to pay $7 to park. Weekends buses run up to the parking lot to help you enjoy this area. HAPPY HIKING! https://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/07/360-adventure-hike-to-cecret-lake.html?m=1

Easy, short hike. Plan to pay the new $6 summer road fee at Alta. You are offered 3 options: pay $6 to drive up to the campground parking lot, park at Alta and do the 5+ mile round-trip hike through Albion Basin, or pay $10 per person to take the ski lift up.

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