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Very fun hike my 8 yr old enjoyed every bit of it the drive is a 6 mile dirt road not a bad drive though fun slot canyon the slot canyon is relative short but fun ....

Beautiful hike; very doable and fun - also with kids due to water element. Would wish it was clearer where the end of the trial is (maybe add some signage). Trip to parking lot with car was fine (first hill is steep and lots of ditches; but AWD did fine). Highly recommended as only a few come here and you are truly in the middle of beautiful nature. Be sure the wear shoes that can get wet and dirty (hiking shoes recommended).

Hiked with small children. 99% of the hike was easy enough for them. To get down to the waterfall, look for a white strap/rope tied to trees. That will help you go down the steepest parts. There are another couple of pink ropes to help you too. Not crowded, fun destination.

Easy, beautiful hike. My 4 yr and 7 yr old loved it. We all wore water shoes which was the perfect footwear for this hike in July. Passed several hikers in hiking boots and they were hot and envious of our cool wet feet. Take lots of water to drink. Saw a huge bear print in the mud just before the second slot canyon and a snake on the trail. The sandy hill climb at the beginning of road in was a piece of cake for our Jeep Wrangler. Hike is a must see.

11 days ago

Perfect little detour hike heading south. We did this with 2 instagram teenage girls with little complaints. Dog friendly but did not see a safe path to the water so we enjoyed the view about 30 years away.

My family really enjoyed this trail. Almost all roads in the Grand Staircase are dirt/sand. There is a hill you must drive up on the way in that is bit tricky. I recommend a 4x4 vehicle if possible. Once you get to the trail, it is very easy and beautiful. We went on a Monday and had the canyon to ourselves most of the time. We only passed a handful of hikers during our hike. We love the Narrows in Zion too, but Willis Creek was a lovely way to experience the beauty of a Slot canyon without all the crowds.

13 days ago

Wonderful “easy” way to experience slot canyons. The water was about 4 inches deep when we went today. Perfectly fine for the hike. The less sure footed of the group appreciates walking sticks as the creek is muddy and you can’t see what you are stepping on.

Two tips:
- On the outbound trip, when you see the creek plunge down a hole, look right for a path that will take you down to that lower level. There’s also a path on the left — passable but a little trickier on the ledges.
- If you go beyond the end of the trail described here (keep going down past the confluence), there are amazing sheer high walls about 3 miles in.

on Delano Peak

14 days ago

Lovely hike. Wildflowers are in full force. Was easy to navigate. There are rock cairns along the way to mark the route. Trekking poles are handy to have for this hike. Summit features peak sign and mailbox with registry.

Visited this location on June 28. The staff at the ranger station cautioned us about the road conditions. There’s one hill that’s a challenge. It’s very sandy and if you stop on this hill, all bets are off. However if you hit it with a little speed and keep your momentum, you’ll be fine. The hike into the canyon was easy and there was some breezes at times that really made for a pleasant trek. Not many people there so it was peaceful and quiet. You do have to cross or walk through the creek several times. It’s not an issue and most people can do it without getting their feet wet. Carry water with you. It’s not strenuous but it can get hot and you’ll get thirsty. I recommend the hike.

Loved it. The 6 mile dirt road wasn't as bad as mentioned. 2wd should do it. The sandy part is going uphill within the first mile or two so no chance of getting stuck. Just back it up and out and go explore Kodachrome.

Two small waterfalls. The first at the trailhead! Almost went to the "T" but was told there wasn't much to see after the 2nd deep slot canyon. Think that was about 1.6 miles in.

20 days ago

It was a fun trail! Sunny so best to do when it’s cooler.

22 days ago

This is a trail with a striking visual payoff once you reach the Hickman Bridge. I hiked it on a weekday at 5:30 pm 93 degrees and sunny. The beginning of the trail has the main elevation gain via several series of "stairs", wiggles, and structured inclines made of slick rock and dirt. This is not easy if you have cardiac issues, knee problems, balance issues, or are not used to the altitude. Once you reach the "top" you will hike across a completely exposed desert area until you reach the next series of wiggles down to the canyon floor. The views are really great here and you can spend time gazing at Capitol Dome and Pectols Pyramid. The trail continues through the sandy wash with trees and some shade. On the approach to the bridge you will be hiking on slick rock and climbing over other smaller rocks. I took the clockwise loop - it was not well marked and I ended up on a ledge with a sign that told me this was not the trail. Making my way back I wandered a bit and took a slight right and suddenly the Hickman Bridge appeared. You can continue under the bridge and pick up the trail again. Most of the trail will be hiking in a general direction with the path you choose as it is often across rocks and markers (such as 15) may be down. I suggest plenty of water, go later in the day so the canyon cools off for the return trip, bring trekking poles, and expect to spend more time on the hike due to the heat and exploring areas like the little natural arches.

Beautiful hike through some slots. The stream doesn’t have much water. It was a hot day so was nice to be able walk in the cool water. You can also do this hike without walking in water. Not crowded when we went on Wednesday around 2pm. We walked only till the stream pretty much dried up then come back. The slots are amazing

Great trail. one spot drive in, Sandy little sketchy, make sure you commit and see it through, 2wd suv with traction control managed it.

Your perseverance is rewarded with an amazing hike.

26 days ago

Fun and easy trail. We spend some time hanging out on the back side of the arch and watched the birds and the chipmunks. There isn't much shade on the trail so bring lots of water.

Great hike in a slot canyon...nothing truck about the hike, but the drive to get there can be concerning. A recent reviewer mentions cars getting stuck in the sand. In my two-wheel drive rental sedan, I barely made it through that sandy area, glad I did, because the skit canyon was worth the hassle.

Never made it to the trailhead huge ****warning**** to anyone going there are parts of the road to the trailhead that have 2-3 feet of straight sand that one must try to cut through. We came upon a car that was stuck tried to get around then and unfortunately us in an SUV and two other cars got stuck couldn’t make it past two miles into the road leading to trailhead due to the unexpected Indiana jones sand dunes. Have fun!

30 days ago

If you want to get a rest from crowded parks like Zion, Bryce etc this is the right choice. I met one couple hiking, I had the peak all by myself. The path is hard to find at times but as long as you walk uphill you’re not that off. Hard to get lost. Although the altitude difference is not extreme, this hike is very strenuous because you start at a high altitude. Your legs will say “we’re alright”, but your lungs will say “stooooohhhp”. The view is worth the effort.

Important: the last 4-5 miles by car it’s a steep gravel road. My car engine was almost overheating. Be careful and in case of doubt park 1-2 miles before the designated parking lot, the last bit is the most difficult to drive.

Important: the description is wrong. DO NOT leave the road where it says here on the map. Follow the road a bit longer until you see a sign saying “Delano Hike”.

It is a bit much to call this a hike. It is essentially a side walk. Cool arch though. Worth the trip, especially if you are camping at Kodachrome.

Easy access to a slot canyon as you can walk right in. It's very popular and apparently horse traffic is allowed because the slot was filled with horse poop. It was a fun, easy hike.

Very nice easy hike with portions of slot style canyon. Did hike late afternoon with my daughters. Passed only a few other hikers so not crowded at all, liked that as well. Creek eventually goes dry after about mile and half. But still very nice.

Very short, paved walk to arches. Worthy of a quick stop. Arches are lovely.

Great easy hike. BEAUTIFUL slot canyons. Serene if you time it right.

The hike begins with a bang so don’t miss the first carvings into the soft stone and little waterfalls about 200 yards past the trailhead. The first 2 miles or so are like walking through a giant serenity fountain with the burbling of the creek echoing off the canyon walls, punctuated by an occasional bird song. Pause and listen with your mouth closed if you want to really appreciate this hike. Despite what other reviewers noted, we saw very little horse manure, but that certainly will vary depending on whether or not a group with horses went through the day before you, or if it’s been weeks. We hiked June 10, temp was about 80 by late morning, and by about 2 miles in the creek dries. The last part of the hike in has a very different character because of that and is also much more open. It’s a level hike and easy. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

This was a nice out and back tail with some easy challenges. The prizes were the beautiful natural bridge at the end and the nice cool river to soak your feet in back at the trailhead. The moderate climb from the river was enough to get your heart pumping but it was relatively easygoing from there, minus a few scrambles around boulders at the pinnacle. We sat our pack chairs in the Fremont River near the trailhead and had a picnic, complete with a great local heffenweizen, when we returned. It was one of my favorite hikes in the area!

Beautiful trail! Pretty easy hike with gorgeous views.

great 6 mile hike with beautiful waterfalls and rock formations.

watch for horse poop. they should ban horses or make them bag their poop. I have to with my dog. they should with their horses.

My favorite slot canyon so far. Zebra and Tunnel were interesting, but the shapes and colors of Willis are amazing!

We enjoyed this route on 5/15. Fairly easy, cool in the narrows. We took the route south to north which seemed like it was probably easier than the other way around. Nothing too fancy.

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