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Can’t say enough about Bryce Canyon. It’s simply one of the more beautiful natural spectacles in the United States. This trail, specifically, is one of the most popular, giving you the best views on a simple, short hike.

2 days ago

Did the bottom up hike with neoprene socks, canyoneering shoes, and dry pants. Highly recommend for this time of year since water temps were 35 and water was thigh high at some points. We started the hike at 8 am and were the first ones to the subway- it was great having the views all to ourself!

Beautiful and majestic! Hard to describe the views and rocks, definitely lived up to its name "fairyland" as it had a certain magical quality to it.

love love it! must do when your in Zion.

Loved this hike and would definately do it again!

Recommend you do the loop in anti clockwise direction going down the Navajo trail.

Came here on Friday the 13th. Amazing views before descending down the switchbacks. Went from sunset point to Navajo loop and connected to queens garden. Wall Street side was closed as of the 13th.

Hiked through both a day after a pretty big rain. It was already dried out just a few puddles. Total time from Escalante was 5 hrs, 1 hrs drive each way and about 3 hrs to do both canyons and the alternate one as you get to the bottom of the wash. Peekaboo had a moderately challenging rock scramble to get into but was otherwise fun and quick. Follow the cairns to find spooky at the end of a wide sandy wash. Spooky is narrow, tight and longer. I'm not sure how it would work if it was crowded in there had to take my small pack off for about half of the canyon. Hit peek first then spooky and have fun.

9 days ago

Such a stunning trail! The hike down into the canyon is Pretty tough since it is vertical most of the way down. Be sure to check back at the trail end when you drop down into the canyon. There was a ribbon tied to a tree and some rocks stacked up by the river to let you know that’s the left fork trail up. Once inside the canyon you have a two hour hike to the subway. The bottom hike is very sunny and hot so bring plenty of water. There are social trails on both sides of the river so keep and look out for those and go with what works best for you and your group. Once you make it to the waterfalls and the subway you are in for a treat. It’s like nothing on this earth and seems like you are exploring a different plant or dimension. We did not have wet suites on so we only went as far as the deep pools allowed.

one of our all time favorites. takes some time to drive the 26 mile dirt rd to the trail head, but worth every bump and other trails u can hit along the way. We were lucky to find someone on the trail who had been her before, not always clear where the trailhead begins, and some distance between the two slot canyons in this area, so get good maps to aid you.

Short but sweet - a must for kids

Great hike many many great views. Definitely worth the drive. Temperature throughout the day was perfect.

amazing hike with so many great views of the hoodoos. Did this hike with our 6 year old and 13 year old and they managed very well. Definetly a must return hike for us.

This was a fun trail but busy since it was so close to the lodge. I walked this trail with my family and my 8.5 year old daughter had no trouble. It was really cool to be hiking in the canyon and seeing the hoodoos up close. Definitely agree on doing this trail counter-clockwise since the climb out wasn’t too difficult.

Nice view to have a close look at the hoodoos. The temperature is perfect during Spring Break. Cannot imagine how hot it can be during summer time.

Spectacular hike with some truly stunning views. I brought my kids (12, 10, and 8) down the Queen's Garden Trail, and back up the Two Towers. Snow was present at the higher end of the park, but everything was dry where we were. Trail was very crowded, which was the only drawback. They've also ran the trail through several man-made tunnels, which my kids loved. I'm excited to come back and try Peek a Boo loop and Wall Street (Wall was still closed for the winter as of early April, but I heard something about a rock slide there as well).

My kids could do this hike, although the uphill was a little rough on them. I think most adults or relatively energetic youth could do it. Two towers is steep but no dropoffs, while the Queen's Garden side is less steep but has sheer drops on some parts of the trail.

You can use you Chest High Fly fishing Waders up to Wall Street. I didn't go past Wall Street. I don't know if there were any boulders to scramble over up to bug springs.

This might be my new favorite hike. Views and hike are just spectacular.

Challenging for me so I am glad I did it. If you are short you will need help getting up some of the areas. I was also surprised by the people who brought toddlers who were very scared. Went the first part of spring break. I would have had more claustrophobic issues if there were more people in it.

It was the best 3 Miles I have ever walked

The road from hwy 12 to the trail head was terrible driving on it, 26 miles of wash board road. I was driving an AWD, CRV and it was still yucky. Parts of it you can go faster and it would help with minimizing the shaking but parts of it you had to slow down. It took a while to drive it, so be sure you’re not in a hurry when going there because it will take time to and from. I parked at the parking lot right before the road got really rough (the last turn off before the trailhead) and then we just walked the last mile to the trail head. The hike to and from the slot canyons, not too bad, just follow the cairns. I downloaded a map and studied it prior to going so I had an idea of where things were and could easily refer to he map if needed. We had a fantastic time hiking these slot canyons. We ended up doing three of the four in the area, dry fork, peekaboo and spooky slot canyons. Dry fork, easy peasy, no obstacles great for all ages, it started off wide and by the time we finished the walls were about three to four feet apart (the hike in it was in and out). It was a pretty slot canyon, great for photos. Peekaboo and spooky (the hike we did it as a loop together), they were challenging indeed. It was like an obstacle course. There were a few times I doubted my strength, but was able to do it with the help of others. If I’d do it again, I would take a rope. And be sure to have others with you, not a go at it alone type of hike, because there times that the two us needed others help to get through some of the challenging sections. When we went (spring break) it was busy lots of people, go early so you’re not having to wait too long when you get to the narrow parts where only one person can pass at a time. The were only three spots that had water that we had to avoid getting wet feet, but overall it was pretty dry in all three slot canyons. We had a great time, we would totally do it again. Enjoy!

Amazing slots! Some technical scrambling, mostly in Spooky, but very doable. Some areas of standing water, but not more than ankle deep when we were there. Most were easily passable.

Some tips:
- We have a AWD sedan that did great on Hole-in-the-Rock Road, but couldn’t make it the last 0.75 mile to the TH due to deep holes. We ended up walking to the TH. There is a small parking lot for cars that can’t make the last bit.
- We did get a little lost trying to find the connecting trail between Peekaboo and Spooky. Downloading a map or bringing GPS would be very helpful.
- Definitely bring shoes with good traction to help climb the sandy rocks. Tennis shoes probably won’t cut it on certain parts.
- We brought our 6 month old in a pack, and ended up carrying him ahead of us through most of Spooky. There were a lot of families with young children who had to lift them up and down several parts as well. Just be aware.

I loved this hike! I’d definitely do it again. Easily one of the coolest slots I’ve done.

Nice hike, some incline, but the hoodoos were nice to look at. The ranger recommend us to go down navojo and come up sunrise for an easier hike.

One of the best hikes of my life! More strenuous than I thought it would be because the current was stronger than I anticipated. Incredibly beautiful though. Must do!

Gorgeous, great workout!

19 days ago

It was a lovely hike only 9 minutes from our campground at Quail Creek. The first bit is dog friendly, but once we hit the waterfall, our setters couldn’t scale the rocks with the footholds (and they are pretty good scramblers). In fact, my husband ended up in the water to his armpits when one slipped down and took him with them. (Unfortunately, iPhone and all). I would definitely go back without the dogs if we were staying longer.

19 days ago

Our family did this hike today. The kids swam in the swimming holes by two of the waterfalls. This was such a beautiful hike. We will definately be back to visit. Gorgeous scenery amd the weather was perfect, 78 degrees.

19 days ago

One of the most beautiful trails in Zion. Make sure to book a permit far in advance because it fills up quickly. The ranger made it seem like the trail would be very difficult but I found it to be more on the moderate side (once you get past the first steep section. Make sure to head northeast from the trailhead towards the large cliffs (on your left as you're looking across the valley.) On your way back look for the large black cliff on the right as a marker to return to the trailhead.

The ride out on hole in the rock road was a bit rough. The hike was one of the highlights of our trip. My 5 year old did awesome with a hand at a few spots. Downloading the map beforehand is a good idea.

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