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23 hours ago

Bring a change of socks if you don't want squish foot. This is worth the climb.

Wonderful hike. A little technical in some places.

Such a nice hike up with the dogs and family! Such a beautiful hike and love the creek for the dogs!

Found a geocache right at the point where the trail starts to go uphill more steeply. Utah has some cool looking rocks! The grotto was worth the narrow path, which was slippery dirt at some points where someone had even left a rope for people to grab onto during the most tricky part. If you wear the right shoes (which I didn’t) this hike shouldn’t be difficult at all for an adult. It almost seems like the path was a game trail originally.

2 days ago

amazing trail if you need something to kick your butt. the first little section is a bit awful just because of the dust and switchbacks but once you're past those, it's all beautiful and shady! dogs are free to roam off the leash and mine loves all the water along the way.

easiest 6 miles of my life. well established trail. some bikers but everyone is pretty cautious of hikers! beautiful views all the way up!

its uphill the whole way good times beautiful waterfall. beginners were at that are we there yet about 3/4 way. lolz. so worth it. well worn trail.

5 days ago

Hiked this trail in January and it was covered in snow. Amazing hike. We accidentally went up a side path and went the wrong way, which was easy enough to figure out when we saw some skiers coming down it. Stay to the left lol
This hike is super easy even in the snow. Had a blast and the little falls that’s at the end was worth the little hike there.

Loved this trail it was so beautiful ♥️♥️

this started out as a very easy trail and you could run it until the last 3/4th mile where it goes from graded dirt to almost river bed like conditions of tons of basketball sized loose rocks and slippery boulders. route finding can be difficult at times but stick to the main trail and it's a fun hike.

It was a bit of a challenge since I had not hiked in 2 years. I loved the challenges though. the views made it all worth while. We wet our faces in the waterfall.

Lovely hike to a beautiful waterfall. i enjoyed hiking by the stream and seeing all the beautiful little cascades of water and mini waterfalls. We started early but I can imagine when it is hot the first part would be a beast! The information we read said dogs were welcome if on a leash...I saw lots of dogs and none of them were on a leash! The dog poop along the trail left by inconsiderate dog owners was a real distraction to this beautiful trail! Come on dog owners pick up after your dogs or don't use this trail!

I love this trail

great trail with rewarding view

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall.

trail running
14 days ago

Great hike / trail run. 3.9 miles from the Parking lot, 1.5 hours. Good workout

I hiked with my Boy Scout troop up to the pipeline, which I believe is about 2.5 miles in. According to another group of hikers we met, the trail gets very overgrown past this point. As previous reviewers have noted, the trail is shaded most of the way by scrub oak, maple, cottonwood and tall pines. Overall, it was a beautiful hike, and a good workout.

15 days ago

Checked this out after coming down from Mill B - pretty little area and glad we didn’t just head back to the car, but I would hardly call it it’s own hike.

16 days ago

There are three parts to this hike.
Part 1: Walking up switchbacks on sand (!) with a city view behind you (also Bonneville Shoreline Trail)
Part 2: Very nice hike along Adams Creek in shade on dirt-and-rock path
Part 3: Do-able scramble up large rocks

It is about 2 miles from the parking lot to the falls and took 1 hour. (We are average 20-something Utah transplants and it was a lovely fall morning.) So in total, about 4 miles or 2-2.5 hours. It is incline the whole way in and decline the whole way out.

The reviews here that say 3.4 miles total I believe stopped at the first little waterfall that kind of runs through a couple large boulders. When we got to that, my watch said exactly 1.7 mi. — The others that include pictures at the base of an actual waterfall did the 1/2 mile or so large rock scramble that comes after that initial falls.

Our dog loved this trail. Going in the morning was awesome because it was the perfect temperature before it started getting hot, and the trail was noticeably busier on the way back. Everyone on the trail was super courteous and friendly.

The parking lot is really uneven and rocky, but was very nice to have and more than enough space for the 8am to 10am crowd.

Great quick and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall . Not much water this time but still pretty .

Great for trail running! Mostly shaded by trees and a clear, defined trail. Keep running past big rock towards Rudy’s flat it’s beautiful.

18 days ago

Pretty steep the way up. Gets to a tree line and then all shade walking by the river. Keep winding up to a horseshoe turn right eventually and you’ll find the waterfall.

Love this trail!

I logged a grand total of 0.25 miles to see the falls. And that’s only cause I didn’t recognize the Hidden Falls trail for what it was. I mistakenly took a right and started hiking the Mill B trail. While this is a short little “hike” it was pretty and a fun, quick after work diversion as the sun was setting.

Not a bad hike. This was only my 2nd time hiking after a 20 hyadisis. Won't do it again tomorrow but will do it again.

22 days ago

It’s barely a hike but it’s worth it. There are two trails at the head. The left goes to the falls and the right goes to the Mill B North trail. The left trail is very short and you have to walk over some rocks in the creek if you want to get close to the falls. There is also an abandoned mine or something nearby. It’s cool to look at.

Great out and back hike. Falls at top are beautiful.

This is one of THE best hikes I have been on. The scenery is amazing. A beautiful running creek flows alongside most of the trail. The reward of this hike only gets better as you reach the breath taking waterfall at the top.

23 days ago

Loved the waterfall!

Definitely a bit more than a moderate hike! Steep and rocky terrain for more than half the hike. Wear good treaded shoes. I do not recommend hiking it alone. Took us about 2 hours. Happy Hiking!

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