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Loved this. It gets narrower the father you go. I had good hiking shoes and wool socks which worked well. I had a tracking pole. This is a lot of fun!

Amazing hike. Walking amongst the hoodoos is incredible. We descended from Navajo, went to Queens Garden, then ascended up to Sunset Point. The hike from Queens to Sunset was pretty strenuous as was all uphill but manageable with breaks and rewarding with beautiful views and the wind cooling you off. Wall Street is still closed as of 5/20.

This is a must see hike. Took us 2 hours but definitely worth it. I would start early as the parking lot was full when we completed it at 11:30 am.

It can get pretty hot because there is very little shade. But it's a pretty quick hike, with a spot at the end to hangout and take lots of pictures of the delicate arch.

My son and I did this hike last week. Definitely get to the park early to get in line for the first shuttle. It is tough hike to get to Scouts Landing and then another 1.1 miles out and back to the top of Angels Landing. I’m 55 and in okay shape. I wish I had done some training on a stair master or squats before the hike. My thighs were hurting the next day!

Gorgeous hike! The switchbacks are killer, but paved. Then after that its a pretty skinny trail with sheer cliffs, sometimes on both sides. Its an adrenaline rush, and the views at the top are amazing! I dont know if I could stomach it with snow or even rain though. Always be aware of your footing and bring plenty of water.

Amazing trail! One of the best in the state of Utah, and that's saying something.

Breathtaking hike! Highly recommend

Easy short hike. Great views are worth it. We went early (8am) on a Saturday and was still very crowded. Best picture opportunities are in late afternoon

The best hike of my life, exhausting like hell.
hike has two parts, one which is a long walk of 3.5 miles steep slope with a well built trail.

after that comes the part were you have to climb a strenuous mountain all the way till top.

the hike is a experience in itself. take lots of water and good food to keep you going.

Did Queens Garden to Navajo loop on 5/14. The hoodoos were pretty cool (was our first trip out here). Took about 2.5 hours total, but we took our time. Lots of people on the trail in mid-morning but not too many to make it unbearable.

So much fun hiking up and down this trail. Beatufu view on the top!

Nice easy paved trail along the river. This leads to the start of the Narrows trail.

Easy. Gorgeous. Totally worth it.

Make sure you pay attention to your direction, easy to get turned around going in if there aren't crowds to follow.

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Breathtaking! Felt like I was on another planet! It was a bit challenging. Getting there was the hardest part as it was misty uphill. Bring lots of water and wear good hiking shoes! Also, if you’re going during their hotter months I’d suggest getting an early start and it can get extremely hot out there!

fun! rent the canyoneering shoes and neoprene booties worth it. the side canyon was cool too.

Gorgeous hike. Made it up to T intersection. Drive is tough, but was doable in Camry. I saw other sedans as well. So don`t be scared off and do it as long as the weather is good and you drive carefully.

Nice fairly easy hike with some great views along the way. The bridge was beautiful and you get to hike right through it.

One of my all time favorites! The climb up was absolutely an epic experience and the views are phenomenal!! Stay aware of your own personal safety and be courteous to others along the way. Pace yourself and have fun! Gorgeous hike.

One of the best "bang for your buck" hikes I've done due the to fact it's not very long or hard and the arch and scenery along the way is amazing!

Well done trail. Walters wiggles switchbacks are an engineering marvel. Many chains on the final ascent by the sheer dropoffs. Non stop gorgeous views of Zion canyon. Plenty of room at the top viewing area. You will never be alone.

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Well worth the trip up. This trial has little shade, there is some. Beautiful arch and scene.

Worth every painful step!

As someone from sea level I found the elevation gain a difficult hike, if you start at Navajo and end at Queens Garden the final uphill battle isn’t as difficult!

Truly epic and unique hike!

We did this on a Tuesday in mid May - took the first Zion shuttle at 6am from the Visitors Center to the #6 Grotto stop. Probably about 20 other hikers heading up the trail at that time. It was a bit chilly in the morning (about 50 degrees), sun hadn't peaked over the mountains yet and most of the hike was in the shade, so a jacket and layers is a must! The first half of the hike is paved but pretty strenuous because you're walking steeply up the side of the mountain. A good 45 minutes of uphill effort. Then you reach the chains which is the coolest part! Luckily, we were the first ones up so there was no one coming back down yet, so that made the chain hike much easier and more enjoyable!! As the day goes on, you have people coming both up and down the narrow chains section - which causes some traffic jams. We bumped into a few people on our hike down the chains, so just step aside as best as possible and be patient (could add an extra 20 min or so to your hike).

The view from the top is worth it! Great spot for a light breakfast. Only a handful of other hikers.

Now, if you're a photographer, there is a con for getting up early and having an easier hike - the valley is still partially in shadow. You'll either have to brave the crowds later in the day for better lighting or simply bring extra food/water and just hang at the peak for a few hours until the sun is right. We stayed for about 45 minutes, snapped a few long exposures and timelapses before heading back down.

Besides a bit of congestion at the chains, the hike down was super easy. I can imagine a weekend during high season, this hike would be super packed and frustrating! But mid week, early in the morning - it was perfect!!!! Took us under 3.5 hours.

Great hike! I have done this hike 3 times, twice in the summer and once in the winter with snow. This trail is one of the most popular, so go early or later in the afternoon to avoid the mid-day heat. Hiking up the chains towards the end is always fun. The views are worth the climb!

Did this last Tuesday. If you want to see the amazing views with limited waits, take the first shuttle. that means get in line before 630 at the visitors center.even for a short hike, wear proper shoes and bring water! I was surprised the amount of people unprepared. the last .5 mile up wasn't as scary as thought. amazing views. Walters Wiggles was a blast going up! do remember people going up have the right of way....be patient going down.

Good hike - reasonably challenging with the switchbacks, but great views.

Beautiful views and fun to hike. Plenty of friendly people along the trail.

always a favorite! took my man here for his first time and he loved every minute! best mothers day of my life.

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