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17 hours ago

I would rate this trail as moderate. Beautiful hike among the hoodoos. We did the hike clockwise. The vault toilet part way down the trail was greatly appreciated as there is no rest room at the Bryce Point parking lot.

The trail is a gradual up-climb for the majority of the hike so be prepared. It gets flat for the last half mile or so which is a nice breather. All in all it’s a challenging hike but very doable and the view is worth it. Incredible!

This trail is easy to navigate and elevation changes are minimal. At this point we had 65 miles of hiking so we were ready to finish! Meandering path and wide trail. Zero water sources.

One of the best hikes! Tons of beautiful scenery with lots of variety!!! The climb is more gradual than expected with lots of switchback in the beginning. The trail is paved most of the way too. There are lots of steep, cliff drop offs but the trail is wide enough so it’s not scary unless you are really afraid of heights. Definitely a must do hike!!!

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Awesome trail.

Loved this hike. View back down Zion is awesome. Fun to look down on Angels Landing. If you want a thrill, take a peek just off the trail over the drop off to the right, before you get to the end, but be careful! Otherwise, nothing hairy to deal with.

Need to get there early to beat the crowds at parking lot.

Simply amazing. Did this in August of last year. Get on the first bus that will take you to the trailhead. That way you beat the crowds AND the afternoon heat. We finished in about 6 hours - that included photo stops along the way.

Amazing views and a good workout.

Deal with slightly steep grade incline switchbacks and navigate some steep drop off points and you earn arguably the best view in the park.

Enjoyed more than angels landing. Strenuous from the get go. Started around 730 and finished by 1030...I think with about 30 break at observation point. the views throughout were fantastic. so many colors. definitely got busy on the way down...even saw a guy not wearing shoes. if you wanna start early get in line by 630 am for shuttle.

Good hike - reasonably challenging with the switchbacks, but great views.

Worth it. Such a fun trail. Didn't want it to end.

Excellent hike! It took us a full 3 hours and was a 5 mile loop. The final mile is uphill. Some steep parts with switch backs in the middle but just take your time and enjoy the views. Make sure you bring enough water for sure. Rare shade spots along the way. The views were incredible and perfect for photographs. Highly recommend. Hiked on May 8.

We started this hike at 8am, the shade really helps to make this hike up easier. The second set of switchbacks were very exposed, on the way back down we saw a lot of people suffering in the heat on the way up. It's a long steady hike but definitely worth waking up early to enjoy it without the harsh sun. The view at the top is wonderful aswell you can see the road winding through the canyon down below. Overall, it took us about 3.5hrs round trip, discounting our time spent at the view.

Started the hike around 10:15am and hiked through the shade. Summited around 12:30pm. The sun at the summit was brutal and it was super sunny the way back. on our way back, we did a combo of walk and trail run. Reached the trail head in about 1hr and 40mins. So, I highly recommend to start and finish the hike early in the shade. Great views from the top.

You CAN'T miss out on observation point. One of the best views I've seen in my life.

This hike is incredibly easy and accessible for anyone. It's well trafficked and there's much less elevation gain or loss than the app says-- it's barely anything, and it's 90% flat. This is definitely the cheater way but it's still a good hike with the distance. Took us a little less than an hour and a half both ways. Leave yourself time to spend at observation point, you're going to want it.

The views throughout the hike are stellar, too. Don't let the reviews trick you into thinking it's boring. There's incredible little peeps of Zion on either side of the trail as you go along. Take a second to peek at all the side trails, they usually lead to fantastic lookouts. Keep your head up and look out sometimes or you might miss a view.

We ran into practically no one on this trail until the end when it tied in with the main trail most people take. It was quiet and wonderful. Lots of people must not know about this hike.

Getting there seems a little unorthodox, but don't let that scare you. It's a dirt road past cabins by the end. It definitely wouldn't be a good idea in the rain and I'd suggest having a truck. The weirdness at the end of the drive is totally worth not paying a fee to get into Zion.

Have fun!!

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done! Really beautiful views throughout the hike, cool slot canyon, challenging switchbacks, and the view at the end is breathtaking. Would recommend going early to avoid crowds and pack plenty of water.

amazing view looking down on angels landing and the rest of the canyon

Stunning hike! This actually makes my list of top hikes that I’ve done. We finished this in about 2.5 hours with plenty of breaks. I recommend starting at sunrise.

Absolutely beautiful! So worth the climb! This was our fourth day of the Trans Zion Trek. We failed to get off at Echo Canton and Continued onto East Mesa Trail. Some locals were kind enough to take us to the Stave Springs Trailhead- it was running, but barely. Hiked out from there the final day. What a beautiful journey.

Great view from the top and all along the way. Note: we actually took the Zion Adventures shuttle to the East Mesa Trailhead, took the easy hike to Observation Point from there, then hiked DOWN east rim trail to Weeping Rock (doing Hidden Canyon along the way). We were glad we only dealt with the hard asphalt path one way. Some may view this a cheating, but we viewed this as a much more enjoyable way to spend the day.

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, taking a shuttle to be dropped off at East Mesa, then hiking this and DOWN to Weeping Rock is the way to go to see Observation Point. Most of the East Rim Trail is bumpy asphalt (very hard) which wears on your legs and knees. We took the Zion Adventures shuttle ($29 per person) to East Mesa and enjoyed the walk to Observation Point from there. We had lunch at Observation Point then saw all the views on the way down. We did Hidden Canyon on the way down which was fun also. Also, I'd rate the East Mesa trail to/from Observation Point as easy vs. moderate.

By far the best hike of the park. We set out early and beat most of the crowd.

The beginning is a lot of steep endless switchbacks but going through the middle area and canyon is very cool. The last part of switchbacks is even worse but the last .75 to a mile is entirely flat with amazing views on top of the Mesa.

This hike makes Angels Landing look like a joke! Best part is I think most people don’t even bother with it because of the distance. Made it to the summit in 2 hours and I’m averagely fit.

You get to look way down on Angels Landing and look across the other Mesas. Highly recommend this one.

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Full 8mile hike. Pretty steep ascents but beautiful canyon views. Can’t beat the views... higher than Angels Landing and much less crowded. Definitely recommend going early to beat the heat/sun.

Started at 745 am today and finished in under 3.5 hrs altogether with several rest periods and, of course, time spent at the top. Beautiful scenery throughout and some pretty brutal switchbacks especially the first 0.8 mile or so. Trail is wider than we thought and gives you comfort while ascending 2200 feet. Last mile is pretty flat as it encircles the rim to get to the point. Amazing views from the observation point. We got to the top in 1 hr 48 min. and I am at best medium fitness level. Strenuous but fun!

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One of my favorite hikes. Not too steep for the total gain, but a consistent grade.

And easy hike down not bad going back up great views and vistas along the way!

Everyone said go early and now I know why. The first switch backs, the start of the trail, was in shade both ascent and descent. If that was in full sun it would have been so much more difficult. The path itself is easy to follow, just steep in sections. I left around 7.30am and benefited from the shade at that time of morning. On the way back down, the sun was starting to really bite on the eastern exposed parts. Otherwise though the views are stellar from the top and well worth the effort. Medium level of fitness, was up in 1 hour 50 mins. Down in about an hour 20min but didn't stop much. If hiking in the sun(ie after midday) you would really need to take it slow and easy.

This trail should be rated as moderate not easy..The trail is not easily marked, so make sure to watch out for the piled rocks marking the pathway. Definitely worth seeing as the arch is breathtaking!

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